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can anyone tell me the risk of using thiabenzadole to treat toxocariasis in the eye during pregnancy?

patient here is 23 yrs old and 4 months pregnant, has some form of acute vision loss in one eye due to toxocara infection.

Thiabendazole is pregnancy category C - Safety for use during pregnancy has not been established.
Therefore, the risk to the fetus cannot be assessed.
It would be wise to consult an eye specialist in this case.  (+ info)

Zoonoses? Leptospirosis? Q fever? Toxocariasis?

If there are rats in a house, how likely would someone catch Leptospirosis? I just read about it and other zoonoses... Also how common is Q fever in the US? I know it is very rare but how rare? And can people get Toxocariasis? And how rare is Brucellosis? I just like to know facts and wanted to know about these... Thanks for your answers! :)

" Q-fever is quite rare in the United States, with only 43 cases reported each year. Leptospirosis is highly communicable between rats and humans, with a 67.34% chance of infection upon first bite. Toxicariosis can be spread to humans, but usually only upon a weakened immune system in the first place. and Brucellosis, also known as undulant fever, or Malta fever, is extremely infective in humans, but has less than 200 cases reported each year since 1978, when it had previously reached cases of up to 6000 during world war II.  (+ info)

toxocariasis in toddler?

my toddler was jumping around in autumn leaves on the street, and i usually let him climb onto the booster seat, and he stands on the arm of the seat and sits down and sucks his thumb. he told me he could smell poo, (he is 2.5 years old) and i discover the arms of the booster seat which his hands were on are covered in dog poo. this was 3 weeks ago. he has mentioned abdominal pain on a daily basis for the last week, but he is generally eating and playing fine, but then 2 nights ago, he coughed like a seal and couldn't breathe and the doctor at the A and E said it was croupe. he has had a runny nose and a cough for a week, and he always feels sleepy, i mentioned the dog poo incident to the doctor and she said he doesn't have diaorreah or a rash so it is unlikely. i am worried cos the word covert toxocariasis comes up on the net when in toddlers. gp is closed for the weekend but don't know if i should go to hospital and ask for blood tests? he also has had mild abdominal pain every day for 1 week, because he told me that his tummy hurts. anyone know anything about toxocariasis?

Trust your instincts!!! take him for a test/2nd opinion and put your mind at rest. You don't ever want to be left thinking "if only".......  (+ info)

Is It Possible That I Caught Toxocariasis ?

I have a 3 month old puppy which lives outside in my yard. I haven't got him a bath since its cold outside. I have just played with it like scratching its belly and similar. I ran with it a little so I got tired and when I got upstairs I was thirsty. I washed my hands with liquid soap in my bathroom, but there was no cup around so I drank water with my hand. After my hands dried out, I noticed that it still had the smell of my dog.

Is it possible that I get Toxocariasis from this?? I'm so scared, could someone please explain what are the chances that I have ingested some Toxocara canis eggs by drinking from my hand? And what should I do now to prevent it? When should I expect any symptoms to show up??
No, I just got scared because I watched a documentary about it, but I didn't really know how exactly is transmitted.
Well thanks for your answer, but I've already read the wikipedia article. I wanted to know if in my case is possible to be infected with the parasite???

no its not likely that you got toxocariasis, research it on the internet. Besides, what made you think that you have toxocariasis? There must be a symptom that you have experanced.  (+ info)

How do we distinguish differential diagnosis of leuckocoria?


Coat´s disease
Retinal detachment
Retinal dysplasia
Norrie´s disease

How to distinguish?

Who's "we"?
The idea of leucocoria is that it's one sign that all of these things have in common. It's a nice thing to have, because even a layperson can sometimes notice these, and they all need to be referred to a professional to distinguish one from the other.
To distinguish any of these from another, you have to actually dilate the pupil and look deeper into the eye. A cataract is fairly anterior, at the level of the lens, then the vitreous (eg PHPV), and the retina's at the very back. Simply by looking at the structures you can determine what the problem is and where it lies. In small children, sometimes this has to be done under sedation or even anesthesia, but regardless, it's a dilated fundus exam that lets you determine one from the other.  (+ info)

can anyone tell me the risk of using thiabenzadole to treat toxocariasis in the eye during pregnancy?

patient here is 23 yrs old and 4 months pregnant, has some form of acute vision loss in one eye due to toxocara infection.

Toxocariasis is an infection caused by the accidental ingestion of larvae of the dog roundworm Toxocara canis or the cat roundworm Toxocara cati. The soil of parks and playgrounds is commonly contaminated with the eggs of T canis, and infection may cause human disease in the liver, lung, muscle, eye, and brain.

Three syndromes of Toxocara infection are generally recognized. In children, covert toxocariasis is a mild, subclinical, febrile illness. Symptoms can include cough, difficulty sleeping, abdominal pain, headaches, and behavioral problems. On examination, hepatomegaly, lymphadenitis, and wheezing can be present.

I can't find the safety of the med during pregnancy. If I do, I'll edit my answer to help you.

Edit: as the answerer above me, all I see is treatment for sheep and goats. Try going to an Infectious disease specialist or an opthamologist.  (+ info)

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