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is Tracheitis contageous?? my boyfriend has it. i dont know what it is eaither???

Tracheitis is inflammation of the trachea (wind pipe). It MAY be contagious depending on WHY he has it. If it was caused by an allergic reaction---then no, if it was caused by flu, sinus infection, or bronchitis, then YES.

He needs to avoid exertion, and sudden change in air temperature and humidity---like going from a warm apt to really cold night air. This can cause him to have breathing problems. Anything that will make him have to breath faster or harder is bad, as the trachea is already swollen, so, it will make it worse. He needs to be relaxed for a few days, and take any antibiotics if he was given them. If he hasn't already done so, he should go see a doctor (ER if his is closed tonight) as this can be a serious problem.  (+ info)

Food for someone with tracheitis?

One of my friends has been very sick the past few days with tracheitis. Yesterday, her fever broke and she is finally well enough that she can have visitors (Well now she knows that there are visitors in the room). I wanted to bring her something to eat, and originally I was thinking of something along the lines of pudding or her favourite ice cream, but since she hasn't eaten anything since Tuesday, is there anything both easy on the throat and nutritious I could give her?

yes! Bring a thermos full of warm "creamy-wheat" which has butter, sugar, and plenty of milk added to it (to keep it liquid) and a big fat straw from mcdonalds.

No silverware, no bowls or trays or seperate drinks or mess......just a big warm thermos full of sweet goodness and a straw. She can eat until she is full and swallowing wont be a big issue.

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Tracheitis, any help would be appreciated?

I was diagnosed with Tracheitis yesterday having been suffering with a sever cough and burning sensation in my chest for the past 5 days. The GP said that she couldn't prescribe me antibiotics as it was a viral condition and told me to take co-codamol tablets to ease the pain. The wheezing is still here and i cannot seem to cough up all the phlegm that is on my chest. Any suggestions on how much longer this is likely to last?

Viral tracheitis is one presentation of the cold virus. Taking co-codamol (which contains both codeine and paracetamol) is good for pain relief. You also mention unable to cough up phlegm and this can be helped by taking an expectorant, available from your local pharmacy (but let the pharmacist know you are taking cocodamol, as some cough medicines also contain codeine and paracetamol). Try to drink plenty of fluids as allowing yourself to become dehydrated will only make the phlegm more difficult to shift. Putting your face over a basin of hot water and inhaling the steam (but be careful not to spill it on yourself) can be quite soothing. Your symptoms should peak in 3-5 days and you should start to feel better, although the cough can persist for longer. There is also some evidence for the use of corticosteroids to improve symptoms, but speak to your GP about that. For most patients simple measures and time will sort them out. That and plenty of pampering from family and friends!  (+ info)

Is Tracheitis contageous?

I've just been diagnosed with Tracheitis (so they think) and the dance it tomorrow. I'm wondering if i am able to go or if it'll make it worse or will someone catch it? I'm taking antibiotics also.

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Do I have swine flu or tracheitis?

my doctor said i have tracheitis because i have chest pain and trouble breathing i have a little bit of a fever and headache my body also aches i have ashsma pretty bad so im taking prednizone, i looked up swine flu and i have some of the symptoms, alot of people in my state have swine flu and im just not really sure what i have

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do i have swine flu or tracheitis?

my doctor said i have tracheitis because i have chest pain and trouble breathing i have a little bit of a fever and headache my body also aches i have ashsma pretty bad so im taking prednizone, i looked up swine flu and i have some of the symptoms, alot of people in my state have swine flu and im just not really sure what i have

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Any doctors or someone who can help me out?

I've had tracheitis, dr didn't prescribe me any antibiotics for some reason, he said it was just inflammation, I now have an extremely sore throat and very swollen glands - my right one is so swollen it hurts to move my neck and obviously to swallow. Anything I can do to help it or should I go back to the doctor some time this week? I don't seem to be getting any better, except the cough is easing up.

Almost 99% of all cases of tracheitis are from inflammation or viral, which means there is no direct treatment. Ibuprofen, like Jan409 suggests, is your best bet. Alcohol and tobacco are also linked to this, as is vocal abuse (so rest your voice). Hot steam may also help (but not too hot or it will burn). If it still hurts after two weeks go back to your doctor, he may prescribe steroids.  (+ info)

How would you differentiate laryngitis from tracheitis by auscultating?

your pt. is a 15 mo. old toddler. Please simple answers.( Will help you in your peds rotations).
what will you hear in laryngitis and what will you hear in tracheitis...Please give me the sound name.
if my qustion is still ambigus to some an example of a sound name would be snoring (wrong answer)
Great answer Dr. Dave however I was looking more for:
In only laryngitis there is an inspiratory stridor where if the trachia is involved you will hear expiratory wheezing in addition to the inspiratory stridor. have seen it in kids with croup.

Since epiglottis, laryngitis and treacheitis are contiguous ,I see your problem. One being inflamed without the other is unusual. Epiglottis produces a barking sound. Laryngitis gives you a raspy or hoarse voice, whereas tracheitis might simply cause a loud wheeze which is more audible directly over the trachea and it could be on both inspiration and exhalation depending on the severity. Of course, all adventitious sounds depend on the degree of severity.
When you hear wheezing, follow it, in general this will tell you whether it's a transmitted sound , say from the larynx, that can still be heard in the bases. The degree of the quality of that transmitted sound might also lead to to an area of consolidation which, of course would transmit the sound better that the normal air filled spaces.
Be careful of silent areas as this would be a sign of consolidation or airway closure. For example, if you were to hear diminished breath sounds in the right lung base but none in the left you would need a chest x ray to find the cause. Or, as in the "old" days you would percuss the area of silence and compare it to the sound produced by the same percussive note in a conquerable area.
Percussion is done by laying your hand on the chest placing your middle finger over the concerned area. Tap the nailbed with the tip of of your other middle finger. You will be able to determine whether there is normal tissue there with a normal amount of air or whether it has too much air in that space such as emphysema or a pneumothorax. Or a dull percussion note will reveal consolidation or lack of air entry due to airway closure. This is what is meant by "clear to auscultation and percussion: or "a & p".
If an asthmatic comes into the ER with "silent" breath sounds, this is, of course, a bad sign. But, after treatment, you start hearing severe wheezing this is good because at least they've started to move air again.
Chest auscultation and percussion is a thing which simoly comes with experience. Listen to everyone's chest and you will get good at it. But one suggestion, listen to a lot of normal lungs first, that way the abnormal ones stick out.
God bless.
Croup is an inflammation of all three structures. Acute laryngotracheobronchitis. Epiglottis is a complication of croup which often requires intubation and /or a trachesotomy. I saw many croups which I gave an alpha adrenergic to reduce the laryngeal and epiglottial swelling. Beta adrenergic sympathomimetics are used for lower respiratory issues.
As I inferred the timing and degree of wheezing and/or stridor is directly related to the severity.  (+ info)

I need to know the morphology of several respiratory infections.?

-Rhino sinusitis

If anyone can help, it would be greatly appreciated!

try GOOGLING --- "morphology Sinusitis" , etc...  (+ info)

Any tips for sore throats/swollen glands?

I have, my doctor thinks, tracheitis, inflammation of the windpipe, and with it i've had a virus or whatever, and today my throat's been really sore when I swallow and one of my glands is up - any tips on just easing it up a bit?

You should be taking tylenol or motrin regularly, gargling with warm salt water gargles and spit out as often as you want, rest, increased cold/hot fluids - whichever feels the best. Do all of these until you are well.  (+ info)

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