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what is the relationaship bet trachoma and chlamydia conjunctivitis?

im going to have a report on these 2 topics. are they not related or so? i know that trachoma may manifest as chlamydia conjunctivitis. shall i do 2 separate ppt presenations for the 2 diseases or not?

"Chlamydia trachomatis" is the bacterial species that causes both of these, but there are multiple sub-groups called biovars.

Biovars A-C cause trachoma. Trachoma is an infection of the conjunctiva that scars and deforms the outside of the eye and is a major cause of blindness.

Biovars D-K cause the common sexually transmitted disease that most of us know as "Chlamydia" as well as conjunctivitis known as inclusion conjunctivitis.

Biovars L1, L2 and L3 cause a different, less common, sexually transmitted disease called lymphogranuloma venereum.

So the two are caused by closely related but different sub-groups of one bacterial species. The bacteria that cause 'chlamydia' and inclusion conjunctivitis do not cause trachoma and vice-versa. So they are separate but related, whether you do separate ppts is up to you.  (+ info)

What types of clinics did Professor Fred Hollows set up - Glaucoma, Trachoma, Cataract; or all three?

His Clinics did and still does treat any condition involving the eyes.
But he mainly focused on Trachoma from memory.

The Clinics were set up in very poor Countries where eye disease could not usually be treated and was prevalent.
His Clinic treatments were free.

He was a great man.  (+ info)

Why would a woman with trachoma be less likely than a male to show symptoms??

Anotomically speaking

Because a male's sex organs are outside of the body and a woman's organs are inside. It is hard to tell what is going on in there if you can not see it  (+ info)

Do you know what trachoma is?

Is that infective?

It's an infective disease of the eye that can cause blindness. It appears similar to conjunctivitis.
It can be caught by direct contact to someone else with it, or through contact with something that has touched their infection, and can be fixed with surgery in its early stages.
Prevented with high levels of hygiene and distancing yourself from anyone else infected.  (+ info)

Can someone explain what trachoma is?

In your own words...

  (+ info)

if you have chlamydia, is it a lot easier to get trachoma?

In some cases yes because STD's have been known as opertunistic diseases, meaning they lower the effectiveness of your immune system so other diseases can take over more easily.  (+ info)

What is Trachoma???? What are it Effects?


Trachoma is an infectious disease caused by a bacteria "Chlamydia trachomatis". This bacteria is spread from an infected persons hands, clothes or flies. It causes the eyelashes to turn inward which cause scarring on the eye surface. If not treated, Trachoma can progress to blindness in adulthood.

The World Health Organization's strategy: SAFE

S Surgery
A Antibiotic treatment
F Facial Cleanliness
E Environmental Improvement

  (+ info)

How can i help those with Trachoma?

I was researching trachoma, and its a horrible disease. ( For those who dont know- Trachoma is an infection in the eyes that causes the Eyelids to pretty much turn inside out so when you blink they scrape the cornea. I know, gross:\)
Anywho, Im going to Morocco in a couple days and i was wondering if there anything i could take or do to help. I already give to Sightsavers and soon will to Wateraid...
Any ideas?
Oh and Btw- I cant give Blankets or stuff coz those really badly contribute to Trachoma, as they get dirty and children rub them in their eyes :/
Thanks in advance;]
God Blessx

I don't know if there are volunteer organizations that need funding, that is one way to contribute. They also need dental things in rural areas, toothbrushes, toothpaste,toothache medicine and dental floss are expensive for many people, especially floss, it costs about 4 times more than the dollar store stuff we can buy. If you have spare room in your luggage that is. I usually bring some of that and crayons, pens and pencils for the children.  (+ info)

I have TRACHOMA, PLEASE,tell me ,how it maybe CURED.?

Go to your ophthalmologist.

He will examine, do the culture of ur occular secretions.

and prescribe antibiotics.

Plz dont read any article over the Internet and take any antibiotic without asking your doctor.  (+ info)

Will I go blind from leaving trachoma for too long?

Hi 2 months ago in march i caught an eye infection that i thought was conjuncticitis. And 2 months on i still have it after using eye drops. My eyes are starting to become sensituve to the light they are red and puss come out of them in the mornings. I looked up these symptoms and it sounds like i have trachoma and that i should treat it in the early stages to prevent blindness. Its been 2 months will i go blind?
I have booked a doctors appointment. i'm just so scared at the moment.
Thanks for the answers

Let the doctor diagnose. You don't play "guess the complaint" with eyes. they're much too precious.  (+ info)

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