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Transvestism and Transsexualism...What is the difference?

i really dont know the difference. i just wanna know dont get all mad and "report" me or anything. i just wanna know the difference

Easy. Transvestite simply means "cross-dresser."
Transsexual means the person went through the sex-change operation.  (+ info)

Transsexualism/Mental health, please help me....?

I think I'm cracking up, I'm having difficulty keeping track of time, my memory drifts in and out as well does my attention span. I feel as though I'm severely depressed and I am almost certain I know why but I don't know if I'm too scared to fix it or what. I'm almost certain that I'm a transsexual and the thought is ripping me apart from the inside. It horrifies me and I don't know why, I feel more comfortable when living as a woman but I'm so depressed and suicidal over the turmoil this is causing me mentally... It's scaring me to the point I'm just mentally "numb" I don't taste anything anymore, smell, haven't been "happy" or "excited" about anything in a long while. I know I need to seek therapy but that is the next problem... I don't make enough money to see a therapist for it because my health insurance doesn't cover that "issue".... Please help me... I feel ridiculous I've been reduced to asking for help on an internet message board but I'm out of ideas and places to hide.

Have you asked this question in the gay, lesbian and transgendered section? There are many wonderful people in that section who know exactly what you are going through and have more experience with this issue.
As far as asking for help on this site I think this is a good place for help, there are many caring people on here and you just can ignore the others.
Remember there are other options rather than suicide. One is to do anything else on earth rather than die.
I do think if you can you can see a medical doctor for depression. I think an anti depressant would help you feel more able to cope. Do not mention your gender confusion and the insurance at least will cover the depression.
Remember above all we are all works in progress. You have your Self inside, you just have to get the packaging right. You can do it! But first see about the depression and then you can think about your other issues when you are feeling less depressed.  (+ info)

Did mainstream transsexualism come out of the 60s drug experimentation?

When I looked at the people in my therapy group, I kept thinking of the lyrics in the CHEERS them, "and your husband wants to be a girl". All of them were late Xers/baby boomers. I kept thinking, "Could a lot of this be the result of drug use from the 1960s?"

I'm a transexual MtF, but I think a lot of why it reached mainstream America is due to the baby boomers. The boomer generation was one where there was rampant drug use, using marijuana, coke, lsd, and whatever else they could get. Drugs very much change ones perception of themselves and I know from using cocaine that I thought I could do anything.

On top of them having parents who told them, "You can do anything!". So a lot of them, transitioned. I mean half of the people in my group were having mid life crises and I think their "transitions" is how they delt with it. Since hormones have been around for the last 50 years and they had the resources available to do so.

Even so, a lot of this drug use carried over to subsequent generations. My Mom was a drug user and I was on ritalian and other drugs before puberty. Even a few years ago, I used cocaine. My gay ex could afford it, so we did it.

A lot of drugs effect the perception of ones self and I think transexualism might have been a biproduct of that. Since if it was a normal part of our culture, wouldn't we be more like the Thai people?

I think this is definitely something that has to be investigated.

  (+ info)

Have you ever seen a psychiatrist?

What is your illness? How long you been going? I first started goin for transsexualism then when that was sorted out I developed schizophrenia.

I didn't think transexualism was an illness? But I guess if you were uncomfortable with it...

I'm bipolar 2. I see a psychiatrist every two months or so for almost a year.  (+ info)

Could i have been misdignosed to have?

aspergers symdrom instead on been dignosrd to be in fact have transsexualism

Asperger's syndrome is the diagnosis du jour these days. In the past few years, I have known several people whose children have been diagnosed as having Asperger's, which makes me very suspicious, especially when these children have totally different symptoms.

If your family doctor has made the diagnosis, I would have some doubt. If a specialist has made this conclusion after testing, then I would take it more seriously.  (+ info)

Would you consider it ethical to insist on a Psychiatrist seeing everyone prior to having surgery?

I ask this because Transsexuals need to see various specialists prior to having surgery, yet if a woman wants breast implants or a man wants has manhood enlarged, they do not need anything of the sort.

In the UK a person diagnosed with Transsexualism must see a minimum of two Psychiatrists with specialist knowledge prior to surgery when going through the NHS.
Gen: I mean all surgeries, not just for Trans People.

How many women have had breast enlargements for the wrong reason?

How many men have had work on their Penis, only for it to go horribly wrong?

What about facial work? Having a nose reshaped so as to look “normal” or a chin changed.

What about those people who are unable to loose sufficient weight, so go for stomach stapling. Should they be forced to seek counselling before going under the knife?

For Trans People, there is often years or Psychotherapy prior to surgery. Often it is required at each stage for Trans men who may go through as many as 8 separate operations.

I think (and I realize this is just my opinion) that everyone having surgery that is physically altering and not absolutely medically necessary, should be advised or mandated to see a therapist for a certain amount of sessions. It is required when a person has gastric bypass surgery, it is required with the surgery you are talking about and it should be required with most cosmetic surgeries. ♥  (+ info)

Does anyone know anything about "double genderism"?

I've never been very masculine, and until a few years back it was just the way I was. Most thought I was gay, I eventually recognized myself as bisexual.
However I have noticed for a long time that I seem to be double gendered. Not like transsexualism (or BHS or whatever it's called), but that my mind supports both female and male gender. For the most part I think and act as a slightly feminine guy. Occasionally though, without my bidding (though I can do it on a whim) my entire mental gender switches. I will walk like a woman does, talk like one, think like one, etc. I've had dreams where I was a woman and dreams where I'm a man. It's quite confusing, and I haven't really heard of others having that. I've known a few transsexuals, but no one with my...issue. It makes my gender identity confusing as Hell. I feel natural as a male and I feel natural as a woman. Anyone know anything about this at all?

That sounds like something called Bigender. You're not alone, there's many people like you. Here is the wikipedia entry on bigender: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bigender
Another term to look into is Genderqueer: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Genderqueer  (+ info)

Your Diagnosis and Tips (based on the info within)?

I would like my mental health issues explained and/or remedied. I have compiled a list of some of my most neurotic and most recent Facebook status updates and I want to see what people have to say about them. Here they are:


My niceties have afforded me no grand trophies. That is why I don't think I have any good qualities. If I did, wouldn't a few of them get f*cking rewarded?

Good god! I need a boy's sweet penis to stand erect in my mouth so I can slobber all over it.

Man, I wish I was female and attractive enough that if I did a sex-tape I'd be worthy of having a wax twin made for me, then everyone would love me...or is that an Oscar Meyer Weiner? Kim Kardashian and bullsh*t meats are beginning to have more and more in common, and more and more qualities that I wish I possessed on some level. F*cking sick world.

I have cabin fever (metaphorically speaking).

No wonder everyone hated me during my childhood: I was that cross-eyed kid with Asperger's

God, why do I even bother? Oh right, 'cuz my a*shole of a subconscious keeps dragging me along kicking and screaming.

One great way to lower obesity rates in this country would be to STOP SHOVING UNREALISTIC BODY IMAGES DOWN THE THROATS OF THE AVERAGE AMERICAN CITIZEN. This country is so filled with commercial images of fantastical grandeur that there's just no way to feel confident in yourself, EVEN IF YOU'RE A F*CKING CELEBRITY!

I have the distinct privilege of being the only member of my family to have never been in a relationship and to have never owned a cell phone.

I am now jealous of a ten-year-old cartoon character (Bart Simpson). F*ck.

Oh, f*ck you Tom Jones. It is QUITE unusual for me to be loved by anyone.

I'm so bored I'm doing map quizzes and trying to make my transsexualism relate to Katy Perry's music. Please kill the part of me that wants me to be alive.

I'm just way too f*cking maudlin and insular for mine or anyone else's own good. F*ck my life

I am dilapidating.

Somebody tell me they love me and then watch as I use a shiv to cut my jaw off and beat myself in the head with the Bible, 'cuz my reality is unwieldy and my life is entropic atrophy and misanthropy.

I have killed myself. I died at sometime between 3:20 a.m. and 5:18 a.m. on June 23rd, 2010. I was 17 years old.

I'm a genius fetus who was born with the genes of a penis demon.

If another person tells a pretty person that they shouldn't be solo, guns will go off.

Can someone please make my life worth living today? I got locked out of my house today, and to date, that's about the most AMAZING thing that's happened to me all year.

Godd*mn. I never had a chance. I was an ugly child too. Ugly children don't turn into beautiful people. That's a TV myth.

I spent this morning (the 2nd anniversary of the last day I can remember being happy all day long) attempting to smoke my first cigarette. I'm so happy, aren't I?

So, now it's official. My stupid-sh*t brother is dating before me. WAY BEFORE ME. And the only person that loves me in a way that remotely resembles what I need is my sister.


I think I'm going to kill myself VERY F*CKING SOON. THERE IS NO ONE I CAN TALK TO AND NO ONE I CAN MAKE SENSE TO! F*CK YOU ALL! SOMEONE ACCEPT ME AND/OR LOVE ME (and it is does not have to be ROMANTIC love)!!!!!

Will someone please explain to my brain that I just severed a main vein with a chainsaw and I'm in pain?
Note: When Y/A! was trying to guess how this should be categorized, it thought it belonged in the Cancer section.

I can't make a medical diagnosis, but it sounds to me like you just need someone to listen to you. Usually when people publicly announce that they're going to commit suicide they're hoping that someone will save them from their impulses.

Regarding the Aspergers status, if you were diagnosed with it as a child, you would still have it now since it's a lifelong condition. If you weren't professionally diagnosed though, I'd refrain from giving yourself the label. I have it and it can get offensive when people stereotype us as outcasts that no one likes.  (+ info)

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