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How long does it take bacteria vaginitis to completely go away?

I went to the doctor and was given a clear cream to inject at night before bed for five days. since day one these little while spots have been coming out...and i finished my treatment yesterday and they are still coming, also, it doesn't feel different yet. i don't know if sex is still painful or not yet.

do u mean vaginosis? if so usually after treatment...it should take a few more days...mine after treatment didnt feel better for almost a week...so give or take 1 to 2 weeks depending on how bad it is..hope u feel better  (+ info)

With Trichomonas, how long does it normally take for the infection to be cured after taking Flagyl?

It was discovered by a Pap Smear. The Ob/Gyn office called, gave me the information and called in the medication to the pharmacy. My follow up appt. is in Sept. 2008. If it was a really bad infection, would they have made arrangements to come to the office sooner?

it takes about a week of flagyl. then its cleared but watch out for a yeast infection because some antibiotics can give you one!  (+ info)

What can cause bacterial vaginitis in a woman who has not been sexually acitve for a long period of time?

I have a bacterial infection, but have not had sexual contact in months. Can this be cause by not wiping properly after going to the bathroom?

Bacterial vaginosis is a mild infection in the vagina caused by a type of bacteria (germ). The vagina normally contains a lot of "good" bacteria, called lactobacilli, and a few other types of bacteria, called anaerobes. Too many anaerobes can cause bacterial vaginosis. We don't know why the anaerobe bacteria overgrow and cause this infection.
Bacterial vaginosis is an overgrowth of bacteria that are normally in the vagina. While it's more common in women who are sexually active, it also occurs in women who are not sexually active. It's not usually necessary for your sex partner to be treated.
E. coli which is a normal inhabitant of the rectum can cause bacterial vaginitis if it is spread to the vaginal area. Other factors which may contribute include hot weather, poor health, poor hygiene, use of an intrauterine device (IUD) for birth control, and routine vaginal douching.  (+ info)

Is pelvic fullness and discomfort also a sign of Vaginitis?

I have the burning and soreness of the vagina and vulva, but I also have a sense of pelvic discomfort and fullness.

It could be that or Pelvic Inflammatory Disease. I would go see your gynecologist ASAP.  (+ info)

Should I take an antibiotic for trichomonas tenax?

My dental hygenist has seen this organism swimming on a slide with a sample of my saliva. The dentist wants me to take a very strong antibiotic for 2 weeks. She also wants my husband to take it although after 2 attempts they have not seen this parasite on his sample. Both of our mouths are healthy and we see the dentist 2 times a year. My health is fine and I'm having a hard time with taking an antibiotic when I feel fine and have no symptoms. But I don't want to ignore the dentist's advice either.

Yes you should take the pills. Would you ignore a gynecologist who told you to take antibiotics? then why would you ignore you dentist?

You may not be sick right now, but if you they showed you what's swimming in your mouth, that's a good indication of elevated bacterial levels. You could end up with horrible gum disease and worse from this bacteria. And it can pass in your saliva, which is why they are worried about your husband.  (+ info)

If my girlfriend has Vaginitis; does this mean shes pregnant?

We think she might be pregnant, but she also has symptoms of having Vaginitis. Could that be cause shes pregnant or something else?

you can get vaginitis while your not pregnant, like you touching her with dirty hands, wiping from back to front, not changing underwaer enough. but if she is pregnant she could have it just because she is pregnant. but because she has it doesnt mean that she is pregnant  (+ info)

16 weeks pregnant with a low lying placenta, and was told that i have bactirial vaginitis, but another doctor ?

said i had a yeast infection as well. the yeast infection cleared up, but the vaginitis doesn't seem to be clearing up. is there any risks to the baby with a low lying placenta if it doesn't go away? i read somewhere that it can cause bleeding and cramping really bad and even pre term labor and birth. is this true? anyone else dealt with this before? should i be worried?

A low lying placenta usually corrects itself. As for the bacterial vaginosis, what did they treat it with? I had BV a year ago and was giving antibiotics and that was it gone, never had it since. According to the doctors i got BV from having thrush for too long untreated. I got rid of the thrush with cream and a pessary then took 4 antibiotics in a winner and the next day it was gone.

The BV will go away, it might just need stronger antibiotics, if the low lying placenta doesn't go away you'll be ordered to rest more and will have a closer eye kept on you.  (+ info)

How to treat irritant vaginitis?

How do you treat irritant vaginitis? There's no infection or any bacteria. It is caused by an abrasion.

Keep yourself clean. A large cause of infections happen simply because sweat or oils built up until there was nothing for it to do except fester and form an infection. Never fun. So bathe and shower regularly, and try and keep "down there" as clean as possible. Good luck  (+ info)

How do you get rid of Bacterial Vaginitis?


I have taken oral antibiotics as well as vaginal suppositories and cannot shake the bacterial vaginosis. Does anyone know if it has anything to do with being with an uncircumcized partner?


You can use Boric Acid to treat BV. Sometimes when anti-biotics don't work, you may need to re-acidify your vagina. Vaginas are slightly (very slightly) acidic to begin with so your pH may be off, resulting in the BV coming back. I have linked below directions on finding and using boric acid to treat BV. It works on Yeast Infections too! Ask your doctor if your partner needs to be treated too. You may just be passing it back and forth.  (+ info)

Do I have vaginitis or some other infection?

My vagina is sore but only right where you'd insert a tampon.
I'm not sexually active and I don't masturbate or do anything that would cause soreness here.
It's slightly uncomfortable when I pee, also.
It doesn't really look different or smell or anything ...
But it's just uncomfortable.

Also, I just had to take Azithromycin for my throat infection. And I googled side effects and vaginitis is a very, very rare side effect. Could that be it?

  (+ info)

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