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How can someone prevent African Trypanosomiasis?

i know there are no vaccines to prevent it, any other suggestions?

The only way to avoid African Trypanosomiasis is by eliminating the vector (tse-tse) or protecting yourself from it while in endemic areas by using mosquito repellent and sleeping under mosquito nets.   (+ info)

Is the African sleeping disease ( African Trypanosomiasis) a bacteria or a virus ?

if its either could you give me the shape growth strain etc. or jus give me the website to look at myself. thanks everyone !
i apprecite all the answers i get .

When researching homework, always start with Google. It wook 5 seconds or less to find the great website below:


That way, your homework is out of the way faster!  (+ info)

African Trypanosomiasis?

We are doing a unit in science on African Trypanosomiasis, a.k.a. African sleeping sickness. And I'm stuck on two things: the age in which the disease is most likely to hit at, and the mortality rate. If someone could help me with that I'd be really appreciative.

I've provided you with a few scholarly resources about the disease. I hope this helps...good luck on your project!  (+ info)

African Trypanosomiasis? Anyone have any info? Please!!?

I had some allergy tests done on thursday along with a test on my whole body for any imbalances with a Nutritional Therapist. One thing that came up was African Trypanosomiasis... I have been to africa last summer. But I don't remember getting bitted by a tsetse fly? I hear it's painful... could I have picked it up some other way... or just not known? I have had no sypmtoms but I've read that it can lay dorment for months?? I'm so confused... and very worried?!?! Any advice would be helpful? I'm going to my docs on monday but untill then I'm stressing!

You say that this " came up " but not in what context it did so. If a Nutritional Therapist had had any cause to think that you had contracted such a disease then he or she should have passed the whole matter directly over to your Doctor who would, in turn, have a series of blood tests done and contact a centre for tropical disease with the results if there was any need to do so. If you have been told that you may have this illness but nothing more has been said or done about it then go and ask your Therapist what the hell he or she thinks they are up to...are they too lazy to do their job properly or was it simply a bit of scare-mongering that meant nothing?
I lived in West Africa for six years and can confirm, not from personal experience but from that of a friend, that the bite of a Tse Tse fly is extremely painful, but when it happens and later on, you would be in no danger of not noticing it. That leaves sexual contact..without a condom...actually I have not found any reference to transmission by this means, which does not mean that it can not be done, but did you have sex with anyone over there and not use a condom?
When in doubt about your health talk to your own doctor and if it turns out that you have been needlessly alarmed, as it probably will, do not feel foolish because you assumed that a health care professional would know more than you and have some sense of discretion about how much of that knowledge to share.  (+ info)

How do african americans get their hair to look and feel like Caucasians?

Okay Im african american and I straighten my hair.
When I straighten my hair it's straight but doesnt
Its kinda hard to explain. Like a white girls hair
flows in the wind but a black girls hair is as stiff
as a brick. I want my hair to toss around when
I move my head, not for it to stay in place and
look dry.

weaves probably.  (+ info)

what percentage of African people are starving?

Im doing a report on african hunger and googles acting really stupid rite now... so help plz

The numbers are astounding: 24 000 people die of hunger every day. That’s one person every four seconds. 815 million human beings suffer from malnutrition and 30 million, mostly children under five years of age, die from it every year, according to estimates from the FAO. The largest number of victims live in Africa, where 34 percent of the population is severely malnourished. An recent FAO report, "The State of Food Insecurity in the World 2002," states that "widespread hunger in a world of abundance is essentially the result of poverty." A World Bank study estimated that between 1991 and 2001, when the gross global product doubled and the volume of international trade tripled, the average revenue per person in 81 of the 100 poorest countries declined.

  (+ info)

How long will african american hair last if straightened in a salon?

I have a lot of hair; it's shoulder length, coarse, african-american hair. I'm planning on getting it relaxed and straightened at a salon. I was wondering, since I haven't had my hair done in a salon since I was 7-8, how long it will last?


to figure out how to pick a perm first of all, ur supposed to take a strand of ur hair from your head. if it has a z pattern, use a perm for course hair and if its a s pattern, use a perm for medium hair. but other then that, usually perms last 2-3 months. i personally suggest try to perm your hair after about 4 months and ONLY PERM THE NEW GROWTH. if you perm hair thats already been permed it wont be good, its overprocessing and it WILL break off your hair. you want to keep the ends cliped only if theyre split though. and if your hair is shoulder length, to get it to grow after the perm ur supposed to wear it up in ponytails b.c. if its shoulder length it will brush up against your clothing causing it to break off. i know. ive been there. hope this help! good luck girl!! hope u like your new hair! lol  (+ info)

How do you stop African American hair from fuzzing at the front ?

My niece is 11 and african american. Her hair is afro like and my sister struggles to keep it from frizzing and fuzzing. At times it has a life of it's own at the front and she's tried so many products. Can anyone recomend a product to keep her hair down at the front.

You might want to try olive oil products for her hair, it smooths it out and it can help it from fuzzing up so much. A lot of heat and humidity after a while can do that as well so make sure to comb it softly and to use the whole olive oil kit when needed and as directed.  (+ info)

Where can I find African Grocery Story and French Cooking Chocolate Store in DC area?

I am searching for African ingredents. One in which is injeria. And I am looking for French dark chocolate to cook with in bars. Where is the best place to go in DC? Like name of stores.

There are at least two (plus an Indian market or two) in the strip mall in the 3800 block of South George Mason Drive, just south of Rte 7 at Basiley's Crossroads, Alexandria.

There is an "African Latino Market" on Columbia Pike, in Arlington, not too far from where George Mason crosses the Pike, and there was a nice little Ethiopian market off Columbia Pike on S. Edgewood Street.

I recall being in a gas station quickie-market in the complex of gas station/Pollo restaurant/market on S. 4-Mile-Run Drive in Arlington, and seeing jars of palm oil and the like.

At any of the above, berbere, fresh injera, and other sdpices are easy to come by. (Did you know there are several little local injera bakeries?) But I have not noticed fufu or other staples from the African cuisines outside Ethiopia. I'm sure someone else will know.  (+ info)

How do you make african american hair grow and how do you care for it?

I am a fifteen year old african american and I use to have this really pretty long hair. Then I began to wear hair weaves and my hair began to get shorter and unhealthy. If I continue to wear hair weaves but get a sew in instead of glue will that help me get my hair back? Also what is good hair care products for woman of color?

There is no product that can make hair grow faster. Hair follicles are cells that push out protein (which is your hair). That process can't be sped up.

However, by eating a healthy diet and gently messaging your scalp when you wash our hair, you'll give your cells the best chance to remain healthy and pump out that protein!  (+ info)

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