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What are the causes of disease abdominal tuberculosis?

What are the causes of disease abdominal tuberculosis?
By which means this disease enters human body?

This is a question that requires alot of technical information. Therefore, I apologize for just providing you with a website:
www.jrsm.org/cgi/content/full/96/12/586  (+ info)

What is the percentage of Male and Female Tuberculosis victims a year?

I need to know what either the amount or percentage of Tuberculosis victims for any four consecutive years is. I need a percent for Young Males, Young Females, Adult Males, and Adult Females. For example, 10 Young Males infected, 5 Young Females infected, etc., etc..

Sorry if this question is hard to follow.

Below is the site for the center of disease control. They track all diseases and can tell you the incidence of TB or the flu or anything. It is a very useful site.

In USA In 2008, There were a total of 12,898 incidents of tuberculosis

It explains the percentage by country and race. I do not see the rates by sex. This could be because tuberculosis can attack anyone, regardless of age or sex.  (+ info)

If tuberculosis is easily spread airborne, how is everyone not carrying it at the least?

My mother carries tuberculosis, and I've recently got the PPD test to be able to volunteer at my local hospital this summer. I'm 99% sure the test is positive. And I was doing research and read it was airbrone. If so, how is everyone not infected with tuberculosis or have latent TB?

TB is is air born, but you are only contagious when you have active TB. The billions of people in the world with latent TB aren't contagious. Your immune system walls off the colonies of bacteria in little granules.

Also, it is a disease that sometimes your immune system can fight off on it's own, and sometimes not. Lots of people may get infected, get over it, and never even find out.

Also, a few decades ago the government launched a very effective (and expensive) effort to control TB. It is usually curable.

The standard TB test tests for antibodies your body makes o fight TB. Anyone who has ever had TB will test positive, even if they no longer have it. If you test positive, they'd want to do alung X-ray to see if you actually have TB now.

If you test positive TALK TO YOUR DOCTOR! This can usually be cured.  (+ info)

How easy can Tuberculosis be transfer from one person to another?

My friend said he was coughing out blood over the weekend, i did a few research and it can possibly be Tuberculosis but i do not know for sure..

First off, before jumping to the conclusion that your friend has Tuberculosis you must rule out other potential diseases. Coughing up blood is actually a fairly common occurrence believe it or not. (BTW coughing up blood is called Hemoptysis). Has your friend had a cough or a sore throat for a couple of days before coughing up the blood? If so, more likely than not your friend probably had a cold or upper respiratory infection, had been coughing for a few days inflaming the capillaries in the back of his throat, and they burst during a hard coughing spell (maybe he had bronchitis?) This is more plausible, as Tuberculosis is a disease that must get contracted from being exposed to someone who had the disease. It is transmitted via the air in droplets. Was he in direct contact with someone who has Tuberculosis? "**On average, people have a 50 percent chance of becoming infected with TB if they spend eight hours a day for six months or 24 hours a day for two months working or living with someone with active TB, researchers have estimated.**" The above statement clarifies the ease (or rather not so easy) transmission of the disease. To put yourself and your friend at ease have him go to his doctor and get a PPD (purified protein derivative) test as well as an x-ray to verify active Tuberculosis infection. Other symptoms of diagnostic value in Tuberculosis diagnosis are as follows: weight loss, fever, night sweats, and loss of appetite.

Tell your friend to go see a doctor to rule out active infection and treat his current symptomatology.

Good luck!  (+ info)

Will a treated tuberculosis patient becomes infected again if exposed to smokers?

I have a friend who undergone treatment for tuberculosis for 2 years already and finished the treatment religiously. In the environment she lives in, she's still exposed to people who smoke. Is there a chance tha the bacteria will grow back and suffer that disease? Pls help me give info so that i can share it to her. Thank you so much.

Very unlikely. Try to reassure her.  (+ info)

How can a person be save if the intestinal tuberculosis spreads to others parts in the body?

Can someone be save if they have intestinal tuberculosis and it spreads to other parts in the body is there any treatment or medication


ye[  (+ info)

What are the short term effects of tuberculosis?

Hi there,
I'm doing a biology project on tuberculosis and I can't find any information over the internet what tells me the short term effects of tuberculosis. Can you please help me? Thanks.

A cough that will not go away
Feeling tired all the time
Weight loss
Loss of appetite
Coughing up blood
Night sweats
(sharp chest pain)  (+ info)

How does tuberculosis cause hypercalcemia ?

1. How does tuberculosis cause hypercalcemia ?
2. I had tuberculosis as a child. I have hypercalcemia now. Could there be a connection ?

It doesn"t, unless its miliary (widespread).

Probably no connection.

Get your serum para thyroid hormone (parathormone) checked and see a good internist/endocrinologist.  (+ info)

What disease category does tuberculosis fall under?

What disease category does tuberculosis fall under? Does it fall under autoimmune, congenital, hereditary, infectious, or cardiovascular?

Everything you need to know is at this site.

http://www.health.state.ny.us/diseases/communicable/tuberculosis/fact_sheet.htm  (+ info)

How long does the avian flu virus stay in your system?

I'm doing a project about the avian flu and I can't find this particular part that I need can anyone help?

you won't find that information either, most people who have contracted this particular virus have died from it.  (+ info)

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