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How can medicine cause tuberculosis? A lot of the commercials for various medications warn that it can cause?

tuberculosis. But if you look it up on the Internet, it says that tuberculosis is cause by mycobacteria.

These medications can cause people's immune systems to weaken while they are taking them. If a patient already has the mycobacteria that causes tuberculosis (due to prior tuberculosis exposure), it could take advantage the opportunity to create widespread infection while the immune system defenses are weakened. Tuberculosis is an "opportunistic" pathogen that lives within certain types of white blood cells. They can live with us our whole life. In fact, tuberculosis is one of the most successful pathogens out there. Approximately 2 billion people are infected, and it kills 2 million people a year. Crazy.  (+ info)

How does the blood fill the lungs when you have tuberculosis (also known as consumption)?

In the show, The Tudors, Margarette had tuberculosis(consumption) where she continuosly coughed up blood until it killed her. I am wondering how the blood filled the lungs in the first place. Was there a hole made, or what? If you know where an article is about it, please add it!

The blood does not fill the lungs, otherwise the person would drown in their own blood from this hemorrhage. In TB, granuloma tissue forms in the lungs. Granuloma tissue is delicate and full of small blood vessels. When a person coughs, they may occasionally rupture the blood vessels, bleed a little, and cough up blood. There is not normally a lot of blood in the cough of a TB patient. Hemorrhage is not a common sign of TB. The movie may have shown more blood than occurs in reality, to make it seem more shocking. Patients with TB do not die of blood loss, but because they cannot breathe.  (+ info)

What is the current trend in sputum AFB,is it x2 or x3,in the diagnosis of tuberculosis?

In confirming the diagnosis of tuberculosis,doctors used to ask for sputum AFB x3,but nowadays some are asking for x2,what is the reason why this is done?

Hey there!!

For Sputum AFB, we in India ask for three samples!! First sample is taken when they come to laboratory and then for the next sample they are given sterile container and asked to collect early morning sample of the next day. Finally, when they turn up tomorrow to submit their early morning sample, again one more sample is collected!!

The reason why we collect three samples is to reduce the risk of false negatives and increase the detection!! However, some doctors prefer only two samples but the correct procedure is three and this is the recommended no by WHO for countries like India  (+ info)

what are best medicines and treatment for pneumonia in left lung and right is having Tuberculosis ?

My uncle is having pneumonia in left lung and right is having Tuberculosis. Left lung covered by 90% by pneumonia, and Tuberculosis attacked second time so Please help me to make him in better condition. He cant walk for 5 feet. Please I am begging you all Help me.

TB needs to be treated with several antibiotics including rifampin, INH (isoniazid), pyrazinamide and ethambutol known as the "RIPE" cocktail. It is a long course.
Pneumonia is treated depending on what bacteria is causing the pneumonia. Cultures can be done to test for the bacteria and then tests can be done to see which antibiotic will be effective against the bacteria.
With such severe lung disease he would need to be in a hospital where an infectious disease expert can prescribe the proper antibiotics.  (+ info)

what type of medicines should i take to fight the tuberculosis?

ok. i think i have an active tuberculosis. i'm not sure but i did a research on the web and found out the symptoms and it matches what i have. i have this cough for more than a month and the mucus is thick and cloudy and more other things. i know i should go to the doctor and see what's going and get medicines there but if there is a medicine out there on drug stores that can fight the tuberculosis, please let me know as soon as possible. what do you guys recommend me ?

With a cough more than two weeks, it is more likely that you have pertussis, or whooping cough. There are many other possibilities though, so you should go to the doctor and get checked out. Over-the-counter medicines will not clear up a bacterial infection.  (+ info)

Can pneumonia be mistaken for tuberculosis or lung cancer?

My grandfather is currently in the hospital with pneumonia. He has a mass on his lung and they said they are going to be testing for tuberculosis that he may have gotton when he served in the Korean war nearly 60 years ago. They are also going to test for lung cancer. He's lost 15lbs in a week, he gets the chills and he has a cough..I'm not sure what else hes feeling. Anybody know any knowledgable information on these 3 diseases?

Believe that they are running all these test to be sure of the diagnosis. Sometimes it is hard to distinguish. My mother used to get diagnosed with pneumonia a lot, when in reality what they were seeing on the xray was scaring from COPD (Chronic Pulmonary Disease). Fifteen pounds is a tremendous amount of weight to lose in a week however, but that could be explained from being ill and not being able to eat much. I know it is hard to wait for test results, but try not to panic. They will find out the answer and treat your grandfather for whatever is the problem. I am sure he is already on intravenous antibiotics. Take care and try not to stress.  (+ info)

Can a newborn receive a tuberculosis shot?

My brother-in-law who lives in Mexico called and told me that his pediatric wants to give his two week year old newborn a tuberculosis shot. Can an infant that is that young receive such a shot? Is this normal practice?

It is not common in the United states, but can be given to infants in countries were TB is more prevalent.

http://www.chop.edu/consumer/jsp/division/generic.jsp?id=75735  (+ info)

How long do people with tuberculosis stage 4 live?

How long do people with tuberculosis stage 4 live? is it still treatable at Stage 4?

I cannot see why it would significantly affect their life span or why treatment would be needed. Stage 4 TB is defined as tuberculosis with no current disease. It is a step above stage 5 when TB is suspected. As a healthcare worker we have to be tested once a year. People with a positive titer are required to get a chest x-ray if no current disease is found nothing more is required and they would be a stage 4.  (+ info)

Is Halal Gelatin made from beef or bovine sources?

I am a strict vegetarian Hindu living in Malaysia. Most of the sweets here which contain Gelatin will say "Gelatin (halal)" on the packet. I know that Muslims are forbidden to eat pork, so the gelatin would either be from cows or from agar or other vegetarian sources. I definitely don't want to eat beef, and I don't want to eat any other animal products either. Does anyone here know if "Gelatin (halal)" in Malaysia generally comes from bovine or vegetarian sources?

Halal gelatine is made by boiling the skin, tendons, and ligaments of halal animals. After the process known as hydrolysis, it contains protein, collagen (a primary component of joints and cartilage), and various amino acids.

This is what you find in Halal sweets. If agar agar if used, it will say this. Kosher gelatin is sometimes made with agar agar, but it, too, may be made from kosher beef.

For more information about halal gelatin in Malaysia, see
http://www.halaljournal.com/index.php?page=article&act=show&category=0&pid=1264&PHPSESSID=bc7f8489b95  (+ info)

What do you do if you think your child has been exposed to Tuberculosis, and what are the immediate symptoms?

There is a little girl and her mother that live with my daughters fathers' sister, and I just found out that the little girls father has very bad Tuberculosis. The little girl visits her father quite often, so Im sure she has it. But these people are idiots, and havent gotten their kid checked yet! But my daughter goes to that house sometimes and is around the little girl and the other people in the house who were more than likely exposed. Im terrified now that my daughter has it! She has a doctors app. this Tuesday (a routine check-up) but I was wondering if anybody thinks I should take her to the ER, and if there are any symptoms I should be looking for. My daughter is 18 months old by the way. I have just always heard that TB is very contagious, so obviously, Im scared. Are kids very prone to this illness? Please help me with this somebody! I need some good advice!
Thank you very much in advance.

TB is not one of those things you catch with instant exposure, like the flu or a cold. To catch TB it takes extended exposure to a person with active TB. I would definitely recommend getting your daughter a PPD, which is the test for TB. They will place a preservative under the skin of her arm and check it 48 hours later. Your normal doctor should be able to handle this for you. I would then ask his recommendations for the situation, pending how often she is there and for how long, etc. Likely hood is that your daughter is fine. If she had TB she should be coughing and possible a have a fever. But I would call you doctor for an appointment.  (+ info)

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