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How long do people with tuberculosis stage 4 live?

How long do people with tuberculosis stage 4 live? is it still treatable at Stage 4?

I cannot see why it would significantly affect their life span or why treatment would be needed. Stage 4 TB is defined as tuberculosis with no current disease. It is a step above stage 5 when TB is suspected. As a healthcare worker we have to be tested once a year. People with a positive titer are required to get a chest x-ray if no current disease is found nothing more is required and they would be a stage 4.  (+ info)

Can a newborn receive a tuberculosis shot?

My brother-in-law who lives in Mexico called and told me that his pediatric wants to give his two week year old newborn a tuberculosis shot. Can an infant that is that young receive such a shot? Is this normal practice?

It is not common in the United states, but can be given to infants in countries were TB is more prevalent.

http://www.chop.edu/consumer/jsp/division/generic.jsp?id=75735  (+ info)

What do you do if you think your child has been exposed to Tuberculosis, and what are the immediate symptoms?

There is a little girl and her mother that live with my daughters fathers' sister, and I just found out that the little girls father has very bad Tuberculosis. The little girl visits her father quite often, so Im sure she has it. But these people are idiots, and havent gotten their kid checked yet! But my daughter goes to that house sometimes and is around the little girl and the other people in the house who were more than likely exposed. Im terrified now that my daughter has it! She has a doctors app. this Tuesday (a routine check-up) but I was wondering if anybody thinks I should take her to the ER, and if there are any symptoms I should be looking for. My daughter is 18 months old by the way. I have just always heard that TB is very contagious, so obviously, Im scared. Are kids very prone to this illness? Please help me with this somebody! I need some good advice!
Thank you very much in advance.

TB is not one of those things you catch with instant exposure, like the flu or a cold. To catch TB it takes extended exposure to a person with active TB. I would definitely recommend getting your daughter a PPD, which is the test for TB. They will place a preservative under the skin of her arm and check it 48 hours later. Your normal doctor should be able to handle this for you. I would then ask his recommendations for the situation, pending how often she is there and for how long, etc. Likely hood is that your daughter is fine. If she had TB she should be coughing and possible a have a fever. But I would call you doctor for an appointment.  (+ info)

How does someone die from tuberculosis?

I'm writing a story and one of the main characters is dying from tuberculosis. But that brings up the question... how does someone die from tuberculosis? I know what it is and what it does to the body, but I want to know how someone would die from it, what the person would be like in the last few stages.

Sorry if this offends anyone, but please answer with as much detail as you can. I can't find this answer anywhere else!

They often died of blood loss ... the infection eroded a blood vessel and they bled to death, which could be spectacularly messy and gory if your plot needs it with blood pouring out of their mouth and nose OR or just a sudden fit of coughing and falling over dead with an internal bleeding.

Another way, less spectacular, was slow suffocation as the lungs became filled with the "tubercules"and the person slowly breathed less and less well and then died. The lack of oxygen was stressful to the heart, and it would just stop.  (+ info)

What are some interesting facts about Tuberculosis?

I have a school work assignment and I was just wondering if there are any web pages or things you know about Tuberculosis that are interesting. I don't need: Symptoms, Causes, Warning Signs, Statistics, Treatment, Recovery, Care-Giving, or Prevention.

Also, what are some organizations that support Tuberculosis?

Tuberculosis is not the monster it used to be in this country. Try googling "Tuberculosis Sanitoriums", or " Waverly Hills Sanitorium", you might find some interesting stuff there.  (+ info)

How is the tuberculosis test given?

In May, I am job shadowing a doctor, and they said that in order to do it, I had to take a tuberculosis test. How is it given?

Most institutions use the 2 step process as outlined by G above. Don't worry if you see redness. When you have your test checked, the MD or RN is feeling for induration (firmness/hardness) and is not looking for redness. If you have firmness at the test site, they will measure it. Depending on other factors, usually induration of less then 5 mm is considered negative. If you test positive they will order a chest Xray and refer your doctor.  (+ info)

what si the treatment for the child with pulmonary tuberculosis and with long term home oxygen therapy?

the child is now 7 years old having pulmonary tuberculosis and with three years of home oxygen therapy. please tell is there any treatment that can cure this disease or tell me any alternate solution for this as quick as possible. waiting for answers.

Tuberculosis can be treated with antibiotics (several types at the same time) and the child will probably need a short stint in hospital to start with. After the treatment is working and some improve has started to come through, the child can then be returned home to continue with the medication. So get the doctors involved in this case as soon as possible.  (+ info)

who was the scientist who invented the cure for tuberculosis?

Name of the Scientist or person who found the cure for tuberculosis a disease caused by micro-organisms.
what the scientist did during his/her lifetime.
How their work helped to prevent diseases caused by micro-organisms.
what were their important achievements.
How did their work help to serve mankind.

There isn't a cure, just treatments and immunizations. Albert Clamette developed the first vaccine. He wasn't a doctor, a scientist of the time. The vaccine is still used today. It helped to stop the spread of TB.  (+ info)

Is it ok to smoke when you have latent tuberculosis treatment?

I've been taking the medicine for latent tuberculosis for more than 3 months, and in the last month I've been smoking like 4-5 cigarettes a day but now i stopped. I know it is bad that's why i stopped. but does it really affect my treatment if i did smoke?


smoking does not affect your TB treatment.
It will just cause you to die a horrible death from emphysema and lung cancer instead.

Good for you !!! congratulations on quitting -- please do not start back again !  (+ info)

How was people with tuberculosis treated?

Were they avoided? or Killed? How did other people treat the ones with tuberculosis?
i need to know how peole reacted to the people with TB. I know they were quarantined and avoided by others but what else did people do to them. Did someone kill one of them on purpose or what?

There were Sanitariums for TB patients.
These were located in areas away from cities, sometimes in the country.
Patients were REQUIRED to be quarantined and or reside there for about a year or so.
Rest and diet were the treatments.

Many were cured if they were not too far advanced.  (+ info)

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