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What is Multidrug-resistant tuberculosis ?

A bacterial infection affecting primarily the lungs, more common in urban areas, treatable with antibiotics (though resistant strains are appearing). A simple test, often given at the one-year checkup, can determine whether an infant has TB.
.....all the best.  (+ info)

What is the duration of treatment of Multidrug-resistant tuberculosis ?

Multidrug-resistant Tuberculosis requires at least 18-24 months of treatment with medicines which are 100 times more expensive and often highly toxic, and this treatment often fails.  (+ info)

Have the latest stats on drug resistant tuberculosis been published?

saw a map on spread of drug resistant tuberculosis circa 2007...just wondering if anything out there about updated info.and why it isn't in the news

April 1, 2009, members from 27 countries are meeting in Beijing now, to discuss what to do about this problem, the growing prevalence of drug resistant tb is like an explosive time bomb ready to go off. Director General Margaret Chan has stated. For more information go to Google and type in Margaret Chan + Drug resistant Tuberculosis. Lots of information should come up.  (+ info)

Why are multidrug resistant infections a problem?

Links to useful websites would be welcomed.

because cheaper antibiotics will not work...and md's need to prescribe stronger and more expensive antibiotics. and if there are different microorganisms...some medications will not even work  (+ info)

What will happen if the worlod continues to ignore drug resistant tuberculosis?

I need as much information as I can get.

Please include the URL.

Thanks. :)

There would be much human suffering and many deaths.  (+ info)

What bothers you more, bird flu or the growing problem of antibiotic resistant bacteria and why?

you hear all about bird flu, yet nobody seems to know or be bothered by the fact that bacteria like staphylococcus and tuberculosis are becoming stronger and stronger and some are not even affected by our strongest antibiotics.
i'm bothered more by multidrug resistant bacteria because you just have to get a little cut to get a bacterial infection you have to come in contact with an infected bird/possibly human to get bird flu.
just wondering what your thoughts are.

I'm with you the emerging new bacteria with the increase in resistance is more serious than the bird flow
hospital acquired infections are a major problem but they are not getting the same attention by the media as the bird flu!  (+ info)

How is tuberculosis an exampe of a drug resistant disease? PLEASE HELP ME!!!(:?

I am doing a project about TB and I can't seem to find enough info about this particular question. Please help(: it will be much appreciated!!

There are a lot of good medical resources online. Here's info from one:

http://www.mayoclinic.com/health/tuberculosis/DS00372/DSECTION=causes  (+ info)

Tuberculosis home remedies used when becomes completely anti-biotic resistant?

There aren't any.

There are some strains of VERY resistant TB, but it can still be treated with the proper combo of meds.  (+ info)

what is the treatment for a person with drug resistant tuberculosis?

I am assuming this is for just curiosity sake, not that you know someone who has it!

The treatment for the most resistant form of TB (aka, extreme drug resistant TB XDR TB) consists of four drugs:

1) Isoniazid (INH) 6 months
2) Rifampin 6 months
3) Pyrazinamide (PZA) 2 months
4) Ethambutol 2 months

Dosages change with age and weight. Also, Vitamin B6 is added because PZA can interfere with the metabolism of B6 in your diet.

Also, isolation for the first 21 days of treatment in a negative pressure room. Drugs intake afterwards must be monitored by a nurse daily, since some people stop taking them after they become assymptomatic.

Hope that satisfies your curiosity,

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Did Andrew Speaker Intentionally Expose Others to Drug -Resistant Tuberculosis? What would you do ?

Did Andrew have all the information he needed to confidently fly to Greece without a second thought? What about his return flight? He knew which form of TB he had by the time he made his return to the U.S. Should he be held accountable, and if so, how? What would you do if you were in Andrew's place? How do you think it would feel to be him right now? How would you want others to treat you?

I think it was very unethical of him to fly, to be honest. He had his own set of priorities, which did not include consideration of anyone else. He knew before he left he had a drug resistant type of TB, and the only advice he listened to was the sort he wanted to hear. His story of how frightened he was did not impress me a bit, nor the teary eyed whine of his bride. Italy is not some third world country, and I don't believe they would have left him on a corner to die. Perhaps at that point he was frightened, but it still never occured to him to think about anyone elses safety, did it? No, he only thought about himself. Sometimes, it's necessary to put the welfare of others above ourselves, a concept that seems to have eluded Mr. Speaker. I think he should be held accountable. I think he should pick up the tab for the testing that will have to be done on all those people for starters. And the people in Europe can't simply get skin tested, they will need x-rays for some time to come. Europeans get BCG vaccinations, which may not always be effective in preventing the disease, but which render skin testing invalid. They just have to wait with this hanging over their heads, possibly for years. TB is slow growing as a rule, and they will just have to wait to see if something shows up on the x-rays- a year, maybe two years from now. I personally don't care what he feels like right now, to be honest with you. He's a personal injury lawyer, so I doubt he has much sense of ethics to start with, but a nice class action suit ought to get his attention quite nicely. Had the tables been turned, you can bet that's what he'd be doing for the people who were exposed and himself. Had he done the right thing to start with, he wouldn't have to be worried about how people felt about him or treated him. Sometimes sorry just doesn't cover it, and in this case, it certainly falls short. It seems to me he's being treated pretty well at the moment, given what he's done. I don't feel a bit sorry for him. So far as how I'd want others to treat me, I wouldn't have done what he did, so it's really a non-issue. While I wouldn't have him jailed necessarily, I think there certainly should be penalties for him. Public endangerment on an international scale isn't something you say sorry for and walk away from thinking that's it. So I think I'd start with taking away his passport for starters, and having him pick up the tabs for all the treatment, testing and general chaos he's responsible for causing because he wanted to ignore advice. He made the choices, now let him pay for them.  (+ info)

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