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how long does it take for one to come off spinal tuberculosis?

also how long before one can decide to conceive after TB?

it depends to the person... if its willing to heal itself... plus if the patient is healthy.. they can rid of it for 4 months  (+ info)

whats the difference between discitis and spinal tuberculosis?

can an MRI reveal a difference between these two diseases?

Discitis is a low-grade infection that affects the disc space between two vertebrae, and spinal tuberculosis is an infection of the spine by the Mycobacterium tuberculosis bacterium. Yes, I'm sure an MRI will be able to differentiate between the two.  (+ info)

Weather im taking the right tuberculosis medicine?

im suffering with spinal tuberculosis and doctor have prescribed me medicine kid which contains anti-tb agents but my body weight is 85 kg so i want to know weather these medicines are in good quantity please check them out.

per day i take.

rifampicin-600 mg
isonaizid-300 mg
pyrazinamide-1600 mg

SO i want to know weather this much amount is sufficient for my body weight.?

rifampicin-600 mg ---> standard dose is 600 mg for all ages

isonaizid-300 mg ---> standard dose for adults 300 mg

pyrazinamide-1600 mg ----> dose range by weight 1330 to 2500 mg

ethambutol-1100mg ---> dose by lean body weight is 1300 to 2500 ... if you are heavy for your body frame ... this is probably a good dose ....  (+ info)

Tuberculosis screening for volunteer work at a hospital?

I'm going to volunteer at a hospital and tomorrow I'm going because they need a blood test for tuberculosis screening. What's the point of that? Don't you kind of know when you have tuberculosis...?
And do they just test for tuberculosis or do they use the blood for other diseases/drug test?

You can be a carrier of TB and never have had symptoms. All hospital personnel have to get TB tests to be sure you're not going to pass it on to patients. It's really no big deal. The nurse will inject a small amount of liquid just barely under your skin so that it creates a little bubble, then you go back in 48 hours to have them look at it. If it turns red and has bumps then you likely have been exposed, which is not what you want. If there isn't any reaction, then you're good to go. They don't actually take blood from you so no, they can't test for drugs or other diseases. Hope that helps!  (+ info)

What are some diseases similar to tuberculosis and could be mistaken as Tuberculosis?

So I am researching tuberculosis, and I have to answer the question:

If it isn't your exact disease, what else could it be?

So essentially I have to find diseases with the same signs and symptoms, ones that may act in the same way or cause your body to look the same way as tuberculosis.

I then have to talk about how they are similar and why. Any help would be great. Thanks.

So other mycobacterium would look the same on stains:
Mycobacterium bovis
Mycobacterium kansasii
and other mycobacteria

Other bacteria can cause similar lung disease (but look different on stain and culture):
Rhodococcus equii
and other bacteria
  (+ info)

How much does tuberculosis treatment cost in the Philippines?

I am helping a family out in the Philippines. Their 20 year old son has tuberculosis. A small spot in the lung.

They have told me it costs about USD 1,200 per month to treat it. For about 9 months. How much does TBC treatment really cost?

He contracted the disease working in a laboratory.

in a community health center, its for free!!!! seriously. there's this project called Directly Observed Treatment Short Course (DOTS) by the WHO and DOH where they treat TB patients for free. just go the nearest community health center and inquire. they will tell you the steps to do. even the homeless could avail this treatment.


but the down side is that he should go to the facility everyday to take his pills. usually, in a private hospital, you get to take your pills at home but you'll end up paying more. i'm not sure if they could make some arrangement that could make him go to the facility in less frequency.  (+ info)

What happens when you get a tuberculosis shot while having a cold?

The other day my mom got a tuberculosis shot, but she had a cold. Now the spot where they gave her the shot is red and bumpy. She wanted to know if that's normal or if that's something that's not suppose to happen?

The cold should not affect the test. She should go ahead and follow up for the test reading as scheduled. Reactions before or after the time frame where the test is read do not count as a positive reaction. However if it is still bumpy where she had the test placed the nurse will want to measure the area to see if it qualifies as a positive result.  (+ info)

How do you get tested for tuberculosis and hepititous?

I'm going to the docotor's and I need to be checked for tuberculosis and hepititous b or something like that? (sorry about the spelling) Is it a shot or do they need to draw blood?
Whats s sputum test?

For tuberculosis, you will get a PPD (purified protein derivative) shot. The solution is injected just under your skin, so it'll look like a small raise on your skin. You will have to have the result within 72 hours. Positive reaction means that you've been exposed to TB, and you need further testing (i.e., x-ray and sputum test).

For Hepatitis B, you need to provide a blood sample.

Answer to follow on question:
Sputum test will show if you have the TB bacteria called "tubercle bacilli" growing in your lungs. Treatment for TB is fairly easy -- all you need is compliance to the medication regimen.  (+ info)

Show one treat a latent tuberculosis during the pregnancy?

I made a PPD test and it gave a positive result. But I have no symptoms and feel myself well. So, I probably have a latent tuberculosis. I am on the eighth week of pregnancy. Should I treat this latent tuberculosis or it is better to do that after the delivery?

  (+ info)

Is a fully treated tuberculosis a problem for USA migration?

If a person planning to migrate to USA, who has completed treatment for the tuberculosis. Is it a problem?

It may be if you have had any exposure to TB. Check to see if there is a waver of some type.

  (+ info)

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