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What are the symptoms of a urogenital tract infection?

I get these secretions on my panties that are whitish and jelly like very often,,, I dont know what it is, are these normal vaginal secretions or is it an infection?
Its not an STD because i've not had sex yet

If the secretions are not accompanied with symptoms like itching, burning, or pain, then more then likely you are just having normal vaginal secretions.

Just use a pantyliner if the wetness is feeling uncomfortable. If the amounts of secretions seem like way too much and it starts to become unbearable, then just go to the doctor.  (+ info)

Urgent help with severed, tortured damaged urogenital tissues ?

For few years I kept the whole area tied, stretched upward (penis, scrotum etc) due to injury at root of penis. The thickness and the whole nerves, muscles, soft tissues have become very fragile, delicate & sensitive. I can just put my fingers and feel everything deep inside pelvis, till bladder etc. What best I can do to regain/rejuvenate tissues in that area ?. Can anything really put on mass etc in there

Dude the best place to solve your problems is to make an appointment with a urologist
Do not expect real answers here that will solve your issues
Colors  (+ info)

what the relation between age and female urogenital disease?

  (+ info)

The ureter passes through the urogenital diaphragm (pelvic diaphragm)?

A) True
B) False

uhhh... false? the urethra does.  (+ info)

Can people who have urogenital TB not develop normal TB symptoms apart from ones related to urinary tract?

Doctors think my mom had urogenital TB, shes going to be tested next week. But she hasnt developed any of the other symptoms relatated to 'lungs TB', is it possible that she has Urogenital TB without having the lungs symptoms? ive been reading a lot about tb on the net n it says everywhere that urogenital tb is caused by the spread of tb from other parts of the body. Is it possible for her to have 'only' urogenital TB??? She has been w symptoms for almost 3 years now n doctors dont seem to have a clue what the problem is.

You can have TB in places other than the lungs and it can be 'only' urogenital TB. TB most commonly affects the lungs which is why everyone associates it with them. However, TB can also develop in other areas such as the spine and obviously where your mom has it now. I hope this helps and that she gets better soon!  (+ info)

what does a mixed urogenital flora w/less than 10,000 cfu mean?

It means basically that the organisms isolated where mixed there was no pure growth of 1 single organism. With/ less than 10,000 colony forming units. This is a term use to determine the amount of bacteria present. This allows the lab to determine if there is enough bacteria present to cause infection.

The fact that your result says its mixed means no single organism could be identified as causing infection, a mixed flora is normally caused by a mixture of fecal organism which is quite common in urogenital samples.

They may ask you to return to your doctor to have a repeat sample taken.

Hope this helps  (+ info)

I'm looking for two mnemonic to remember how to do a veterinary history and physical exam. Any ideas?

For the history:
Present illness history
Environmental history
Medication history
Dietary history
Special Senses

The steps for an exam are:

Respiratory Rate

then, (not in any particular order):
Lymph Nodes

Shirley called Peter, Elvira. Mary. Don't go into Roger's club.Goons get muscular; not safe.

I reckon Carol, Gavin, Eugene Might not like ear-rings or eye-make up.  (+ info)

What is the study of the urinary tract?

and organs of the urogenital system

  (+ info)

Urine Culture test results?

What does this mean?
Final Report

They did not say positive or negative?

contamination ,  (+ info)

IS THIS A UTI, help me with this urine culture results? in a dipstick I had blood in urine (microscopic)?

is this a UTI?
urine culture, routine
result 1
mixed urogenital flora
10,000 - 25,000 colony forming units per mL

nope, this sounds more like a contaminated sample, see a doctor if symptoms persist or worsen, good luck  (+ info)

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