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Could all these staph Infections be a Terrorist Attact using a Virus?

I mean how hard would it be to put that Virus in clothes and other goods that are being sent over to this Country. I don't know it just seems like in the past couple years that Staph Infection have taken over and that's scary. Where is this coming from? I mean I wonder if our Government, which I am sure they have asked this question to, wonder what is going on? What do you think? Thanks.

I think it is less of a conspiracy theory, more of a scientific explanation...

Like many healthy people, you probably have some Staphylococcus aureus bacteria — usually simply called staph — on your skin or in your nose or throat. Most of the time, the bacteria cause no problems or relatively minor skin infections. But staph infections can turn deadly if the bacteria burrow deeper into your body, invading your bloodstream, urinary tract, lungs and heart.

In the past, most lethal staph infections occurred in people who were hospitalized or had a chronic illness or weakened immune system. Now, a growing number of otherwise healthy people, many of whom have never been in a hospital, also are developing life-threatening staph infections.

A greater problem is that many staph infections no longer respond to common antibiotics. Though most staph infections can still be successfully treated, it may only be a matter of time before the bacteria become resistant to all currently available medications.  (+ info)

people infected with HIV the virus that causes the disease aids can become unable to fight off infections by o?

people infected with HIV the virus that causes the disease aids can become unable to fight off infections by organism that normally do not harm people why is it so?
anyone know??

Human Immunodeficiency Virus to Acquired immune deficiency syndrome. Basically you cannot fight virus' any longer, so even a cold can kill you.  (+ info)

Why do people who are treated with antibiotics for virus infections seem to get well sooner?

Doctors say that antibiotics can not help people who have viral infections. But I have noticed that people with these infections, children and adults get instantly better (within 24 hours) when given antibiotics. I realize that these people could have both bacterial and viral infections. But if so, the antibiotics knock out the bacteria leaving the viruses to continue to do their thing against the body. I also realize that viruses don't care what they attack, they attack both bacteria and humans! So, ... what's going on?

placebo effect  (+ info)

What does yaba monkey tumor virus cause?

What does yaba monkey tumor virus cause? like what disease or something?

Tanapox is a fairly common skin infection in parts of Africa, mainly in Kenya and the Democratic Republic of Congo. Its natural host is probably monkeys, though it is possible that there is another reservoir and that monkeys are only incidental hosts. The mode of transmission is not known.  (+ info)

people infected with hiv the virus that causes the disease aids can becoke unable to fight off infections by o?

people infected with HIV the virus that causes the disease aids can become unable to fight off infections by organism that normally do not harm people why is it so?
anyone know??

Because HIV and Aids attack the immune system. So basically there will be no barrier between the body and any germs or bacteria.  (+ info)

What is the type of T cell with CD8 receptor that can kill virus infected and tumor cells?

A. T suppressor cell
B. Natural killer cell
C. Cytotoxic T cell
D. T helper cell
E. None of these

  (+ info)

HIV Virus Infections Attracted To Any Specific Locus?

I am wondering if a vaccine for HIV could be practical if the scientists only had to worry about just certain parts of the genome/DNA.
Are infectious viruses attracted to certain locations (loci?) of the genome.
If that was the case then perhaps just a small part of the DNA could be inhibited by drugs.

*buzzer* wrong!

The HIV "nucleic" acid is predatory in nature and attaches wherever it wants.

Besides if we could inhibit DNA that effectively we could have healed a lot more then HIV.

The real deal is in membrane p[roteins that HIV uses. HIV immune people lack these proteins and cannot get sick even with HIV in their system.  (+ info)

URGENT! Also in my Virus Vault on AVG there are Warnings and Infections?

Even though some are warning and some are infections does this mean that they are still harming my computer. They are trajans too!! so can they still harm or shall they not bother if they are in the VIRUS VAULT?

Lol this is in infectious diseases when it needs to be under the computer section.  (+ info)

I have been sick/virus/infections for 6 months straight. What is wrong with me?

My sicknesses range from stomach flu, cold, sinus infection, bronchitis, etc. My doctor ran a complete blood analysis on me and my white blood cells are low, my liver function is high. So I'm going through more labs now. I've had negative HIV tests for the past 13 years now. I am so sick of being sick. This is not like me. I'm 32 years old! My body always aches, I'm exhausted all the time. Any comments, advice, web sites for research would be a big help to me.
Also, I dont drink, smoke or use drugs.

You might have hepatits c...sounds like it...i've been an o.r. nurse for 32 years and have it...it's not a death sentence, in fact, most people respond to interferon therapy...go to a gastroenterologist...a g.i. doc, and get worked up.....and don't panic...i've had it for over 20 years...  (+ info)

Can popping ears be a sign of brain tumor or cancer of any kind?

ear popping is caused by inflammation of eustachian tube. it seems that interleukin-8 is on the high in the auto-immune response to some infection. all virus (epstein barr, hiv, hsv 1/2) tests have come back negative. bacterial tests have come back negative as well. CD-4 and CD-8 counts have come back normal.

The only two clues that remain now are a cyst on the back of the neck on a internal muscle that can be felt after touching deep and the continuous popping of ears that is causing dizziness most times. Can these be signs of brain tumor or glioblastoma or any kind or any immuno deficiency problem that is waiting to happen?

Not likely. You really need to see a Doctor. You seem very worried about catastrophic illnesses. Maybe a Therapist could help you deal with these issues.  (+ info)

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