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How possible is it for someone to find a cure for Turner syndrome?

Turner Syndrome is a chromosome abnormality not a disease therefore it can't be "cured"..
well unless they find some way of correcting all cells in the body......
while it can not be cured a lot can be done to help girls and women affected by it.. Growth hormone can increase height, estrogen treatment helps them develop a feminine shape, surgery can solve heart problems, medication can help with thyroid problems, diet and medication can help if diabetes is present.......IVF can overcome fertility problems. And a caring and supportive family (and friends) can help with emotional problems  (+ info)

What are the posible genotypes of parents who affect a child with Turner Syndrome?

There is only one possible genotype for the parents: XX and XY.  (+ info)

How do the chromosomal conditions , trisomy X,XYY syndrome and turner Syndrome differ?

Normally there are 26 pairs ie 46 chromosomes in human body. In trisomy there is an extra chromosome ie 47 (xx/xy + 13 or 18 or 21) where as in turner 's syndrome body is short of one chromosome ie 45 (xo).  (+ info)

Is Turner's Syndrome passed down by family members?

My husband's sister (the aunt) has Turner's Syndrome. Our children are perfectly healthy. How likely are our children to have children with Turner's Syndrome? Do I take my kids for genetic testing when they are older, before having their own children?

It is not passed down, it's not hereditary at all. My sister has it, as well as my step-grandma. My niece actually died in utero, because of complications of it. Most turners syndrome babies are still born, and the ones that are born have full lives.

If you would like, you could explain to your children when they are older that they could do genetic testing on their own if they are wondering about other genetic disorders. If they are all healthy, there's probably not much for concern, but some people just like to get it done anyway.

Girls with Turner's syndrome are unable to conceive. It has happened, but it is extremely rare. Your sis-in-law wont be able to have kids.  (+ info)

Miscarriage Due To Turner Syndrome 45 XO?

My best friend just found out that her miscarriage a month ago was due to the baby had Turner Syndrome. Does anyone have experience with this? Does she have a higher chance of another Turner Syndorme in her subsequent pregnancy? Thanks!

she's at no higher risk in her next pregnacy, Turner syndrome is "sporadic" there is no reason for it to happen, nothing to do with mothers age or anything. Between 95 and 99% of concieved Turner syndrome babies are lost in early pregnancy or pre mature still birth.
and about 10-15% of all misscariages are thought to have maybe been a turner syndrome baby  (+ info)

Can a fertile woman with Turner Syndrome have children with the same condition?

Only in certain specific cases, usually not.  (+ info)

Can Turner Syndrome be passed on?

Is Turner syndrome just a chromosomal abnormality that cannot be passed on, or could someone pass it on? More importantly, if a woman with Turner's has children, are they at risk for having it too?

YES it can, although it is very rare it happens as almost all women with turner syndrome can not have children using their own eggs. However it does sometimes happen where a TS woman falls pregnant naturally and if her egg has the X chromosome missing and is fertilised by a female sperm that baby will be a female with TS.
if the egg has a missing X and is fertilised with a male(Y) sperm that fetus is not compatible with life so well miscarry..
so it can happen but is very rare and tends to be in those with Mosaic turner syndrome
i actually do know of a mother and daughter who both have Mosaic turners syndrome  (+ info)

How does radiology help diagnose or treat Turner's Syndrome?

turner's syndrome is a genetic disease in which a woman has an absence of one of the sex chromosomes...only women are affected by it. normally, women are born with two XX chromosomes - these are the sex chromosomes that make women women. in turner's syndrome, a woman has only one X chromosome, or only part of one X chromosome. these women are normally short in height, have difficulty having children as Turner's syndrome affects the ovaries and how they produce eggs/hormones, and can affect alot of the ways a woman looks, such as drooping eyelids, low set ears etc.

in order to diagnose Turner's, a genetic test, called a karyotype, must be performed. in this test, all of a persons chromosomes are arranged in order from largest (chromosome #1) to smallest (the sex chromosomes). in this test, the chromosomes can all be visualized and the absence of a sex chromosome can be seen, and Turner's can be diagnosed.  (+ info)

How does a person receive turner syndrome?

You don't "receive" it, if you mean in the sense of catching it from someone else? It's a chromosomal abnormality which a woman is born with because of either a defect in the egg or sperm cell or in an early cell division after the fertilization.  (+ info)

Are there any girls with Turner Syndrome?

I am a 14 year old girl touched with Turners, and I go to the annual conferences every year, but I really would like to meet a girl with it that actually lives near me! So if there are any girls with Turner Syndrome that live in or near San Antonio, TX, please respond!

I live in India. Here I have seen a few women and girls with this turner Syndrome. I do not know about they being available at Taxes or near your place.

However some points about Turner Syndrome -

Turner syndrome is a genetic condition that affects only women and girls. It results from a partially or completely missing sex chromosome, causing abnormalities such as short stature and reproductive difficulties. Turner syndrome is most often diagnosed in infancy, but in milder cases, may not be apparent until adulthood.

While Turner syndrome is not typically life-threatening, it requires lifelong treatments and monitoring for related chronic illnesses. Most women with Turner syndrome live active lives and, with fertility treatment, can often have families of their own.

Doctors recommend that girls with Turner syndrome and their families join a support group for those affected by Turner syndrome soon after diagnosis. The group can help reinforce and maintain the patient's self-esteem, as well as provide you with resources and contacts with other parents who can relate to your concerns. The Turner Syndrome Society of the United States lists support groups in nearly every state and other resources on its Web site.-  (+ info)

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