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If conjoined twins get pregnant,who is considered the mother?

Ok if conjoined twins get pregnant who is the mother? That is if its possible for conjoined twins to become pregnant. And who would get the hospital fine?

The one that had sex would technically be the mother, but depending on where they are joined they could either both be the mom (if they shared ovaries) or if they had separate ovaries, obviously the one who got pregnant would be the mother, so obviously the one that gave birth would get the hospital fine..... what an odd question, lol.  (+ info)

What would you do if you had conjoined twins?

If you figured out you had conjoined twins, what would you do with them?

No rude answers, please!

I would love them and be there for them and try and do the best I could for them. I would never abort..... I would let god make that decision for me. If seperation were possible and reasonably safe... I may opt for that for their own benefit. It seperation were extremely risky..... I would wait and let them make that decision when they were old enough to decide for themselves.   (+ info)

I have to find similarities between conjoined twins and fraternal, but i can't find any anywhere?

What are the similarities between conjoined and fraternal twins? I have to make a venn diagram and I can't find any similarities besides the fact they're both twins. Thank you.

That's pretty much all you are going to find. Other than the fact that they are both types of twins, there isn't much else. Conjoined twins are identical twins whose egg didn't fully divide into two zygotes. Fraternal twins are no more genetically similar than any other sibling pair.  (+ info)

Can all conjoined twins be detected in utero through sonograms?

I was wondering this myself, as I'm very strongly pro-Women's Choice, and someone happened to ask me my position when it came to conjoined twins.

Anyway, I don't know if all conjoined twins can be detected before birth, but can they?

Yes they can be.  (+ info)

Can conjoined twins look like one person?

Is it possible for conjoined twins to be 'split' directly down the middle and thus look like one person, yet in reality be two? And if so, how would a doctor know that they were really conjoined twins?

I doubt it,as it happens when the cell goes wrong and doesn't split completely.So for it to go wrong but look perfectly right is hard for me to see happening.Though i'm no doctor and there are some twins that share the same body and separate heads so i could be wrong.There's also a similar form of twins when one remains completely inside the other and is not known about for some years even till adulthood if in the third world.That looks like one person to the eye.  (+ info)

Is it possible to have conjoined twins that are unidentical?

most conjoined twins (siamese twins) are identical, but is it possible to have unidentical twins?

No... fraternal twins are two separate eggs... identical twins are one egg that splits in to two... conjoined twins is one egg, that was supposed to split to become identical twins, but did not completely separate.  (+ info)

What are the odds of having conjoined twins?

Twins run in my family and I'm next in line. None of my previous relatives have had any problems. I was just curious to know what the odds are.

(And please don't be rude about this and try to tell me "I should still love them whether they are or not." I know that. I'm not that kind of person.)

1 in 50,00  (+ info)

If you got pregnant and found out you were going to have conjoined twins, what would you do?

Like I've been watching tv and they were a couple episodes about conjoined twins. One couple decided to have them separated when they were 4 months od. Another family decided not to have them separated. Would you get an abortion? I wouldn't. What about you?

I would just pray to god that that doesn't happen to me.But when I was pregnant with my now 2 month old daughter the doctor told me that she was going to be born with down syndrome.When she was born it came to everyone's surprise that she was just like any other normal baby.I got so mad at the doctor, I mean he didn't have the pain and suffering from "knowing" that I was going to have a baby with down syndrome.When I thought of the situation I decided that I was not going to abort the baby cuz it is not her fault.Could you just of imagined that I would of aborted the baby then to later realize that she was normal!OMG.This has convinced me to not trust what all the doctors "diagnose".  (+ info)

Abby and Brittany the conjoined twins? What if half was a boy?

How would a half boy and half girl conjoined twin look like? Would they be hermaphrodites? Can they have their own kids because they would hypothetically have a male and female reproductive organ? So they can clone themselves?

Conjoined twins are always identical. It can't happen with fraternal because fraternal twins aren't one egg seperating, they are TWO eggs that have been fertilized.  (+ info)

What kind of surgeries would be performed to separate conjoined twins?

Specifically, if they were sharing organs in the digestive system. Would one twin get the organs, or would they split them somehow? What kind of problems and complications would result after one of these surgeries?
And if they were sharing a digestive system, where would the umbilical chord go?

Each twin would have its own umbilical cord. Depending on what and where they were conjoined, they might need the services of a general pediactric surgeon, and possibly a neurosurgeon, urological surgeon, orthopedic surgeon, vascular surgeon, or a cardiothoracic surgeon.

In the case that you present, they would try to split things as equitably as possible, so that each twin would have its own chance to live as well as could be. In some cases, there may be permanent deformities, as when there aren't enough legs to go around. In one recent case, each twin ended up with one leg.  (+ info)

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