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What might be causing these mysterious rib bone fractures?

A friend has been having mysterious fractures of her ribs, with no significant bone pain prior to them. She is in her 70's and had breast cancer a few years ago, which appeared to have been treated successfully. She has been to several doctors and had many diagnostic tests including a needle biopsy, but so far no definitive diagnosis. Now they are are recommending an open biopsy.

What could be causing these fractures? One obvious possibility is bone metastases from her breast cancer, but the symptomatology seems somewhat atypical for that.

It is very likely mets from her breast cancer. See it happen all the time.
Have they done a PET scan?  (+ info)

Where is the evidence that osteoporosis causes bone fractures?

Please refer me to well-controlled, peer-reviewed studies that show:
1) Osteoporosis causes bone fractures.
2) Fosamax and other biophosphonates not only slow down bone density loss or increase bone density, but also prevent fractures.

Its common sense if the bones become less massive and deteriorate go on yahoo and do a image seach .The bones of women are 35 % less massive than men so they are more susucpetible to back problems than men so women should really taske it easy on there back.  (+ info)

How long does it take for fractures on top of foot to heal?

I have 2 small fractures on the dorsal metatarsal of my left foot. How much time will it take for them to heal on the average. I'm 60 years old, female and in better than average physical condition.

They say it normally takes about 6 weeks for most things to heal. The metatarsals form part of the arch of the foot and are weight bearing.


Because they have to bear so much weight, it would probably be a good idea to follow up with physiotherapy to strengthen this area after the rest of waiting the 6 weeks. Are you using crutches now? You might want to go to a cane for a bit till the foot is strengthened, and a cushion orthotic (arch support) for awhile also.

This answer is not meant to constitute medical advise, so check with your doctor for follow up.  (+ info)

What is a fractured distal radius and a fractured distal ulna?

The radius is the bone in the thumb side of your forearm, the ulna is the bone on the little finger side. In other words, if you feel the point of your elbow, that's the end of your ulna, and it continues up the underside of your arm (if you point your thumb up). The radius is the other bone (the upper side of your forearm, in that same position).

The term "distal" refers to being "distant" from the center of the body, so a "distal" fracture means that it is nearer the wrist than the elbow. A "proximal" fracture would be nearer the elbow.

Hope this helps.  (+ info)

Can bone fractures occur inside the bone without external damage?

X-rays of fractures people normally see show cracks or separation outside and through the bone to the outside, but can the shock to a human bone cause undetectable internal damage?

yes  (+ info)

How do I heal stress fractures the best and quickest?

I tried running about the equivalent of a marathon without training for it. I am athletic, but that is another beast to deal with. I couldn't even run much more than half of it.

I have 2 stress fractures in my feet. One in each. One near my left ankle bone and the other is on my right and is likely a metatarsal. I didn't have any X-rays to prove it. You just kinda know sometimes. I have gone over 2 months without running or serious sports and it's still not healed up. I was working some and maybe this slowed the healing, as I was on my feet and lifting some stuff now and then.

I've drank more milk than usual, taken some calcium supplements, actually laid off pop, which science has proven to contribute towards fractures later in life. Caffeine also leaches calcium.

I am 29. Have no insurance. Wanted to try a PEMF device(bone-growth stimulator), but not enough money. Is there a place I could rent one??

Have crutches at home, haven't used them much.

Suggestions, other?

The unfortunate truth is, even walking normally, you are "stressing" the fracture. I had this twice, once in the left 3rd metatarsal and later the right 4th.

Basically I had to have a "walking cast" that had a rubber ball on my heel to avoid "using" my feet in a normal fashion.

It sucks, but there is really NOTHING that can be done other than staying off it and looking like an idiot walking on your heel (walking cast or not) OR using your crutches for much longer than you feel that you need to use them. (a fracture is a fracture and if you don't lay off them, you will pay in the long run)

I wish you luck and sympathize with your situation.  (+ info)

What type of fractures could Roman have suffered?

Roman's leg is swollen and red, and very tender to touch. What types of fractures could Roman have suffered?

Stress fracture, shin splints.  (+ info)

What are the symptoms of Stress Fractures?

The other day I hurt my leg in a cross country race. Now it hurts to walk on it because my ankle hurts and the muscles behind my shin hurts. I am hoping its not stress fractures. Anyways what are some symptoms of stress fracture or does this sound like something else?

i have had stress fractures on my right foot many times and i now know if i have stress fractures on my foot because i can feel some pain or discomfort. so, a couple of days ago, i felt some discomfort / pain on the top of my foot. almost every step i felt some discomfort. from experience, i know what it was that i was dealing with. i went to the doctor and got some xrays and sure enough, some stress fractures.

now, the symptoms you describe sound like a stress fracture. for all i know, it could just be bruised. wait another day or two (or sooner if it hurts a lot), and see if the pain subsides. if it doesn't go see your doctor.

Good luck  (+ info)

What are some common ways in which a person may break their Ulna?

for a project at school. please be very specific.
if you have broken your Ulna before please tell me how you did it. so i can get an idea on how this bone is broken.

1 falling with arm extended to catch yourself
2 direct trauma (blow to arm)
3 falling onto your elbow
4 being struck on the elbow
5 crushing injury (car accident)
6 twisting injury (wrestling or skiing)  (+ info)

Why is it unusal for a person to break both the radius and ulna?

I seem a person have a x ray of a broken forearm. He turned out to have broken both his radius and ulna. I was told that that is not normal for someone to break both. Does any one know why it it unusal for some one to break both at the same time and where i could find that information?

it's probably because usually you only hit one side of your arm, and the bone protects enough to not go through to the other bone, but if it gets hard enough or at the right angle, i don't see why it is uncommon for them both to break.  (+ info)

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