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How do dentists fix hairline fractures in teeth?

Hello. A few years ago I had a bump to the two front teeth which lead to small hairline fractures. Recently my child enjoys banging me in the mouth and this morning I looked in natural bright sunlight and noticed (with my mirror) that these hairline fractures are quite progressive now. I am very afraid, I am only 27. Will I have to get them taken out or get dentures? I m very upset right now. :"(
What do dentists normally do? Do they watch and wait or go ahead and repair? I am so sad. :"(

I doubt you will have any problems. However you should have a dental exam and cleaning at least every two years.  (+ info)

Can you receive bone fractures from Osteo Arthritis?

I have osteoarthritis and has undergone bi-lateral total hip replacements. I was at a follow-up appointment with my doctor and was complaining about pain in my right ankle and swelling of it. I was experiencing this trouble way before the surgeries and my doctor had it x-rayed and it shows old and new fractures.

Fractures may be a result of osteoporosis, not osteoarthritis. OA is a disease of the joints (specifically of the cartilage that lines the joints). It is not a bone disease although the wearing and thinning of cartilage can cause bone deformity, osteophytes, bone cysts around the joint.

Osteoporosis is a disease of the bones, causing them to become more porous, less dense, thus weaker, with a propensity to fracture easily.

Have any of your doctors suggested a bone density test?  (+ info)

If you have 4 displaced fractures in your foot what do they normal do? Surgrey, cast, boot?

I have 4 displaced fractures, in my right foot that are connected to my toes. They put me in a boot, and said no weight on the foot afraid that the bones will poke through, what do they normally do? How long are you out of work?

that's really bad for you, and probably they do all of those solutions, you probably have surgery if the fractures are bad enough, then you will have a cast, and when you can bear weight, they can give you a boot to walk with while your foot heals. How did you do to break your foot??
GET WELL SOON  (+ info)

What kind of exercise can I get with stress fractures?

I'm 15. I run a lot, 7 miles a day usually, and I'm really fast. But, I just found out that I have stress fractures again! How am I supposed to stay in shape? I'll just become a really fat person who will never be a good runner now. I do not want to gain weight. What can I do? And, what should I do about my diet? I mean, I generally eat very healthy foods, but should I limit what I eat a lot more now?

If you run on cement or asphalt, you are more likely to get stress fractures. Check to see that you have shoes which can act as shooks for your legs as you run.

You are not going to gain weight just because you quit running. There are plenty of exercises to give you the activity you need. However, that isn't running and it sounds like running is important to you.

If you are taking in the amount of calories in a balanced diet per day, then you shouldn't gain weight. Just change your style of exercise. Find another type that you enjoy. Maybe alternate the running with the other type of exercise you choose.  (+ info)

How long does it take for a broken ulna to stop hurting?

It has been broken for three weeks, since Aug. 20th, and the pain has gotten worse from week two to week three. Am still in a cast, and on narcotics, but to function throughout the day, am only taking in the mornings.

Isolated ulna fractures can most often be treated with a cast or fracture brace. Usually a period of immobilization will allow the bone to heal adequately.

If there is a significant amount of displacement of the ulna fracture, the fracture is considered 'unstable.' In these cases, the patient may benefit from surgical stabilization of the fracture. The usual treatment is to use a plate and screws to secure the fractured bone.

If all goes well its about 8 months or so for total healing.....that needs to include full rest,immobility and like i said before some rehab. :)
<3kare  (+ info)

During Cubital Tunnel ulna nerve decompression surgery, the Surgeon found a benign lymph node infiltrated with?

He did get a pathology report, so he was confident of his diagnosis.
Sorry, part of my question was cut off. My real question is whether these 'benign lymph nodes that have become enlarged due to fatty metamorphosis, can become cancerous. Thank you.

  (+ info)

Ulna keeps popping when I rotate my wrists?

I woke up one day and out of the blue both of my wrists, when i rotate them the ulna pops (it's kind of crunchy too). Does anyone know what this is? It only hurts a little, but then I started using my right wrist more(I'm right handed) and now it hurts a lot. It's been 3 days and they still pop and my right wrist doesn't hurt as bad.

Depending on what state you live in a chiropractor may be able to help you. But some states don't allow chiropractors to work on the extremities.  (+ info)

Who can answere my question about stress fractures?

I think I may have a stress fracture. Would it swell a whole lot if I had one? It hurts on my fifth metatarsal...really bad. But it's not that swollen. It is swollen, but not bad. It had a burning sensation. What type of brace is appropriate for stress fractures?

umm i suggest go to ur dr. bc i had a stress fracture and it had to be immobilized for 6wks.  (+ info)

When I do curls my the side of my forearm with my ulna hurts. Can someone help?

I have been doing curls and have increased my weight by like 5 or 10 pounds, but on the side of my arm that runs from my pinkey to my elbow it hurts. It hurts most when I have the weight close to all the way up. The pain doesn't start immediately, just as I continue doing them. I have tried not doing curls for 4 days and it didn't help. If anyone knows what I need to do please tell.

Maybe you just pulled a muscle or tendon and it's taking a bit to heal. And I know it sounds stupid, but make sure you're doing them right. If you're continuously doing curls and twisting your arm at the wrong angle, it could make matters worse.  (+ info)

What is the rehabilitation process for hip fractures?

I am student doing a research project and need to find different treatments for an individual suffering from a hip fracture. How is electrical stimulation applied? What forms of therapeutic exercises are useful? Gait training? Any physical therapist out there...I would greatly appreciate your input. I'm eager to learn.

This will depend on many factors. Some are allowed weight bearing immediately, some require pinning and may be TDWB or NWB for several weeks. I never use e-stim for hip fractures. Gait training is permitted when the orthopedist give clearance.

...you would need to be more specific with your question...femoral neck fracture, femoral fracture, acetabular fracture as well as the degree of the fracture and the medical history of the patient.

I would direct some of these questions to an orthopedic surgeon.   (+ info)

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