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What types of excersize are acceptable for stress fractures?

The fracture is in one of my toes from running.

I was given one of those bulky knee high boots to immobilize my foot and I'm going to be out of sports for five weeks.

But I'm trying to get a sense of what to do in the meantime and what types of weight lifting are acceptable.

Anything that doesn't involve the quick movement of your feet. So all weight lifting aside from major leg exercises (no Squats, calf raises, and so on).

Anything for upper body is fine.

Cardiovascularly,.. a rowing machine would be a good alternative, and help tone your back and help posture/core.

Swimming would be fine as well, if you can swim in your boot, or take it off, etc.

Basically you can use your head on this one -- anything that does not put any load bearing on your foot.

With broken toes I have seen people get around and do alot of exercise -- some simply manipulated the way they walked on the foot to avoid say contact with the "pinky" toe, etc.

I don't recommend this, as one wrong move is reinjury and you then have to start back over with healing.

But you definitely have alot you can do.

You risk atrophy of the effected leg,.. but 5 weeks isn't that long, and it will match the other very quickly.

In fact, I would recommend seated leg exercises with the OTHER leg as it has been proven that exercising the opposing limb actually keeps muscle mass from atrophing (shrinking) in an immobilized limb adjacent.

So doing leg raises would be fine with both legs actually,.. hamstring curls are safe for both (laying preferably). Single legged calf raises is safe of course, don't do the hurt leg. You could do single legged squats, but do it with no weight (just your body, AND support your balance with your hands). This will work your entire leg, glutes, and even some of the upper core.

You could do some lower impact exercises for cardio benefit like pilates -- It is ok to say do leg lifts standing, and be relatively gentle with the affected leg.. but just not jump on it, or run with it. Anything that mimics the pressure of general walking is fine. Pilates would be very close to this.

The 5 weeks will fly by.. and is really erring on the side of caution with healing. Your toe will likely heal in 3weeks or so, but 5 will allow the bone to solidify further and prevent reinjury. I imagine you might be able to put more load on the foot after 3 weeks or so, though you will have to confirm with your doctor/pt.

Take care,  (+ info)

Ho to get rid of stress fractures in feet?

When I was in the military I went in severly under weight.
I got stress fractures from my ruck sack, which was to heavy for me to carry,
Any help would be greatly appreciated.
I want to get healed , So I go back in .

rest.  (+ info)

Describe the position of the radius with respect to the ulna during forearm supination?

Describe the position of the radius with respect to the ulna during forearm supination?forearm pronation is when they cross in an X when you are in the atomical position

yes they are parallel and parallel to the body. see picture at source below.  (+ info)

Does anyone know a web site that I can find good information about foot fractures?

I need to find some detailed information about foot fractures. Like whats normal and what to expect.

Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance

Mayo Clinic
http://www.mayoclinic.com/health/first-aid-fractures/FA00058  (+ info)

How long does it take stress fractures to heal?

I have them in my shins for 4 months now. I havent been running. What the normal recovery time?

Generally sw say:
Upper body: 8 weeks
Lower body: 16 weeks
If the patient is a child, we often half these times though. However, it depends on the shape of the fracture and whether or not its dislocated too (and to what degree).  (+ info)

What are the long term effects of stress fractures?

I have a friend who I suspect has a stress fracture in her leg, but she won't get it checked out. She insists on still using it, even though she's in pain.

My hubby got a stress fracture in his hip when he was about 20 years old from a car accident. Well when he was 37 he tripped and bumped his hip on a table and it caused the stress fracture to crack all the way so he ended up needing surgery and now has a plate and several pins in there to hold himself together.  (+ info)

What symptoms differ from a shin splint and stress fractures of the shin?

i either have seriously intense shin splints or a stress fracture, but how can i kno for sure? the doctors cant do much either way, and its hard for them to see it in x rays anyway. but does anyone know the difference in symptoms?

Shin splints and stress fractures are worlds apart. And they can certainly see stress fractures if only by bone changes over time. But if you have stress fractures you are casted and off that leg for a while. Shin splints are tendon related and can be solved many ways through therapy and orthotics.  (+ info)

I recently had a nuclear bone scan that showed nothing even though I have 2 rib fractures?

Has anyone ever heard of a bone scan not showing fractures?

It depends on what they were looking for? Bone scans are normally done to make sure your bones are up taking Calcium. A Bone Scan is an imaging technique that uses radiation to identify areas of bone where the cells are unusually active. A radioactive chemical called an isotope is injected in to a vein. Once this isotope enters the bloodstream it travels to the bones, where it emits Gamma Rays, which are similar to x-rays. These Gamma Rays are detected by a Gamma Camera & analyzed by computer to form an image of the bones. Potential problem areas emit more intense rays & appear as bright spots on the scan. Hope that helps.  (+ info)

How often fractures of the bones leads to sarcoma?

I have been hearing of such connections. If person had a trauma or broken bones, later on in their life sarcoma is diagnosed.

Bone sarcoma makes it more likely you will sustain a fracture and often the fracture leads to the diagnosis.

In these cases it is not that the fracture is leading to the sacroma, quite the reverse, it is only providing the clue to the diagnosis.  (+ info)

What is phalangeal condylar fractures?

I am doing a literature search on phalangeal condylar fractures, and I couldn't find anything on PubMed, is there another term for it that is more common?


Look here:  (+ info)

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