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Muscle wasting questions due to ulnar nerve compression?

Can muscle wasting due to ulnar nerve compression recover even partially through long-term strength training workouts even if the hand never reaches the same results as a healthy hand?
Does muscle wasting stop after ulnar nerve surgeory?

The human body has the same regeneration system as amphibians that regrow limbs. Ours does not work automatically you have to direct it. The basic information is posted here http://www.helium.com/tm/148271
The results are completely dependant on the amount of time and effort you put into fixing the problem.  (+ info)

help with jobs for carpal tunnel, ulnar nerve compression?

I currently work in a bakery and for months my hands have been hurting. I saw an orthopedic surgeon who diagnosed me with carpal tunnel (although I think it sounds more like ulnar nerve because it is my ring and pinky fingers that are hurting and going numb) I have been wearing the wrist splint that he gave me, but now my other hand is hurting too. I am sure it is the job - during an extended time off my hands didn't bother me at all. I want to change jobs, but I don't know what else I can do that will not require me to use my hands. All my experience is in retail or clerical. But I don't want to have surgery or permanent damage. Please help!!

I don't have any job suggestions for you but I just wanted to tell that I had exactly this same thing. It ended up that I had to have surgery on my Ulnar Nerve as my pinkie was starting to atrophy. It was done a year ago this week. What my surgeon did was make an 8 inch incision down the inside of my arm, moves the Ulnar nerve to the side of my arm, stitched it in place and closed the incision with 25 or so stitches. I was in a full irremovable arm splint from wrist to shoulder for 10 days, the stitched were removed after 10 days as well. Then used a removeable arm splint for about a month. I had full use of my arm about 3 months post surgery. I am glad I made the decision to get it done. I'm not going to lie, I had some painful days after surgery but it wasn't horrible. The worst part was the first splint. It just gets itchy and hot. The scar is pretty long but is lightening greatly and is shrinking. I just thought I'd share my surgery story with you so you could know what it consists of. Let me know if you have any questions.  (+ info)

Do I Have Carpal Tunnel, Ulnar Nerve Compression, or Unknown Neuropathy?

Some 5 mos. ago I developed numbness and tingling in both hands (all fingers with increasing intensity as you go towards the pinky) and both feet (all toes with increasing intensity as you go towards the smallest toe). There is no pain whatsoever, only a feeling of tightness that accompanies the numbness and tingling. I had been diagnosed through my nerve test that it had symptoms of carpal tunnel. I went ahead and had my CTS surgery for my right hand. The doctor also wants to do it for my left hand, but I'm not so sure now. It's been 4 days so far after the surgery and the numbness/ tingling are still there. I don't want to further jeopardize myself for something that is a misdiagnosis and have my left hand subjected to surgery. I really don't know what to do ... and my feet is not tarsal tunnel either according to my orthopaedic doctor. Please help me. I am a father of 2 babies and I just need to get back to work by July 3 (my Medical Leave deadline)or I'll be out of a job

My husband has had neuropathy for about 6-7 months. We've tried differnet ways. The most useful and effective treatment was "Homeopathy" which is a branch of alternative medicine. I have explained thoroughly in my answer to this question. I hope it will help.


also you can search for homeopathy in the net.  (+ info)

Ulnar Nerve?

I went to the doctor because my elbowhad pain that went down into my hand. He took x-rays and said nothing was broken. He told me its my ulnar nerve, its been about 10days since I got the symtoms. They seem to be getting better with rest but styll feels very stiff. Does this mean I will continue to have pain when I go back to work? Is it somthing that heals itself or is physical therapy and surgery the only way.
typing seems to make it hurt more and after holding a phone. It is getting better but very slow.Is there any healing time period before considering other options.

Thank you .

If it is getting better just let it be. It will take some time but eventually it will be okay. You may have struck it and not realized it. Medically that is called a neuropraxia. Try applying some moist heat, not too hot but just warm, to the area. You may also want to take a B complex and extra B-12 (500 to 1000MCGs but not more than that per day) until the problem resolves. If you want a padded sleeve might make the elbow feel more secure and less subject to trauma.  (+ info)

ulnar nerve?

my arm is weak, and pinky tingles from playing basketball and playing too much video games. i dont feel any pain, but its just weak. cant shoot no more. i just wanna know if this is permanent. its been a month already. whens it goin to heal?? or not? and remember... no pain!

If your pinky tingles, it is most likely coming from your ulanr nerve since the ulanr nerve innervates the muscles that control your pinky. (Carpal tunnels is due to entrapment of the median nerve). It is likely not permanent - rest it for a while, then slowly begin strengthening exercises. FYI -if it is nerve damage - a rough estimate of nerve regeneration is 1 mm/day - so it could take a while to heal if it is nerve related.  (+ info)

How do I fix my pinched ulnar nerve?

It hurts from one certain point on my spine, tracing down my ulnar nerve, all the way to the tips of my ring finger and little finger. It starts hurting almost everyday. It lasts from an hour to about 5 hours or longer. Sometimes the pain is minor, but sometimes the pain is excruciating! How do I fix this problem? What if I don't do anything about it? What would happen? Do I have to have surgery? Is there anything else I need to know? Thank for all your help!

http://hubpages.com/hub/Speed-healing-of-trauma-injuries-through-self-directed-regeneration  (+ info)

Can I work my triceps without further irritating my ulnar nerve?

My left ulnar nerve was injured in surgery. Until it is fully treated I am having difficulty working out my left triceps because the nerve gets pinched when I fully extend my elbow. Is there a triceps excessive that doesn't require extending the elbow? I realize this may sound impossible but thanks very much anyway.

Try working it only in the pain free range. Also try isometrics.  (+ info)

Where can I find a good Ulnar Nerve Surgery clip?

Next week on February 19th i am getting an "Ulnar Nerve" surgery and i wanted to see pictures or clips of what it is going to look like.


Im assuming you have got cubital tunnel syndrome that is??  (+ info)

Mom has a rash on her elbow two months after ulnar nerve surgery?

My mom's arm has been hurting her since yesterday. She has developed a patchy rash on her elbow near the area where her surgery was. The wound has healed but she is experiencing much discomfort. The rash is not raised and it starts a little below her elbow and does not extend beyond the top of her elbow.

Decompression of the ulnar nerve at the cubital tunnel is the surgery that was done.

What could this be? Is it serious? Her surgery was two months ago.

There could be several reason(s)...may I email you a list of things to watch out for?  (+ info)

If you have personally had Ulnar Nerve Decompression surgery, would you please share?

I'm not looking for internet info on it. I'm asking for personal experiences; did you have the medial epicondylectomy or the ulnar transposition; why did you go with that choice; did you have complications; did they resolve; are you now pain free; what advice would you tell someone about to undergo it? Thank you. I appreciate your personal feedback.

I had the Ulnar Nerve Transposition. This was the only choice offered to me at the time. I had each elbow done...the first in 1991 and the second in 1992. I did not have any complications. In fact, it helped me tremendously. In one elbow, I had lost 70% of the nerve function. Approximately 2 months after surgery, I had regained every bit of its function. The Dr. was concerned I would not get any of it back.

The only advice I could give to you is make sure you do all of your therapy post operatively. It is vital to your healing. Just remember, if you don't do it as instructed, you might not get full use of your arm. I was very committed to my therapy and it still took a little longer than normal.

Good luck to you!!

Me  (+ info)

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