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Schematic Diagram for Obstructive Nephropathy Bilateral Ureterolithiasis with Acute Renal Failure?

Diagnosis: Obstructive Nephropathy Bilateral Ureterolithiasis with Acute Renal Failure and Bilateral Parenchyma Damage,

Can anyone make me a Schematic Diagram of Pathophysiology for this Disease..,,

i would really appreciate it if you do..,please inclue the precipitating and predisposing

factors,....thanks :)

This is too complicated to make a schematic diagram and put it on Yahoo. Have a look at Gray's Anatomy and Harrison's Principles of Internal Medicine as places to start with.  (+ info)

What is the diagnosis of Ureterolithiasis? plz help me!!?

It is calculus in the urereter.  (+ info)

what does bilateral nephrolithiasis mean?

what exactly does bilateral nephrolithiasis mean?

and ureterolithiasis?

i know i have kidney stones. Do these words just mean kidney stones or are they conditions caused by the kidney stones?


bilateral - both sides
nephro - kidney
lith - stone
iasis - condition

you have kidney stones in both kidneys...painful.  (+ info)

Confused about kidney stones and how to tell if i've passed it.?

Like i've mentioned before, i was diagnosed with a kidney stone on my right kidney. at the er they said it was the size of a pebble, im not sure what that means. on the discharge paper it says i have a 5mm ureterolithiasis in mid ureter. is that a big kidney stone? well its been a month and i have not seen anything in my urine or pain, except for yesterday i had the same pain as the day i went to the er, but this time it was on my left side, could i have another kidney stone on my other kidney? the doctors just mentioned the one on my right side. i also was given some strong medication for UTI but now my urine is very cloudy and a little smelly i dont know if that is another sign of UTI not fixed. well youre probably thinking why i dont go to the dr. well i dont have insurance, dont qualify for medicaid, or financial assistance, only for that one visit to the er i owe 4780 dollars. thats why i ask questions here instead of asking a dr. any info. will be great. thanks

  (+ info)

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