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How is an ET tube supposed to help if you have upper airway obstruction?

Lets say a child has a little toy stuck in their throat and you have tried the heimlich maneuver and its not working. Why would health providers insert an ET tube? Wouldnt that push the toy further down the throat and create more problems?

If the child is able to move air the health care providers are more likely to just pull the obstruction out under some kind of sedation. If the airway is totally occluded then establishing an airway is of utmost importance. If the child is in the hospital they would probably remove the obstruction. If outside of the hospital I would think that pushing the toy further in would be preferable to death.  (+ info)

How long would it take for a non surgical Bowel Obstruction to heal?

How long would she have to be in the hospital on the IV? without eating solids? Any average?

she would have to start eating solids and having regular bowel movements first,and off the iv  (+ info)

How do I get my mom to quit smoking after bowel obstruction surgery?

Had emergency surgery. Will be coming home soon. She has been smoking since she was a teen & she is coming to my place so I can watch after her. How can I get her no to smoke? she has emphazema too. Please help. It's been a horrible scarry week. Don't need anymore scares. 6 kids total & we all want her to quit. Thanks

Well, I recommend for her to try the Gradual Reduction method...that should prevent her from having any bad withdrawal symptoms like if she were to just go 'cold turkey'. There are a few ways to assist in quitting via gradual reduction of nicotine levels, and actually stop her from inhaling the nearly 4000 other harmful chemicals included in cigarettes; one of the newest is the electronic cigarette, which only uses water and nicotine, so she wouldn't be completely destroying her lungs while she's at it, but she would still get her nicotine fix for the time being. Over time she would need to lower the dose of nicotine to wean her off of it completely; there's a lot more information about that particular method at http://smokefreeme.info/methods/gradualreduction.html . Best of luck, I know it's hard!!  (+ info)

How long would someone have to be constipated for the fecal matter to get compacted into a bowel obstruction?

Or how long would the fecal matter have to be compacting to become one? I mean a medically classifiable bowel instruction. I know this is an obscure question... Hopefully there's a doctor out there who can answer this.

That is a very serious matter. It can be related to other health problems going on and even cause them. If the person is in ill health, caretakers may not even notice the problem building.

I don't think there is any standard answer to this question. Different circumstances can produce a bowel obstruction in a shorter or longer period of time.

I am not a doctor, but I have seen this problem being ignored in a hospital despite the patient's complaints. So, if you think this is happening, talk to the doctor, director of nursing, or whoever could and wil do something about it.  (+ info)

Is it possible to have a bowel obstruction without pain?

I feel pressure in my abdomen, and I can't go. I'm not in any pain, at least not yet. I tried dulcolax but so far it hasn't done anything. Would mineral oil be a safe thing to try?

It depends if you have pressure with pain as well. I would try increasing fiber and water intake - make sure you do both as fiber without water can be constipating itself.   (+ info)

If i was to get soap in the urethral opening would i be infertile?

sorry random question but its 1:45am and i cant sleep so im simply curious as to what would happen, answer fast people i will be choosing a best answer tomorrow. All answers must be serious. Have fun and thanks for the entertainment.

That's happened to me before actually. It will be uncomfortable when the soap goes in, then you won't really feel it again until you pee. It'll burn when you urinate (probably just the one time), but that's pretty much all that will happen and it will not cause you to be infertile.  (+ info)

should my urethral opening hurt when i touch or wipe?

I'm sexually active but have no idea if its normal that my urethral opening should hurt when i touch or wipe for instance.

no, you most likely have a bladder infection. if its painful when you're urinating too, then you probably have one. it can be caused by not urinating after sex, thats what my doctor told me. see a doctor asap and always urinate after sex!  (+ info)

What effect would complete obstruction of the pancreatic duct have on?

on the exocrine and endocrine functions.

Honey - The exocrine part of the pancreas is the larger part. It produces enzymes to digest food. Its secretions travel from the pancreas by way of the pancreatic duct into the first part of the small intestine (duodenum) where it mixes with and helps further digest food. If the duct were completely blocked, there would be a backup of secretions which would then begin to kill and destroy exocrine cells, leading to inflammation, acute pancreatitis, possibly pancreatic cysts, and acute abdominal pain.
The endocrine part of the pancreas contains different cells which have the endocrine function of producing insulin needed to digest sugar and prevent diabetes. The insulin does not need a pancreatic duct but slowly oozes out into lymph channels, into the blood circulation, and around the body. Loss of this endocrine tissue leads to high blood sugar (hyperglycemia) and diabetes. Blocking the pancreatic duct would not affect this endocrine function.  (+ info)

what surgical mistakes are there that can cause a major bowel obstruction post c-section delivery?

Thank you for your responses.. I forgot to mention that this was a major obstruction that happened only 4 days post surgery, and they had to re enter the same site surgically to fix the obstruction.

No mistakes. I just happens sometimes. I had an obstruction after I had my hysterectomy. It's a trauma to the abdomen and that effects your bowels as well. Just make sure you are taking your stool softeners, and you may need an enema to get things moving again. It can be very painful on your already sore tummy, but as soon as you get things moving again, you'll feel so much better.  (+ info)

Is there a link between down syndrome, spina bifida and a bowel obstruction in a 17 weeks fetus?

Just wondering. We had a sono at 16 weeks and the bowel appeared light in it. The doc. doesn't seem to concerned just wants to rule out those 2. So is there a link? I was 16 weeks and 3 days and the baby was measuring at exactley 16 weeks and 3 days. If it was a downs baby would the head already be enlarged? I am 23 and my husband is 29 and neither run in our families. Are we at a low risk of having a baby with these conditions?

Sometimes the doctor can't tell whether or not a baby has down syndrome until he/she arrives. My sister took all the tests to see if my nephew had downs and they all came back negative for it. However, when he arrived they noticed something about his hands (can't remember exactly what though) and tested him and we learned that he does have down syndrome. He's adorable though and nearly 3 years old with a very mild heart defect and now is wearing glasses which look so cute on him! My sister and brother in law had their second baby last July and Desmond is just as perfect as Henry, only he doesn't have down syndrome.  (+ info)

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