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How can i pass if i have " Abdominal Obstruction " ?

I have an abdominal obstruction and i really NEED to pas gas to relief the pain, please no stupid answers!

I think you better get yourself to the hospital. If you really have an abdominal obstruction you are putting your life in danger by putting your question here instead of asking someone at the emergency room.  (+ info)

Is bleeding common after urethral catheter insertion?

I did a self catheterization today and started to bleed. I am peeing, but the last of the pee is all blood.
I did a self catheterization today and started to bleed. I am peeing, but the last of the pee is all blood. Should I be concerned?

Yes, if the tip of the catheter has sheared your urinary tract.  (+ info)

Is surgery needed for bowel obstruction if the patient is passing stool?

I believe they hooked her to an iv and gave her some medicine...Do u think she will still need surgery? She is passing stool.

I've taken care of a lot of patients with bowel obstructions, and generaly, if they are passing stool they don't have surgery. The treatment is to let the bowel rest by not feeding them or only giving them clear liquids. IV fluids are given, antibiotics, and pain and nausea meds if needed. Sometimes they put a tube throught the nose into the stomache to decompress the gut.  (+ info)

Can appendictis and a bowel obstruction cause infertility?

When I was 9, I had an acute ruptured appendicitis, and there was loads of complications; then when I was 13 I had a bowel obstruction because of appendicitis. Now I have really irregular periods. Does this mean I am infertile?

Please Help


i agree if your monthly cycles are not as they should be you should talk it over with your doctor, who i am sure will have seen it all before!

your ovaries are hormone controlled by the brain sending chemical signals via your bloodstream and are not connected or have any danger of being affected by the gut.

the gut is a sealed tube that has only two entry points and is a completely separate organ.

your ovaries are high up in the abdomen so if damage occurred you would have to talk to your doctor.

other than that the presence of a period, or menstrual bleeding is an indication that the hormones are present and the womb is shedding its lining once a month, but talk to your doctor!  (+ info)

Will a urethral stricture show up on an ultrasound?

Basically will it show up on an ultrasound of the kidneys and bladder?

female urethra is like a small and short tube surrounded by the pelvic muscles. Therefore, urethral stricture will not show up in ultrasound. it will show up on an urology imaging test called urethrocystography, which examine the bladder and urethra by using contrast medium.  (+ info)

Can I wash my urethral meatus and vaginal orifice by inserting finger and force of water?

Already answered this question. You are NOT MEANT to wash in there at all. You only wash the external/outer genitals. Don't put anything into your vagina to wash it - EVER. You will get an infection due to depleting your vagina's natural infection fighting flora's!!

Can anyone tell me about urethral stricture disease?

Does anyone know about this? Does it cause a man to be able to hold his cum in when he cums until he releases it if he has had prior surgery?

urethral strictures are caused by trauma of some sort. what happens is that the urethra scars down and may or may not allow the normal flow of urine or semen
it may not be the choice of the man to 'hold it in'...he may not have a choice and he needs to be treated because strictures are a potentially life threatening problem by causing the kidneys to fail if left untreated  (+ info)

nasal obstruction in the moring these days when I am in bed, why?

I am not using cocaine.
My nose is obstructed and I feel it is difficult to

There could be a number of reasons, among them nasal allergies with congestion (swollen intranasal tissues) or nasal polyps (growths of the nasal mucosa). I'm guessing you're not using cocaine?

If it's allergic congestion you'll obtain relief from antihistamine/decongestants - the antihistamine part cuts back on the histamines formed and the decongestant part shrinks the mucosa. You'll feel "dry" in the nose, and possibly the eyes. These meds can elevate your blood pressure too. You could see an allergist and be tested for allergens. If it's nasal polyps, you need to see an ENT doctor.  (+ info)

Can a bezoar or gastric obstruction be diagnosed with abdominal ultrasound?

GI obstruction is usually diagnosed with a CT scan. The sensitivity of abdominal ultrasound is not as good.  (+ info)

Questions about cystoscopy and urethral stretching?

How long does it usually take for symptoms to go away after a cystoscopy and urethral stretching? I had frequent urination, and he said my urethra was really tight.. and well, I had the surgery thursday morning and im still peeing way more.

Any day now!  (+ info)

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