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does urethral stricture cause (1side) testicle swelling?

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homeopathic remedy for... urethral stricture?

am pretty sure i have this, and ive been searching for things that could help, would a dose of 30c sulphure help?

i have been getting frequent passing of urine about a year, and feels like slow, passing not like before, like fast and never feels complety empteid, ive heard of uttarbasti.. but what sort of things could i use help, the doctors say its not a uti, so what else could it be and how do i stop this damaging my kidneys or worse fertility??
i am also female, and beleive this problem to have occured from urine infections and prolonged chlamidya ...still yet to be diagnosed (waiting for tests)

Homoeopathic and remedy are a contradiction in terms, did you know that a 30c sulphure solution has been diluted 1 to 1 with 30 nought behind the 1?

After 24c there isn't a molecule of sulphure left in the sugar tablets.

Homoeopathy is a placebo as was proved by James Randi on the Horizon TV program who challenged him for his $1,000,000 and lost.

Ask you doctor to refer you to an urologist.  (+ info)

Is it possible I have urethral stricture?

About 5 years ago as a 13 year old male I recall masturbating rather vigorously, thrusting onto a pillow in bed. I do remember hearing a cracking sound, but never really thought much of it, bc i didnt experience any immediate pain or pain to come afterwards. With time, i developed scar tissue on the underside shaft of the penis. I still didn't think much of it, bc i assumed my doctor had noticed it during our checkups, and my gf didnt complain. Now 18, Im starting to notice things like I cant pee as longer as I used to, even after the incident. Im started to believe whats ever wrong is getting worse gradually, and im only starting to realize it. I find myself going to the bathroom more than usual, with only modest water consumption. Is this certain damage to my urethra? What other complications could have arose from said? Could this unusual incident at an early stage of puberty stunted growth? Could it have affected my kidney which could hav caused other problems?

long post sorry

Schedule an appointment with a urologist. You are rather young to be having these symptoms so I do think it needs to be checked out.  (+ info)

I just had a second urethral plasty and was wondering if i can smoke weed its been a month?

ive had this surgery done twice because i got ran over by a truck its been a month since i smoked marijuana and they took my urethral catheter out on the 20th of January and i don't want to get a stricture again o and i don't smoke it i vaporize it or it in edibles just wondering if i should cause ive been in a lot of pain

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How soon after a urethral cyst removal surgery are you able to have sex again?

I had a sub-urethral cyst surgically removed on Feb. 8th--i have those dissolving stitches..I know i need to ask the doctor because everyone is different, but what is the typical waiting period to be able to have sex again?

Anywhere, depending on the Doctor and your body, from 2 weeks to 6 weeks.

I would check with the Doctor, but I bet he say's since it's been 10 days to resume intercourse when you feel comfortable.

EDIT: Your stitches will disolve anytime from a few days post-op up to 2 weeks.  (+ info)

How many of you women agree that urethral orifice and the clitoris should have been switched places?

urethral orifice and the clitoris should have been switched places --therefore, the clitoris gets stimulated more the closer it is to the vagina opening? and the urethral orifice in place of clitoris, therefore less infections?
So first urethral orifice on top then clitoris then vagina - in this order?
although it would be more pleasurable it could turn out dangerous during vaginal child birth...

Are you really as smart as your questions been reflecting?
Yes you have coined a very genius idea. I agree!
This would solve a lot of women's disatisfactions, and men's insecurity!

And oh, one more thing, are you really as sicksea as your avata?  (+ info)

How does surgeon decide if I need surgery of a stricture in my ileum?

I am going to consult with a surgeon. He will have all of my records. What is he looking for? I have had a stricture for ten years and had a recent partial small bowel obstruction. (crohns disease)

The surgeon weighs the options for you. Is the stricture so bad in your ileum that it can no longer be left untreated? Can you continue to have good health if it isn't operated on? Questions such as these are taken into consideration before surgery becomes an option. Ask lots of questions and ask this question (the one I am answering) before you commit to surgery. Ask what will happen if you opt not to have surgery. How will it help you? What are the risks involved with surgery? What is the risk to my health if the surgery isn't performed? What is my recovery time? How good can I expect to feel having had the repair? How can I function if the surgery isn't done? Will I harm my body if I don't choose to have surgery? etc, etc. You have to trust your surgeon 100% before you make the decision. But if the surgeon says it is necessary you have to accept that decision and know that it will help you feel better.  (+ info)

Is it normal to have your urethral opening in your vagina?

My urethral opening is in my vaginal opening, blocking half of it. Is this normal? I'd imagine it's going to make sex very painful as it blocks half of the opening.. should I see a doctor?

Your urethra is between your labia, making it seem like it's in the vaginal opening. It's completely normal.  (+ info)

Does anyone know if its possible to get pregnant after having a urethral diverticulum removed?

I had a Urethral Diverticulum removed back in 2007. Everything went fine and I was able to walk away from the surgery without having to put a sling in or anything. At the time I was 25 years old and the doctor said that my youth would help me with my recovery, but He had mentioned something regarding pregnancy and at the time I was a bit to out of it ( medication wise) to absorb what was said. If anyone has any information on this please let me know. Thank you!

Yes you should be able to get pregnant without complications due to the surgery. However, this should not stop you from doing your research and educating yourself on the matter. If your concerns still persist you should consult with a doctor to reassure you and / or educate you further on the matter. I know this may not be the perfect answer that you where looking for but the bottom line is I do not see a valid reason for that surgery to hinder your ability to get pregnant. Plenty of women get far more directly related and invasive procedures done, and are still able to conceive just fine. Truth is even health women that have never had any issues or procedures done, sometimes even have a difficult time concieveing. This is why it is best to seek help.
I am a surgical tech, almost done with my BSN in nursing, and a future med student; Not to mention my years of experience in not only the med field but also as a female that has had serious fem issues.
I am guessing that your concerns are because you have not yet conceived or are considering trying.
This can be nerve wrecking but, the best advise will be to seek help. Once you have spoken to your doc you may want to consider going to see a midwife.
Midwives are particularly spectacular when it comes to conceiving,under a variety of situations. It is a common misconception that they are simply used for deliveries but in fact, they are not simply used for delivering babies, they are used for the whole process. Pre conception- post gravida. They are a great resource to use once you have decided to try and conceive. Many insurances cover them as well.
I hope that I have helped you at least a little and I wish you the best of luck.  (+ info)

Why does my urethral opening feel sore? Why does it feel uncomfortable to urinate?

I had sex the other night with a condom and found forty-five minutes later that my urethral opening was burning and it feels uncomfortable to pee. I am thinking I have the clap but used protection and do not show any signs of discharge. Should i spend the obscene amounts of money to see a doctor or just drink some fluids and wait and see?

the spermicide might be irritating you. Could you be alergic to latex?  (+ info)

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