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whats the difference between a bladder infection and a urinary track infection?

is a bladder infection when you feel like you have to pee every couple of seconds, but little or nothing comes out ? and is a urinary track infection when it burns when you pee and you always feel like discomfort down there? I really think i have both.

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I don't have a urinary bladder infection or diabetes, but still have to pee a lot. How do I control?

Already went to see a doctor and didn't have the infection or diabetes or anything. Still, I have to go to the bathroom a lot. What is wrong with me, and how do I control. Are there tips for bladder control?

1. take a little more salt if you need to do somethign and want to control for the period. it'll suppress the need to pee for a while. (water retention)

2. drink a little less water.

3. if you have a small bladder. it's normal don't worry too much. bus drivers go to the toilet every 2 hours ie when they reach the next stop point for them.  (+ info)

Should girls ALWAYS pee after sex to prevent a urinary tract infection in their bladder?

I heard that the natural bacteria in a man's penis can get into a woman's urethra during sex and travel up to her bladder, causing an infection. Also, I heard that peeing soon after sex will wash that bad bacteria away. Is this true?

Yes this is true. You should pee with in a half an hour of having sex.  (+ info)

I was wanting to know if anyone has ever used Mesosilver. Its supposed to help bladder and urinary infections?

I have took medican for a Bladder infection but it will not go away. I hope Mesosilver will help.

Consuming silver can turn your skin blue.
You need to get antibiotics from a doctor before you end up with a kidney infection.  (+ info)

Can a brain surgery cause neurogenic bladder?

I had a left temporal lobectomy back in Nov 08. My left temporal lobe was removed because of sclerosis (scar tissue) caused by recurrent seizures (epilepsy). Since the surgery I've noticed that I haven't been urinating as much (about 3 times a day). Could my surgery have caused this?

I suppose the surgery could possibly be the cause, but your doctor would be the best person to advise you or diagnose if it's possibly caused by some other medical problem.

I have bladder problems caused by damage to my left frontal lobe by a hemorrhagic stroke five years ago. At first I was totally paralized on my right side and had serious problems with urination, so much so, that I had to be catherized in order to completely empty my bladder. When I relearned walking, several months later, I began to notice decreased sensation on my right side as well as being unable to tell when I needed to urinate. For example, if I sat for long periods, especially if I sat on the ground with my legs out-streteched, I didn't even think about needing to go but when I got up, I had great difficulty making it to the bathroom in time. At night, I would wake and not know what had caused me to awaken, but I suppose it was because my bladder was so full that it caused pressure on other organs in my abdomen. So it seems that my stroke damaged the nerves going to my bladder. I have learned to not sit so long at one time and go to the bathroom more frequently, but I often have to consciously try to relax my bladder in order to urinate. You might try doing that too, perhaps it will help..  (+ info)

Do you stop having your period if you have a bladder infection or a urinary tract infection?

I haven't had my period since August and I'm not pregnant. I was wondering if it could be a bladder infection.

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Should girls ALWAYS pee after sex to prevent urinary tract infections in the bladder?

I heard that the natural bacteria in the man's penis can travel up the urethra of the woman, to the bladder, which causes an infection, and that peeing washes away the bacteria. Is this true?

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Has your toddler ever had a urinary tract or bladder infection?

What werre the symptoms? How early did you catch it? What was the treatment?

Depending on the age of your child symptoms can be pulling at their groin. a stinging feeling with urination that may cause them to cry. you can help ease some pain if it is a female by pouring warm water over her vagina while she urinates. The urine usually smells very strong and can be dark, cloudy. Treatment requires a doc visit. he will need to test it to find out what bacteria is present, and give the proper antibiotics. start your child on cranberry juice now. it can be cran/apple cran/raspberry doesn't matter what brand you just need it to be cranberry. if it is difficult for your child to produce a sample at the doc office you can get one from home. You will need to boil a glass jar and lid for 15 min. then use a wipe and if a female wipe vaginal area from front to back. if a male clean the top of the penis. then have them pee into the jar (easy if male). Possible cause of infection if this is a female is that she isn't wiping properly. maybe back to front instead of front to back. real important mom if this a new task for your child to try to observe how the wiping technique is done. good luck see the doc tom morrow  (+ info)

Can you tell me the difference between post urinary retention and distended bladder?

What are the treatments for these?

A distended bladder is just a bladder that is larger than normal, usually due to holding a lot of urine. The distention can go away if you urinate unless there is an organic cause.

Post urinary retention means that after you urinate, urine is left in your bladder or kidneys. It is a significant enough amount that it can be seen on a scan or with a test. This can cause recurrent urinary tract infections which can lead to a buildup of scar tissue, the loss of the "full" feeling in the bladder, and even incontinence.

A distended bladder doesn't really require treatment unless there is loss of muscle tone due to it being distended for a long period of time. It helps to empty your bladder on a regular basis, about every 2 hours if possible, to keep it from getting too full and possibly weakening the muscle.
As for post urinary retention, there are a few treatments available. One is to do a straight cath after voiding to make sure the bladder is empty. Another, most often used in conjunction with the straight cath or by itself, is medication to get rid of the infection if one is there. Other meds are available to help with the condition. Surgical intervention may be indicated. Bladder retraining can be helpful.  (+ info)

What is a downward displacement of the urinary bladder into the Virgina is known as?

I am a student, and I have this medical question.

I'd think a student would know how to spell vagina. Also, how to use Google.  (+ info)

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