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One of my cousin's baby has something called a duplex urinary bladder. Does anyone know what's the treatment?

A duplex urinary bladder is a condition where you have two urinary bladders at birth. Does anyone here, medic or a parent, have any experience on how this is treated?

Normally, people have two kidneys, each of which has one ureter (the tube that drains urine into the bladder). In people with the duplex urinary bladder, instead of one ureter for each kidney, one of the kidneys has two ureters. This causes a crowding situation where the part of the ureter closest to the bladder enlarges and blocks the urine from getting out, causing the urine to back up into the ureter. This urine backup can cause infection and even life-threatening damage to the kidney. duplex urinary bladder actually may not need any therapy at all depending on the specific anatomic abnormality the child has, but if it starts causing many episodes of urinary tract infection requiring long courses of antibiotics, or if it causes urine to back up into the kidneys, they may need to drain the urine blockage surgically. The part of the ureter causing the blockage may also need to be removed surgically. If the double ureter is not causing serious problems like urinary tract infections or kidney damage, nonsurgical therapies can be used, such as daily preventive (or prophylactic) antibiotics to cut down on infections, and older kids can be taught exercises and good hygiene to help them control their urine better and help prevent infections, but you still have to be on guard, watching for signs of infections and urinary blockages with periodic ultrasounds and other testing, especially in younger children who cannot always communicate their symptoms.  (+ info)

What is the outcome of treatment of urinary bladder carcinome?

If it is caught in time it may be treatable with removal of the bladder.  (+ info)

what is the difference between a bladder infection and a urinary tract infection?

and can a uti clear up on its own?

urinary tract infection is inflammation of the tracts leading to the urinary bladder and out to the urethra; thus, causing pain when you urinate. If this is left unattended then the infection spreads into the bladder itself, causing inflammation of the urinary bladder. If that also goes unattended then it can lead to a kidney infection. Any bacterial infection should be treated by a physician. Specific antibiotics are helpful in this region. Helpful to prevent recurring UTI's is drinking cranberry juice, wearing looser fitting pants (ie no tight jeans all the time), keeping area dry (if you're a swimmer try not to sit in wet suit for long periods of time)...  (+ info)

What is the extraembryonic membrane that persists as part of the urinary bladder?

allantois--- Extraembryonic membrane used to exchange gases and store metabolic wastes of embryos of reptiles, birds, some mammals. In humans, it forms urinary bladder, placental blood vessels.  (+ info)

I have a neurogenic bladder is there a cure for this type of bladder condition?

I took a sergury on sept 14th of 05. to remove L5-S1 disc. which was baddly hernated., hence prior to the sergey, my balddar was badly expanded and i had to be hospitalized due to unalbe to unirate, i was caticatized.up to this day i am unalbe to urine on me own i have to force out whatever urine in me.it gives me headache. i alsohave problems stooling. i feel me anus area feeling like stool is packed up there,but nothing. i also have urges to stool, but when i go to the bathroom, i woul;d sit for ling periods and nothing. I also would like to know what is an IVP>

An IVP is an x-ray study of your kidneys, ureters and bladder. The following sites describe the procedure quite accurately:



Patients diagnosed neurogenic bladder usually don’t totally recover. However, appropriate treatment may produce excellent results. Distinguishing between the hypotonic and the spastic neurogenic bladder is important because these conditions are treated differently. A patient diagnosed with neurogenic bladder will need continued monitoring for urinary tract infections and kidney function.


Treatment may include:

*insertion of a catheter or hollow tube (to empty the bladder at regular intervals)
*prophylactic (preventive) antibiotic therapy (to reduce the incidence of infection)
*placement of an artificial sphincter - a procedure that involves placing an artificial cuff around the neck of the bladder that can be inflated to prevent urinary incontinence and deflated when it is time to empty the bladder. You will still require intermittent catheterization to completely empty the bladder.

http://uuhsc.utah.edu/healthinfo/adult/urology/neurblad.htm  (+ info)

Can irritable bowel syndrome (ibs) cause urinary problems like unable to completely empty bladder?

or even abdominal cramping?

yes of course because the lower wall of the bladder is sitting on the wall of the colone and this is good enough of a reason.....  (+ info)

Do I have a bladder infection or a urinary tract infection?

I'm 13 and I feel like I have to pee constantly but nothing comes out. I also try to drink as much cranberry juice as I can. Also, i don't drink much water. Thanks!!

yeah, its probably a urinary tract infection or cramping in the bladder, yeah its possible. Try drinking lots of water and avoid drinking sugary stuff for a while. If its a urinary tract infection the symptoms will go away, but not the bacteria. You're gonna need antibiotics to get rid of it. good lucky!  (+ info)

can red wine cause urinary or bladder infections ?

when i have a few glasses of red wine I sometimes times get bladder infections several days later. Coinicidence?

No, it can't cause one. But alcohol is a bladder irritant. So the red wine might make you more susceptible to get an infection from bacteria. If you're going to drink red wine, just make sure you drink a lot of cranberry juice afterwards.  (+ info)

Is your body able to fight off a bladder or urinary track infection?

its a possibility  (+ info)

How do doctors check for urinary type infections such as UTIs, bladder infections, kidney infections, etc?

Okay Ive had a burning sensation when I pee and I've had the urge to go but only a little comes out. Ice been taking azo and it's helped a little but not much. I'm going to the doctor this week but how will they test me? Do they just get a iron sample or do they actually check my genital area? I'm a female btw.

They'll just make you pee in a cup. Depending on the results of that, they make do a blood test to check your kidney function.

If there is a chance you could have an STD though, they'll go in and do a cervical swab or two.  (+ info)

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