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Are bladder or urinary infections contagious?

Is it possible to pass them from a woman to a man? Just curious.

No, there is no way. They are absolutely not contagious  (+ info)

does the full urinary bladder send impulses to the brain to slow down kidney work ?

No. What goes in must come out...either by peeing your pants or doing the peepee dance at the door and your bladder gives up when you put the key in the door to go into the house or when your hands get wet or you hear water running....LOL  (+ info)

Is a bladder infection the same from a Urinary Tract infection?

Yes. It has many names, UTI, cystitis, bladder infection, but it's all the same thing.  (+ info)

Does NEone know where some websites where I can view abnormal and normal ultrasound images of urinary bladder?

thanks. I'm doing a presentation on it, I have some of them, but I just want to be able to differentiate and have many resources as possible. Thanks

This one looks really good and has links to others.
http://www.righthealth.com/Health/bladder%20ultrasound-s?lid=goog-ads-sb-4163850500&gclid=CP-fyJGTi48CFQqmQQodYHGIIg  (+ info)

What is the function of the urinary bladder and what is it's location in the body?

I know it holds the urine but what else?? LIke does it contribute to something else?

that is it. It only holds urine. Which is pretty important considering that if you didn't have a bladder you would constantly be urinating. I mean like every 30-sec. It is located a few inches above the urinary meatus ( opening urine comes out of) in a female; or a few inches above the base of the penis in the male.  (+ info)

What is the best way to avoid bladder, urinary tract, kidney & yeast infections?

Bladder and UTI's can pretty much be the same thing and the best way to avoid these is to drink plenty of water. Sodas and other sugary drinks can aggravate these areas.
Also if you are sexually active make sure to urinate both before and after sex to rid the area near the urethra of any bacteria. During sexual intercourse, the penis can introduce bacteria into the vulva and the act of intercourse can push this into the urethral opening and/or help introduce bacteria that are already present in the vulva into the urinary tract, possibly causing a urinary tract infection or bladder infection. Urinating both before and after intercourse can help prevent this.

Your kidneys also need a plenty of water, so not too many sodas and sugary drinks!

Yeast Infections can be caused by a number of things including antibiotics. But one huge thing is wearing cotton panties. Let your goods breathe and don’t coupe them up in silky underwear and tight pants/jeans too often. The female body produces natural bacteria, but hot, damp places can breed the not so natural kind!

For all of the above, avoid too many bubble baths (or anything in the bath for that matter). Don’t let the manufactures fool you into buying all of the feminine hygiene products either. The fact is that soap and water are all you need to keep yourself clean, and these sprays, wiping cloths, deodorants, douches can throw off your pH balance and cause many of these problems/infections. Always remember to wipe from front to back!!!  (+ info)

i think i might have a bladder or urinary tract infection. how can i tell?

it has to burn before i pee. when i pee it seems fine. but as soon as im don't it feels like i need to go again, and it burns. i don't know if its a uti, bladder infection or yeast infection. i would prefer to try home remedies/over the counter meds before going to the dr.'s
any help would be great

ive had many of these infections and right now im in the middle of one too. I hate taking medicine and always try to treat at home but last month i got really sick from trying this. If your in a lot of pain you need to go to the doctor because it can turn into a kidney infection and then a blood infection. ive had a kidney infection and, believe me, the pain will be soooooo much worse. ive taken the antibiotics levaquin and amoxicillin and they werent too bad, 7 days and your back to normal. if you cant get in to the doctor right away, drink tons of water and cranberry juice, also try a heating pad or warm bath. good luck!  (+ info)

Inflammation of the urinary bladder is more common in women than in men. what anatomical differences between?

the female and male urethra explain this observation?

female urethra is much shorter. try doing your own homework or looking this up in a textbook.  (+ info)

can anyone compare and contrast stomach and urinary bladder?

comparing the functions , differences and what are the differences between the jobs they do?

Both are viscera have entirely different function....Stomach releases several enzymes to digest food while bladder is only collecting viscera....only collects urine until urination. Stomach have different epithelial structure..i.e simple columnar epithelium while bladder have transitional epithelium. Stomach have secrete mucous to protect its protein wall against its own acidic enzymes...while bladder is just for storage purpose mainly. stomach is part of gastrointestinal system while bladder is part of urinary system.  (+ info)

Is urinary incontienence and bladder incontienece the same ?

  (+ info)

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