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Could I possibly have UTI or urinary calculi?

I feel like I must use the bathroom too frequently. Nothing burns when I must go, but I feel like my bladder fills up pretty quickly and I must use the bathroom? It is probably the cold weather? I also feel some sort of minor discomfort in my bladder area. Am I just thinking about it too much?

just drink a lot of coconut juice its very effective so that you can prevent UTI.... you have no UTI yet and if you feel you should go to the bathroom then go..!!!  (+ info)

How does the urinary system work in a patient going through dialysis?

I know that this may seem like an idiotic question considering the fact that the urinary system does nto really function in people going through dialysis. However, what is hindered in the urinary system of those going through dialysis? I guess that is a better question. Please explain the normal functioning of the urinary system, as well as, abnormal functioning of it as well. Thank you

it does your taxes  (+ info)

How do doctors diagnose a urinary tract infection?

I've researched that it's a painful burning sensation. But for urinary tract infections, is the burning only when you pee, or does the burning occur constantly?

Also, at the doctors, how do they check for urinary tract infections? Do they actually check the vagina?

It is a burning feeling while you are urinating, and you feel like you need to go constantly. You simply go to the lab at your doctors office, give them a urine sample,{pee in a cup} and the technician will check it for bacteria. Depending on the type of bacteria, your doctor will prescribe an antibiotic for you. When I get one, which is often, I don't even see my doctor, he just calls in my prescription. Don't be scared and good luck.  (+ info)

How do I prevent urinary tract infection in a quadriplegic with a suprapubic catheter?

I am a high level quadriplegic. I have a suprapubic catheter and I constantly get urinary tract infections. I use cranberry pills to help keep the acid levels higher to help stop infections but it does not seem to work. Anybody have a better idea on how to deal with this problem?

Hi Ya, Want a pic.

My heart goes out to you. These reaccurances must be very frustrating to you, complicate your life tremendously. and sap your energy and resistance to other stresses. Of course. with the S/P, it is not a matter of IF, but how often.

As with most battles, a multi front approach is usually more successfull, so your answer may reside in many possibilities.
Bare with me.

1.It is great that you are acidifying your urine. The large fluid load of juices(physiologic irrigation)is also positive but is the large sugar load good for you and cause other problems? Certainly, the water intake is good but sugars may cause problems. I know that many people swear by cranberry extracts BUT could you accomplish the same ends (and more economically)with "mega dosing" of Vitamin C(ascorbic acid)? IE 1000mg 2-4 times a day. This huge sugar load may influence your body flora (bacterial colonization). Then, have your urine tested for pH: See if it is ACTUALLY acidifying your urine !!!!!
2. Back to physiologic irrigation : Of course, a sluggish flow of urine, through you"collecting system", is going to permit a heavier growth and cause "precipitates" to settle in your bladder: These "sediments" and stones act as a continual "Nidus" or home for continued bacterial growth. It is often beneficial to "manually irrigate" your bladder( a sterile procedure) to elliminate them.
3. Re; Irrigation:It is very common treatment to irrigate, periodically( 2-3 X/week)with an antibacterial solution(Renacidin). After "dwelling" this solution, in your bladder, you could followwith a several 100 ml. irrigation of steril water or salt water (normal saline):Kill 2 birds with one stone, as it were.
4.Site care: Very important here, that your tube and site are as clean as possible and that your tube does not move a great deal( is it achored?). Of course, what is on your skin, will ultimately end up in your bladder. Many people routinely apply and antibiotic preparation to the site: This may lead to a highly resistant bug: Alternate your skin treatments IE betadine and dilute white vinegar(1: 30 parts sterile water) Avoid ointments and hydrogen peroxide; You may even elect to place a small "steril drape" material, over your site to both anchor(it's sticky) and keep it as clean as possible (Tegaderm[many products like it])
4.Prophilaxis: Not uncommon for routine dosing of Sulfa(Bactrim) twice a day: Ongoing.( this requires adequate fluids to prevent crystal formation, in your bladder.
5. Change your tube frequently (every 2-3 days) have your doctor justify this to your insurance to avoid additional cost.
6.Resistance: Keep your self as constitutionaly and nutritionaly as healthy as possible( have little info about you, here). This is always our best defence against infection/disease.
7. Join a "support group" and keep updated on new products and info(medlineplus).
8. Don't give up: Ask your Urologist to consult an "infection control practioner" (Epidemiologist) to evaluate the organsim/organisms that are problematic.
Be well, Want a pic; I hope this rambling might be helpfull.

P.S I know a great gal in north western WI, that is on Yahoo..Intersted? Look or e-mail me  (+ info)

Can a urinary tract infection cause someone to lose their ability to speak and use their vocal chords?

Can a urinary tract infection cause someone to lose their ability to speak and use their vocal chords for three days?
Are people put into the ICU for a urinary tract infection and inability to swallow? And if so, would they begin feeding the person that milkshake stuff or just sugar water in the ICU?
I prefer someone from the medical community answer this. Thank you!

UTI's can cause confusion and increased instability in elderly patients, but I haven't heard of it causing swallowing difficulties. It would be possible that the person suffering from the UTI had a stroke (CVA which is what most of us just call a stroke, or a TIA which is a mini stroke, it mimics a CVA but is only temporary, usually a precursor to a CVA) while the infection was occurring and that can cause the difficulty in swallow. The milkshake stuff you are talking about sounds like tube feeding or Thicken added to food (both are used to help a person get nourishment while suffering from difficulty or inability to swallow). Also the patient would be receiving NaCl (normal saline) which is mostly water with 0.9% sodium added (it is the same salt to water balance that the body has) to keep the person from dehydration.  (+ info)

Can garlic help a budding urinary tract infection?

I've heard that garlic tablets/eating raw garlic can help a urinary tract infection? Has anybody else heard this/found out that it was true? Thanks.

Cranberry juice is the surest way to stop it without a prescription for antibiotics. But yes, garlic will also help. So will vitamin C and Zinc.  (+ info)

What is the cause of urinary track infection, and can it delay ones menstrual period?

I had a miscarriage of 12 weeks on the 27th of March and up till now I have not seen my period, only to go to hospital for test, and it was discovered that I have urinary infection. What is the cause and can it prevent my period from coming out.

The cause of urinary tract infections can be as a result of not getting enough water to drink to keep the body hydrated (an example only).

As for if it can keep a period from coming it could cause it to be delayed due to the stress on the body of trying to fight an infection (another example only).

I would recommend getting back in touch with the hospital OB/GYN department to see what they say.  (+ info)

What is the difference between a bladder infection and a urinary tract infection?

I have had both both but I never really understood the difference. A bladder infection obviously affects your bladder opposed to your urinary tract and the UTI affects the urinary tract. How do the symptoms differ? Are they both treated the same way? Thanks

The symptoms of both are about the same, with the exception of pain / discomfort in the pelvic area (for bladder infection) and the kind of urine you pass (cloudy / strong smelling for cystitis and bacteria in the urine for a UTI.

Bladder infection (cystitis) symptoms

■A strong, persistent urge to urinate
■A burning sensation when urinating
■Passing frequent, small amounts of urine
■Blood in the urine (hematuria)
■Passing cloudy or strong-smelling urine
■Discomfort in the pelvic area
■A feeling of pressure in the lower abdomen
■Low-grade fever

UTI symptoms
■A strong, persistent urge to urinate
■A burning sensation when urinating
■Passing frequent, small amounts of urine
■Blood in the urine (hematuria) or cloudy, strong-smelling urine
■Bacteria in the urine (bacteriuria)  (+ info)

Can a urinary infection cause pain in upper legs?

I have been having pains in the upper part of my legs and hips upon sitting a long time, and when I rise in the morning. Today I found out I have a urinary tract infection, can the two be connected?

Yes, it can be connected, but you really need to consult with your Doctor, it could be something else. I have pain in my upper legs and hips in the morning, and when I walk just a short period of time, but I have brusitus in my hips. Any time you have pain, your body is trying to tell you something is wrong, so have it cecked out by your physician. Always listen to what your body is telling you.  (+ info)

What would happen if a person left a urinary tract infection untreated?

I was just told by a doctor that I have a urinary tract infection, but I haven't noticed any symptoms.
What are the symptoms by the way anyway..........?? And why don't I have them?

Symptoms are burning while urinating, frequently urinating or feeling like you have to urinate and being unable to.
I would say that it is very common for people to have urinary infections and not realize it. And it is also probably very common that they heal on their own.
However, if left untreated they can lead to urinary blockage which would result in your body not being able to eliminate waste properly. This is very serious.
So it is hard to say what will happen if you leave it untreated. Best thing you can do is to drink lots of water to keep things flowing.  (+ info)

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