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What is the remedy for urinary incontinence?...what are the medicines available for it in India?

The case is one of urge incontinence, and Kegel exercises take six months or so to show effects...what can be done?

sorry but excersises are the best and only real way to cure it htere are some drugs but the main way is pelvic floor or kegal excersises - the effects will start with in a week or so  (+ info)

Would you a medical device that cures urinary incontinence and rehabilitates the pelvic floor.?

You would need to do daily exercises for a couple of weeks. These exercises would be monitored by a doctor to make sure that you were doing them correctly.

Would you do this to end your incontinence?
Problem with the Kegels is that most women don't do them correctly or at all. This device tracks your daily activity to ensure that you will do them.

yes if i was incontenant sure. Beats piddling yourself.  (+ info)

Is there a resonable alternative to diapers for male urinary incontinence?

Incontinent due to pregressive nerve damage and I wear diapers 24 / 7. I work 4 ten hour days a week and am traveling frequently. At home I wear cloth diapers but when I'm on the road I use disposable diapers for obvious reasons.

I have to add here, that I'm sorry.. sounds a bit painful to me..



Good luck.. hope this helps a bit.

https://www.storesonline.com/site/999468/page/439137  (+ info)

My 6 year old is having problems with urinary Incontinence. What could be the problem?

He has been having involuntary accidents. Before I take him to the doctor I wanted to see if anyone had any suggestions to try or ideas of what could be going on with him.

The first question I have is: Is this a new problem or has it been ongoing for some time?

The person to whom you should address the answer is of course his pediatrician. If the problem is new, also make a list of changes in your son's life in the months just before.

Any new friends? Any old friends move away? Any new school or grade change?

Keep a potty diary for your son, or better yet, teach him to keep one. Just write the time, #1 or #2, and whether or not he actually made it to toilet (such as "1pm, #1, yes"). Very basic, very simple, but a way to keep track. This may be helpful to his doctor, too.

Often, changes are the biggest cause. It could be a good change, or a negative change. An old friend leaving, problems with family, etc. Other possible causes are infections, such as UTI's, though these are really more common in girls than boys. I must mention that abuse is also always a possibility, but handle that subject carefully.

Anyway, these are just a few ramblings on the topic; but he really needs a good evaluation to determine the cause.

Cheers  (+ info)

is it possible to a lady to develop urinary incontinence immediately after normal delivery?

or is due to episiotomy?
Is there any chances of devoloping urinary retention ofter delivery?

It is possible from a delivery and its not the deliver that causes it. Its the actual pregnancy as it stretch ad lossens all of the muscles of the bladder as the baby gets bigger and puts pressure on the bladder. There are many treatment options avai;able and your doc is the best person to speak to  (+ info)

I am 46 female and noticed since a bad cough, I started to have urinary incontinence?

Everytime I sneeze or cough, I leak a small amount of urine.
I did have a bad cough for about 2 weeks or so. Any thoughts on this? I am better now but if I sneeze or cough it just happens. Thanks.

Normal. Try doing some exercises to get your tone back. G'luck.  (+ info)

I am 31 weeks pregnant with my second child and I am having really bad urinary incontinence?

I am very annoyed and upset with this problem, I pee myself all the time. I could just finish using the restroom and sit down and cough and wet myself all over again. I struggling with a cold and every time I cough I wet myself alot. I use sanitary pads, and it tends to leak through my clothes...please help!

I'm so sorry to hear you're having such a rough time, but take heart: this is very common during pregnancy and it resolves in the vast majority of women if they didn't have a problem with incontinence before pregnancy. You should talk to your OB and start doing Kegels (they'll do a world of good for you after you deliver, but it's important that you learn to do them correctly, and the technique is not totally intuitive). You might also try going to the bathroom on schedule-that often helps. In the interim, it sounds like you need an absorbent product that's more effective than sanitary pads. They make pads specifically for incontinence that are about the same size but that are much more absorbent. Try looking into Poise or Tena/Serenity pads. If you still have leaks, you should consider trying disposable undergarments. They make them in two basic styles: pull-on and belted. The belted ones are actually kind of nice because you can change them without taking your pants and shoes off (much easier when in a public restroom). I think Tena makes the best pull-on underwear, but Depend also makes them. The best belted undergarments (in my opinion) are made by First Quality. Feel free to contact me if you need some leads on where to get them. Hang in there! I can relate.  (+ info)

Have children and now have urinary incontinence, how can I stop this problem?

Want to rid myself of urinary incontinence, what can I do to help me get rid of this?
I don't think that my bladder completely get empty because if i sit on the toilet for a moment after i urinate..more urine will flow down....

having children weakens the supporting structures of the uterus and bladder in some women. what u ca do is kegel exercises and do them faithfully. If after several months you still have this, then I would go to ur gyno and speak to hm or her. They will suggest kegel exercises and probably prescription med to relieve an overactive bladder. so be prepared. But ultimately, if you have finished having had children I would inquire about surgery to fix this  (+ info)

Can type 2 diabetes cause urinary incontinence?

For those who don't know what that is, it basically means peeing your pants.

Diabetes causes neuropathy. This means that nerve cells/fibres are destroyed and therefore fail to work. This would lead to loss of control of the nerve specific muscle/organ. So yes, diabetes causes neuropathy which, if the bladder nerves are affected, can cause incontinence.

  (+ info)

Does any body else have urinary incontinence due to a pinched nerve or any other back / spine injury.?

I got hurt on the job lifting a patient, the pain ran though my body causing tenderness and numbness in certain areas. Since that night I have had some urinary incontinence. Has any body else had this problem?

The orthopedic spine surgeon I work for tells patients who come in with herniated discs that if they become bowel or bladder incontinent, that is an emergency, and they need to have surgery right away to relieve the pressure from the nerve. The longer the nerve is irritated, the longer it takes to come back and function normally, if it comes back at all. I would have your doctors office contact your insurance company, and get surgery scheduled ASAP.
Good luck  (+ info)

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