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What is up with the rise in urinary incontinence lately?

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Urinary incontinence in teens?

I am a teenage girl and i believe i have urinary incontinence. i think i have the type known as urge incontinence, it only happens when i laugh really hard, i have emailed four different help organizations and have no idea how to tell my parents. if anyone knows about medication, or has any suggestions on how to tell my parents,please,help me!!!!its so awful being alone in this.

First of all, you're not alone. Incontinence is very common among women of all ages (in fact, most recent studies say that about 20-25% of women under the age of 30 have regular episodes of incontinence). If you're leaking when you laugh rather than having sudden, strong urges to urinate, it's more likely that you've got stress incontinence than urge incontinence.

Medications are usually more useful for urge incontinence. Most cases of stress incontinence get better with exercises. In any event, you really need to talk to your doctor about this. It's important to find any easily treatable problem such as a bladder infection. I know it's embarrassing, but your parents just want what's best for you, and your doctor has seen it all anyway and won't think it's odd at all.

As for what to do about it, in the short term, you could think about getting pads to absorb it-check out www.aimedicalsupplies.com.

But really, promise you'll talk to your doctor!

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what can i do for Urinary incontinence?

I am suffering from urinary incontinence

First, see a doctor. Incontinence can be treated.

In the meantime, you might want to consider timed voiding (i.e. every hour or so to avoid wetting yourself), using adult diapers, and avoid beverages that increase urine production (i.e. coffee, cola, tea, etc).

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Can ben wa balls help with urinary incontinence?

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A question about urinary incontinence?

I understand that people can get urinary incontinence (at least temporarily) while being constipated. My question is, if I have chronic constipation, will the urinary incontinence become permanent? Or does it simply come just when I am constipated and leave when I am not?

The question isn't easy to answer as asked, because there are many possibilities concerned here. Usually incontinence due to constipation is overflow type, in which the bladder doesn't empty completely and can overfill, causing dripping and dribbling. A bladder which is distended too long can become flacid or lose it's capacity to contract. That normally takes a long time to happen, though.

I'd urge you to see a doctor about your incontinence AND your chronic constipation. I'd urge you to eat lots of vegetables and fruit, and drink plenty of liquids as well. Those things can reduce constipation and regulate your BMs. Such regulation could also influence your incontinence.  (+ info)

Urinary incontinence and Kegel exercise question?

I have three children and lately have had a problem with urinary incontinence. My GYN told me about kegel exercises and I have been doing them for awhile. She also told me to practice by trying to stop and go during urination. I noticed that once I urinate I can not stop at all. Is this normal? Also any good techniques on doing kegal exercises and if I practice every day how long will it take before I start seeing improvement?

What you have is called stress incontinence. A little bit of urine leaks out when you sneeze, cough, or laugh. Kegel exercises are effective but hard to explain how to do them. The easiest way to explain how to isolate that muscle is to start and stop urination. If you are not able to do this I would tell my doctor. Not to be too explicit but also when you have sex try tightening your vaginal muscles around....well I don't want to be too graphic I hope you get my drift.

You can do kegel exercises anywhere while driving, in line at the grocery store, waiting in the doctor's office.  (+ info)

what improves urinary incontinence when reduced, salt ,sugar, fat or fiber?

Nothing like that will help, and certainly drinking more water will not help. Your doctor can prescribe medication or you can do Kegel exercises to stregthen your pelvic muscles. They are easy to do, and can be done while driving your car, sitting at a desk or watching TV. Simple tighten your muscles as if you were trying to stop the flow of urine. Hold it for 10 seconds, then relax for 10 seconds. Do 10 of these contractions at a time, 3 or 4 times a day. Good luck.  (+ info)

urinary incontinence so early in pregnancy?

I am 20 weeks pregnant and every time i sneeze, or cough a lot, or laugh hard, or anything like that i often pee a little bit, i though this didn't happen until later, like third trimester?

also, anyone know what i can do about it?

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My wife just had a baby and has had problems with urinary incontinence, what are the best treatments?

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any doctors out there? stress urinary incontinence ?

i tend to have this problem, im 14 years old, i have been going to the doctors about bladder problems all the time and they said im fine. but i know that i have stress urinary incontinence and i was wondering- would they give me medication for it or am i too young ? i have tried those exercise things and they dont work for me.

You tried the exercise 'things'? That word 'thing' has me puzzled, but I'll assume we are talking the same thing. Stress incontinence is not unheard of, but assuming that a pill is the answer for this problem when you are only 14 might be a really bad idea.
You really need to keep working on the Kegel exercises for at least 12 weeks before you give up on it. (That's 3 months) Those same pelvic wall muscles are very important for supporting not only the bladder, but also the uterus during a pregnancy so better to shape up now if possible. Don't you think? These exercises are well known and have been used for years and proven to work if done correctly, so give it another try for your health sake.  (+ info)

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