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where to to spray my usher cologne to make it noticeable?

do i spray it on my shirt or skin? or both and how many sprays? i notice that the scent dissapears in like 4 hours... how do i make it last longer and enogh for people to notice? i spray it on my pulse points. neck,chest,and the inside of my elbows but not on my clothes and the smell dissapears completely

spray on your body, like chest area and up towards your neck
then spray a little on your clothes
should last you :)  (+ info)

What mens cologne smells similar to usher mens cologne?

perhaps go to a perfume shop, and ask... i think usher went for a all out different smell so i doubt anything smells similar, you know what i mean?  (+ info)

What brand shoe is Usher wearing in the trading places video?

gucci  (+ info)

Which would you rather be a hostess or an usher?

a hostess basically welcome people and show them to their tables. Usually a Hostess is found in a restaurant.

A Usher basically escorts people to their seats, an Usher is usually found in a theater, church, or stadium they also have the duty to greet and welcome guests.
I would hate to work in resteraunts though.. an usher can work at concerts, theaters and has more options.. but the duty is alot more then a hostess tho

hostess...  (+ info)

what are the syndromes of panic attack?

i don't know if i have panic attack or other illnesses.
i always feel my muscles are so tense especially muscle on my neck which makes my head have a great tendency to tremble. what's going wrong with me?
i always feel my muscles so tense especially muscle on my neck which makes my head have a great tendency to tremble. what's going wrong with me?

clammy hands, racing heart, shallow breathing, it feels like the hairs on your body are standing on end. eventually if its a full blown panic attack, you feel you must leave the area you are in, you feel like something terrifyingly awful is going to happen to you, your just filled with pure dread and terror. you eventually wish you would just pass out with the hope of waking up and feeling ok.
if it this, you need to sort out things that are stressing you out in everyday life, whe you have a panic attack just remember that you are now filled with adrenalin and it takes a while for the symptoms to subside, once you understand your bodys responses the oanic attacks wont be so severe because you know whats happening to you and why. i hope you get things sorted out.

xx  (+ info)

Who do you think was more successful in the music business: Usher or Justin Timberlake?

Who do you think was the most successful? (:

I'd say Usher.

Usher has been a successful solo artist since his teens. Justin was a part of N'Sync and shared success with his band mates until finally going solo. Justin's only had 2 solo albums in 2002 & 2006. N'Sync's total sales are a little over $30 million.

Justin Timberlake's Discography:
* Justified (2002) - 7 million sold wordwide
* FutureSex/LoveSounds (2006) - 9 sold worldwide

Usher's Discography:
* Usher (1994) - 500,000 sold worldwide
* My Way (1997) - 8 million sold worldwide
* 8701 (2001) - 4 million sold worldwide
* Confessions (2004) - 20 million sold worldwide
* Here I Stand (2008) - 1.5 million sold worldwide
* Raymond v. Raymond (3/30/2010) - 329,000 sold so far

Also, if you remember recently, both Usher and JT were battling it out in a bidding war for Justin Beiber. Justin Beiber himself chose to work with Usher, and look how well he's doing right now.  (+ info)

How is the cologne "Usher" for men?

I usually wear sean john unforgivable, does it relate to that?
Im 17 years old

not so good  (+ info)

What hospitals offer genetic testing for rare syndromes?

My son was diagnosed with Angelman Syndrome several years ago, a rare genetic disorder on the 15th chromosome. Although he was diagnosed with the syndrome, he has never tested positive to be actually genetically linked to the syndrome. His tests were performed at Cleveland Clinic and at Case Western through a government program studying this syndrome. I would like to have him tested at another hospital not affiliated with programs where results could have a direct effect on research grants. Are Baylor, Boston and Chicago Hospitals the only hospitals that offer testing on a private pay basis? Please help.

#1 genetic testing is in maryland
#2 madison wisconsin  (+ info)

Should I do this to usher in the new season?

Okay so here its basically early spring thank god lol should I paint my toes and fingers bright colors or wait a while what else should i do to bring in the new wonderful season?

Yeah, I like that idea. About this time of year I also tend to start dressing a little bit perkier... I think most of us are quite tired of the cold weather by now.  (+ info)

Is it apporiate for a church usher to wear jewelry other than wedding ring?

  (+ info)

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