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I have cervical and uterine cancer should I get a particial hysterectomy or a full hysterectomy?

Also what are the chances of the cancer spreading to my ovaries and should the doctor tack my bladder when he's done. Also how long is the healing process afterwards.
Ihave asked the doctor about a full hysterectomy but he said I was to young and thats why he wants to do a particial

I don't know about the bladder part, but I would recommend the full hysterectomy. That procedure will remove all of the type of tissue that has the cancer (your cervix and uterus). Whether or not the cancer will spread depends on the type of tumor you have--is it benign or malignant? If it is benign, then that is a type of tumor that does not spread. A malignant tumor can and will spread unless all of the cancerous cells are removed. If you remove all of the cancerous tissue, then the chances will be lower that it will spread.

Talk your doctor about all of these questions, and if his answer isn't enough, then talk to another doctor--or two or three. This isn't the time to be relying totally on facts off the internet, though researching things yourself is smart and can point you in the right direction. I hope everything goes smoothly, and take care!  (+ info)

What virus is associated with uterine cervical cancer?

HPV - Human Paplova Virus. HPV is not curable but is treatable, this is essential, it also causes anal cancer late in life.  (+ info)

Is ovarian or uterine cancer more deadly than cervical cancer?

Yep.  (+ info)

Help with developing a thesis sentence for cervical, uterine, and ovarian cancers of the reproductive system?

This is for a research paper on the female reproductive system

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can i transmit any diseases by having sex with my mate if she has cervical cancer?

If you have an STD to can give it to anyone you have sex with whether they have cancer or not and You shouldn’t be having unprotected sex.

Regarding Anon Speaker’s answer - Cervical cancer is NOT an STD.  (+ info)

looking for an online support group for my sister who has cervical and uterine cancer.?

can anyone help?

Here is the address for the ACOR Gynecological Cancer listserv. They currently have 251 members who either have gynecological cancer or are caregivers. ACOR hosts lists for over a hundred types of cancer. These lists are non-commercial and moderated to stop spam and off-topic material. She will be able to meet people going through the same treatments and same problems.


There is also a list for Ovarian Problems Discussion Group. This is a very active list with over 1300 members. She might want to join both lists for a while and see which list is most appropriate for her situation. good luck

http://listserv.acor.org/archives/ovarian.html  (+ info)

what are the symptoms of cervical,and uterine cancer?

Don't wait till you have symptoms. Get a pap smear. If you think you may have one of these problems you should put cervical dysplasia in your search engine and do some research. Mostly, you need to get a pap smear. God Bless!!  (+ info)

Can cervical, uterine, and ovarian cancer be detected without a pap smear? or are pap smears the only way?

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I had a uterine biopsy & cervical biopsy yesterday. Are these common?

The nurse told me since my last pap was normal and not that long ago that if it is cancer it'd be caught early, but I worry about needing a hysterectomy. I have never had a baby nor had female problems.
My May pap was abnormal but the one before it was normal. I wonder why these biopsies were requested.

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What are some symptoms of cervical cancer?

Well my question is really for someone out there who had been diagnosed with cervical or uterine cancer. I just wanted to know what made you go to the dr in the first place. What were your symptoms?

Hi I work for a website called http://icyou.com which has thousands of videos on a wide variety of health topics. I don't have cervical cancer myself but here is a link to a video we created that discusses the common signs and symptoms of cervical cancer:


Hope this helps you~  (+ info)

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