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Vaginal fistula?

is this the same thing as a Recto-vaginal fistula??

What causes it. how can i prevent one?

I'm not sure if they are the same, but usually this condition is only caused in extreme cases of improper care after giving birth, when your vagina is stretched and ripped, but not properly closed so your bodily fluids seep our uncontrollably. Very, very painful and disgusting, I would imagine. If you are receiving good medical care, you'll be fine. This is much more common in developing nations.  (+ info)

Ever heard of anyone having a urethro-vaginal fistula (or have one) caused by a kidney stone?

or do you know anything about it? is it possible for a kidney stone to cause one? or do you know how common- or uncommon it is for a kidney stone to cause a fistula? has anyone ever had surgery to get a vaginal fistula repaired?

It may not be a common condition, but a stone in the urethra could definitely lead to a fistula. Repair of vaginal fistulas is not a huge surgical deal.  (+ info)

how do you manage someone with a recto-vaginal fistula? what can you do for them, from a nursing perspective?

patient had their ileostomy reversed. They have an ileoanal reservour or J-pouch. Patient applies calmoseptine barrier cream to vagina daily. Fistula in between j-pouch and vagina has resulted in some faecal matter coming out vagina.

  (+ info)

Can a vaginal fistula result in burning, urgency or irritation after sex?

I've had recurrent symptons of constant burning in urethra and vagina several days after sex (but not always). My Dr. ruled out UTI, but the problem keeps getting worse, since I'm using Azo to control the symptons I noticed the dye is present way up high in my vagina, it appears that urine is escaping from my urethra into the vagina - could this be the cause? Could having a IUD have something to do with it? I've made an appointment with a urologist, but its sheer torture...any help?

Wow, I don't know. Do you have Crohns or some other thing that causes fistulas? Fistulas are an infection that has no were to go, so it makes it's own tunnel. Very painfull!!!!!!  (+ info)

Has anyone experienced a recto-vaginal fistula ?

These are not my words, I copied it for you:
Site Purpose
This site is dedicated to anyone who has suffered a recto-vaginal fistula that is the result of childbirth. I hope my experience can be of use to you, so that you don't feel so alone and disheartened. Recto vaginal fistulae are embarrassing, frustrating, emotionally-wrenching, and it is difficult for anyone who hasn't experienced one to understand. On top of that, the information that is available is scarce, sometimes alarming, and often inaccurate. I am not a medical expert, but I will do my best to accurately reflect what I know and learned through my research and experience. At the end of the page, I have assembled a list of questions I suggest you ask your doctor before deciding which course of corrective action you wish to pursue.
http://www.geocities.com/dinimerz/rectovaginal_fistula.htm  (+ info)

Anyone know what vaginal fistula is? How long after giving birth is it recognizable? Does it happen right away

There are different types of vaginal fistula. An obstetric fistula develops when blood supply to the tissues of the vagina and the bladder (and/or rectum) is cut off during prolonged obstructed labor. The tissues die and a hole forms through which urine and/or feces pass uncontrollably. Women who develop fistulas are often abandoned by their husbands, and forced to live kind of isolated.The WHO has called fistula “the single most dramatic aftermath of neglected childbirth”. In addition to complete incontinence, not being able to urinate properly, a fistula victim may develop nerve damage to the lower extremities after a multi-day labor in a squatting position. Fistula victims also suffer profound psychological trauma resulting from their utter loss of status and dignity. Good luck  (+ info)

what are the chance of getting Recto-Vaginal fistula after childbirth?

what are the chances of this happening

In North America, with proper medical care at the time of childbirth (i.e. not letting the labour go on an on for days and days), unless your pelvis is exceedingly small or you are very young, the chances are very, very slim.
If you're a child bride in Africa, pretty high.  (+ info)

Can a baby suffer a rectovaginal fistula, from bearing down hard while constipated?

I guess I'm worried because my baby girl always cries so intensely while trying to pass a BM and I always find a little poop across the perineum into her vaginal area. Is this normal or could she have suffered a fistula?

I highly doubt it. Ask her pediatrician to make sure... but she'd have to have a horrific case of constipation for that to happen.

Crying while pooping can be normal... I'd be concerned if her BMs were hard, usually little pellets/marbles but especially if she's passing one large solid lump... and from what I'm searching it is also related to diverticulitis, which is super rare in babies.

When babies poop in diapers, it can go everywhere!! I've had to bathe my daughter to get poop out of between her labia majora & minora and from around her clitoris that I was afraid to just wipe off w/ a washcloth/baby wipe in the first few weeks. Finding poop on the perineum is totally normal, just clean thoroughly, especially if it is actually on her labia or vaginal opening (that's when I'd go for the bath, or at least what my mother calls the "booty bath" just sort of sit her in the bathroom sink w/ some warm water and gently wipe w/ your hand!)

Defenitely call your pediatrician for more info on constipation, that alone can be painful!

Here's one good pediatrician's advice on infant constipation: http://www.askdrsears.com/html/8/T081100.asp  (+ info)

what is vesico vaginal fistula?

its sighn and symptoms, and causes.

What is VVF?

An obstetric fistula is the breakdown of tissue in the vaginal wall communicating into the bladder (vesico-vaginal fistula - VVF) or the rectum (recto-vaginal fistula - RVF) or both. It is one of the most degrading morbidities resulting from pregnancy and childbirth. Maternal morbidity as a result of VVF or RVF is particularly high in Northern Nigeria. Out of an estimated 150,00 cases of VVF in Nigeria 70% occur in the North.

Causes of VVF

Approximately 80% of VVF cases reported in Nigeria are due to unrelieved obstructed labour during childbirth. Obstructing labour is directly related to the custom of early marriage in Nigeria (frequently below the age of 18 and sometimes before the onset of menstruation, as early as 11 years old). Early marriage invariably leads to early sexual contact and subsequent pregnancy at a time when a young girl is not adequately physically developed to permit the passage of a baby with relative ease. This can lead to a prolonged and obstructed labour and damage leading to VVF. The same phenomenon also occurs in women whose growth has been stunted as a result of poor nutrition or malnourishment.

About 15% of VVF cases are caused by the harmful practice of female genital mutilation. The 'gishiri' cut, a form of female genital mutilation, is commonly practised in Nigeria amongst the Hausa people. This traditional practice, performed by untrained traditional birth attendants, is used in the treatment of a wide variety of gynaecological ills and is commonly employed during pregnancy and labour. A cut is made in the anterior wall of the vagina with an unsterilised sharp instrument, if the cut is made too deep, a hole is created between the bladder and the vagina resulting in VVF. The rationale for the 'gishiri' cut defies scientific explanation, but belief in its effectiveness persists.

Physical consequences

The immediate physical consequences of VVF are urinary incontinence and / or faecal incontinence (due to RVF) and related conditions, such as dermatitis. If nerves to the lower limbs are damaged, women may suffer from paralysis of the lower half of the body.

Social consequences

The social consequences for those who suffer from VVF are severe. Many victims of obstructed labour, in which the fistulae subsequently occur, will also have given birth to a stillborn baby, thus leaving the woman childless. In some areas,a high percentage of fistulae occur during the first pregnancy. In a society where childbearing is so highly valued this gravely affects the woman's future. If the fistula is not repaired, and the woman remains incontinent and childless, she is likely to be abandoned by her husband, on whom she is economically dependent. In addition, she may be ostracised by society as being considered to have brought shame on her family. Victims, therefore, become social outcasts.

VVF leaves such women physically, emotionally and socially traumatised. With no education, no vocational training, no gainful employment or visible means of livelihood, they travel a long road of rejection and pain.

Approaches towards eliminating VVF

Research and observations have shown that patients with fistulae are a particularly disadvantaged group in relation to both socio-economic status and education. The majority of patients are from rural areas, low in literacy levels and lacking in physical and economic access to medical care. Since many do not attend antenatal clinics, high risk conditions and medical and obstetric complications endangering the life or impairing the health of the expectant mother and baby will not be detected early enough to adopt precautionary measures. Many women in rural communities are taken to hospital only when the situation is hopeless and often too late.

In the short term, better use of existing obstetric services and increased provision of effective health services in rural areas will lower the incidence of VVF. However, in the longer term there is a need for an holistic approach to address both the direct and indirect causes of VVF and other maternal morbidities. Ultimately, improving the education and economic empowerment of young women will remove the conditions that lead to the occurrence of VVF. Such improvements would lead women to seek safer obstetric practices, including the use of family planning, delay childbearing, and seek prenatal and antenatal care during pregnancy. It has been found that women with a formal education have a maternal mortality rate one fourth that of women with no formal education  (+ info)

I think I pee out of my va jj?!?!?!?!?! VAGINAL FISTULA?

I ma$terbate and when I feel like I hav to pee I stop and then wait in like 8 seconds I let it go and a little drizzle of pee comes out and I just wanted to know if it is a vaginal fistula? Please don't tell me that I am squirting because I dont simulate my g-spot and it goes even if I dont have an 0rga$m. How can I find out if it is a vaginal fistula without going to the doctors and why do I have it? PLEASE HELP ME I AM SCARED!!!! o_0
And I am 13 years old and havent started my period yet if that helps a little.
Also wen I pee I can feel it coming out of my va jj. I am pretty sure that it comes out of there!

Urine comes out your urethra. It is possible that you are getting "wet" when you masturbate as your body produces a type of natural lubricant when it's stimulated, which is not urine but usually a clear-like substance that has a sweet odor to it. You should know what is coming out of your body and where...  (+ info)

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