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I have bad smelling discharge but no burning or itching feeling is this vaginitis? And how do i get rid of it?

you should try vagisil.  (+ info)


okay, so these are my symptoms, could it possibly be vaginitis ?
yellowish, whiteish discharge.
smelly discharge
but my vagina doesn't hurt
loads of discharge
clumps stuck to my pubic hairs

can you please help?
these are my symptoms, could it possibly be vaginitis ?
yellowish, whiteish discharge
smelly discharge
but my vagina doesn't hurt
and i'm a virgin
and it doesn't burn when i pee

i'm really confused
please help

Go to your doctor or an urgent care center. You have an infection and need antibiotics.  (+ info)

how can i get rid of bacterial vaginitis?

I think that I might have bacterial vaginitis and am not sure what to do. I do not have insurance so, I don't want to goto the doctor because I don't have the money to spend on it. What can I do to treat the discharge and odor?

  (+ info)

My girlfriend has vaginitis what should i do?

My girlfriend went to the doctors yesterday for an STD test. She later found out that she has Vaginitis. I know that there is different forms of this and that is not an STD, anyways, we started to have unprotective sex about a month ago. That is when she said that she started to have white discharge and it wasnt until last week she started to bleed during intercourse. Can this also be assoicated with gonorreha?

The vaginitis probably had her tissues so raw, she bled. I suggest not having sex until she gets better. The STD panel would have shown if she has gonorrhea or not- vaginitis is a common, though very unpleasant infection.  (+ info)

Can men be harmed from having sex with someone who has vaginitis?

If a female is on medication for vaginitis, and her and her partner have sex without a condom, can this cause any problems to the male? or the female?

The male can get "vaginitis," but it's rare. The germ has to enter the pee hole, stay inside and multiply.

Since "vaginitis" causes itching and swelling, sex feels very good. But a few minutes later the female has a burning sensation.  (+ info)

what is vaginitis and how does it differ from other genital conditions?

also, is it contagious? if so is it still called vaginitis when contracted by a male?
so is vaginitis a broad term used for inflammation caused by any sti?

Vaginitis is a condition of inflamation of vaginal lining and inner labia that is a result of infection or alergic reaction. It's called vulvitis when it is a vulval inflamation. Yes, it is a major symptom of STIs like chlamydia.

No it isn't called vaginitis when males have inflamations from STIs, that's a good question! Men of course get genital inflamations too and they are named after the specific inflamed area. For example, balantitis is the medical term for inflamation of the tip of the penis.

Edit: it's commonly used as a term for vaginal inflamation but it's more specifically a term for inflamation of vaginal membrane tissue. It's not always caused by something sexually transmited but it's usually from an infection.

That's why it can be so serious because the infection can spread to the uterus and oviducts with bad complications and cause scarring and infertility.

But an inflamation itself may just be from an alergic reaction (like soaps, sprays, detergents) or an irritant like a tampon drying you out. I think pregnancy can make you more susceptable to vaginitis because of the hormonal changes and birth controll pills can.  (+ info)

Safe bacteria similar to those causing vaginitis?

I am doing an experiment looking at treatments of vaginitis. I need a bacteria similar to any that cause any of the different types of vaginitis, however it must be a safe one that can be used in a school. Can someone help. THanks.

This is not available.  (+ info)

If you have bacterial vaginitis does your partner need to be treated?

My doctor stated that I have bacterial vaginitis. It is not in the class of the yeast infection or trichomonis.I was wondering does my partner need to be treated as well or is it not harmful to men.

Once I went on antibiotics for strep throat like three years ago and as a side effect I had horrible yeast infections followed but BV infections for like 6 months. Never in that time did my boyfriend (now my husband) have to get treated. Men can get those infections, but it's pretty rare. Personally, I wouldn't have sex while you have the symptoms of infection, the friction could cause little tears and could make your infection worse.

Good Luck, and I hope you feel better soon!
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Is there anything I can buy over the counter for bacterial vaginitis?

I don't have insurance, so I was wondering if there is anything available to treat bacterial vaginitis over the counter? Or maybe someone knows a home remedy.

you'll need oral antibiotics. these need yo be prescribed by an
M.D.  (+ info)

How can i get rid of my vaginitis it burns really bad and the creams and anit-bio arnt working?

it burns and it hurts when i pee nothin is working any home remedies?

Did you go to the Dr. and they diagnosed vaginitis? If they gave you an antibiotic that you insert vaginally, you may be reacting to it. What cream did they give you? You may have a urinary tract infection, but you would need to give a sample to have it checked. If you do have a UTI you would need an oral antibiotic. You can buy medication to help with the burning of a UTI. Go to the pharmacy and ask them for Uristat. Ask the Pharmacist if they have a generic available. You will need to take it with food, and it will turn your urine orange, and can stain your panties. If it does not help, you need to get into your Dr. Usually with a UTI your back may ache. Good Luck!  (+ info)

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