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Is having Bacterial Vaginitis a major problem?

I was treated for this but as soon as I had sex again the foul smell came back. How is it possible that my male partner is giving this to me. Is there another treatment for this? Any helpful responses are appreciated thanks.

it is very possible your male partner is giving you the smell.

i had bacterial vaginitis once but it wasnt the smell that bothered me since i didnt notice a smell however wen i had sex... IT HURT LIKE CRAZZZZYYY..

thats how i found out i had it because when i had sex... it hurt sooo bad....

i think if its only the smelll.. it doesnt mean u have it again...

if it starts hurting or getting discharge then u probably have it again.  (+ info)

Does atrophic vaginitis only happen to postmenopausal women?What about younger women who have sex very rarely?

Like once every 10 years?

  (+ info)

Is it ok to use monistat 3 to treat bacterial vaginitis?

I had bacterial vaginitis about a year ago and It seemed like it came over night...the smell was beyond disgusting and pungant. I am not itchy or anything...no burning but i have a slight "off" smell that is kinda fishy smelling. I think its the starts to something bad...you think monistat should take care of it?

If it's bacterial you'll need to see your doctor, as you'll need an antbiotic. Monistat is an antifungal would be useless.  (+ info)

What can be done for chronic vaginitis?

I am diabetic with severe gastroparesis (to the point of being tube fed) and have been going to the doctor for the last 3 years with recurring vaginitis/yeast. But, in the last year, I have had a chronic case of vaginitis that nothing seems to help. I have tried Monistat, Flagistatin, yogurt on a tampon, douching with garlic juice, douching with tea tree oil, and blow drying my vagina after every shower. It is embarrasing because the discharge smells - sort of like yogurt or strong cheese? and there is a lot of it - enough that I need to change panty liners a couple times a day. Also, I am not, nor have I been, sexually active for over 5 years, so it's not a v.d.

I would appreciate any help, particularily from women who may have also suffered through this or medical/alternative practioners with tips.


Inserting yogurt into your vagina is not the way to go. You should consume (eat) yogurt on a daily basis. The enzymes in yogurt help to reduce yeast infections drastically. I know I also suffer from yeast infections since I was very young. Vinegar douches help to clean out the vaginal tract too. Keeping your vaginal area dry, and not wearing tight fitting clothing also helps.
jhledik  (+ info)

I was wondering if my menstral cycle will get rid of bacterial vaginitis or if i need something more?

This is the first time i've had it and i know that my period can get rid of yeast infections, but what about bv? What is the safest way to get rid of it without harmful side affects??

you should see a doctor before the BV turns into pelvic inflammatory disease which can cause scarring or worse a major major infection!! macrobid, and flagyl are the two most commonly prescribed in conjunction with eachother; see a dr. be safe.  (+ info)

Does this sound like vaginitis? How do I get rid of it without seeing a doctor?


Itching on inner lips
Bad smelling clear discharge
Sticky feeling
Slight burning feeling

I am ovulating, 22, and sexually active but we're both clean.

You should get a urinalysis and maybe a pap smear...sounds like an infection...could be Trichomonas or yeast infection or even plain urinary tract infection. Taking the wrong medication would be more harmful...so better go to the doctor.  (+ info)

Can the body survive vaginitis and vaginosis without getting help from your doctor? ?

Is the body capable of fighting against these infections even without taking in treatment?

If you do nothing about them, you can become sterile and possibly risk septic infections if it enters your bloodstream. Sepsis can definitely kill you.

Don't neglect your body.  (+ info)

how bacterial vaginitis can be cured at home?

i've been doing research all day about how to cure it, i'm pretty sure i have it, and it sucks : /

does anyone know anything i could do?

you need to check with your doctor. you might be confusing it with gonnoreah, or chlaymidia. the only treatment seems to be antibiotics as it is caused by a bacteria.  (+ info)

Can this be a symptom of vaginitis?

I have a greenish-yellow, sticky, snot-like vaginal discharge. I don't get my period yet. Can this stuff dripping out of my mhmhm mean that I have vaginitis or am about to get my first period or anything?

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Does anyone have a little girl with vaginitis?

I have a 3 year old who has had labial adhesions twice since she was 2and 1/2 but has also suffered recurrent vulvovaginitis for two years. We have tried everything...changed soaps, no bubble baths, cotton clothing, I try to wipe her when she potties, yeast infection medication, etc. Nothing seems to work...I am so discouraged...we have been to the doc on multiple occasions and they keep saying the same...tried vinegar in the water, rinsing off after baths, etc. Does anyone know anything that helps for this and how to get rid of it or keep it from returning?

my 3.5 yr old daughter has very regular reoccurring yeast infections,urinary tract infections and bladder infections. I have done the same things, no bubble baths, wiping,etc but nothing helps, I live in FL now but when we went back home for a visit a little while ago, our doctor in IA suggested getting her kidneys checked. evidently if a valve isn't working correctly it can cause those problems plus a whole slew of others. anyway i am getting her kidneys checked soon so i will know.

ask your doctor about that, just an idea.
hope she gets better and ya'll figure it out soon-----Soul  (+ info)

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