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What is the connection between malignant neoplasms and crabs?

The more common term for malignant neoplasms, cancer, is Latin for crab, and the word "carcinogen," meaning a cancer-causing agent, comes from the Greek word for crab, "karkinos." What is the connection between these two seemingly unrelated things?

Cancer, both the disease and the astronomical constellation, derive from the Latin cancer or cancrum, meaning crab. The astrological sign, of course, is said to resemble a crab and the disease was so named by the ancient Greek physician Galen (129-200 A.D.) who noted the similarity between a certain type of tumor with a crab as well—the swollen veins around the tumor resembling the legs of a crab.

Old English adopted cancer directly from Latin and used it for a variety of spreading sores and ulcers. This early sense survives in the modern word canker. From c.1000 in a manuscript called Læce Boc (Leech Book), collected in Oswald Cockayne’s Leechdoms, Wortcunning, and Starcraft of Early England, Vol. II, 1865:

Gemeng wið þam dustum, clæm on ðone cancer.
(Mix with the dust, smear on the cancer.)

And from Wyclif’s 2 Timothy, 1382:

The word of hem crepith as a kankir

The word was being applied specifically to the disease we today call cancer by the beginning of the 17th century. From Philemon Holland’s translation of Pliny’s Historie of the World:

Cancer is a swelling or sore comming of melancholy bloud, about which the veins appeare of a blacke or swert colour, spread in manner of a Creifish clees.

The astronomical sense of cancer is from the Latin name for the constellation of the crab. The name was known to the Anglo-Saxons, but only as a Latin name and was not assimilated into English until the Middle English period. It appears in Ælfric’s De Temporibus Anni, written c.993, in a list of the constellations of the Zodiac:

Feorða • Cancer • þæt is Crabba
(Fourth, Cancer, that is the crab.)

The Anglicized name appears c.1391 in Chaucer’s Treatise on the Astrolabe:

In this heved of cancer is the grettist declinacioun northward of the sonne...this signe of cancre is clepid the tropik of Somer.
(At this first point (head) of cancer is the greatest declination northward of the sun…this sign of cancer is named the tropic of summer.)

(Source: Oxford English Dictionary, 2nd Edition)  (+ info)

How do vasoconstrictors relieve a vascular headache?

A vascular headache is a headache where blood vessel swelling or disturbance causes the pain.

Vasoconstrictors are supposed to help, but I'm not sure why or how.

They narrow the blood vessels, slowing the blood flow.  (+ info)

How do I improve my cardio vascular fitness/endurance level? Any supplement can help?

I know that exercise can improve cardio vascular fitness level but is there any supplement / medication that can raise it?

any supplement/medication that raises your cardio rate is BAD BAD BAD.

it would stress your system unnaturally.

Stick to the sweat and huff method. Run,jog, etc.  (+ info)

Do vascular problems in your leg have an impact on migraene headaches?

I have severe Migraene hadaches for several days in the row. Now, I also have vascular problems in my left leg. Is there an research study of the these two symptoms which tricker the other?

This is the BEST Headache information.

Make the connection!

Being a nurse with over 25 years experience, I have seen a lot of people with various illnesses. Many allergic reaction are indeed caused from foods HOWEVER...many more are caused from chemicals and fragranced products as well as VOC's in homes, schools and workplace.

This is a growing problem and many people are not even aware that it exists as more and more chemicals are being introduced and used on a daily basis. Many people believe that because something smells good and it is on a store shelf that it is tested, approved and safe for use.
Think again !

We are now seeing more and more children and adults with Chronic Headaches, Sinusitis, Migraines, Chronic Sinus Infections, Asthma, Allergies, Hives, Eczema, sinus / respiratory illnesses and Hormone related disorders. I can not emphasize how important it is to educate yourself about MULTIPLE CHEMICAL SENSITIVITY (MCS) and the harm you may be doing to your health by using chemicals and fragranced products.

If you or a loved one has symptoms of or suffers from Asthma, Allergies, Autism, chronic headaches, reproductive problems, Migraines, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Lupus or Fibromyalgia, you need to read further and learn about the signs and symptoms of MCS - Multiple Chemical Sensitivity.

Most doctors will not inform you about this because patients as a whole like to walk out of a doctors office with a prescription for some magical medicine and they do not want to be told that their expensive new perfume or newly installed carpet may be the culprit. So, the doctor will give you medications and many of these meds either do not work or cause other health problems.

Chemicals and fragranced products are often the root of many disorders and illnesses when it comes to your health. Many of the below mentioned items are common triggers to sinus, asthma, itching, headaches, Migraines and allergy problems amongst other health issues. Get rid of them and your immune and respiratory system will thank you and you will breathe easier.

And, it is not only personal body or cleaning products causing havoc on your health….many people become ill after wearing brand new clothing, dry-cleaned clothes, installing new carpet, painting, buying a new mattress or after home renovations because of the Flame Retardants, Antimony, Benzenes, Formaldehydes, etc. used in these products. So the answer is NO, you are not imagining that 2 weeks after your home, office or classroom got renovated you started to become ill, get dizzy or have headaches. This is happening more and more these days and adults as well as children are becoming sicker and sicker.

Unfortunately, too many doctors compound the problem by prescribing chemical medications to try to alleviate the symptoms of an already chemical overloaded body and they rarely tell the patient to eliminate the chemical offenders. How many times have I seen people in the grocery store with Bounce, Glade Plug-Ins and Febreeze in their shopping cart along with a bottle of Benadryl , Migraine Excedrin and a box of Allergy Tablets ? Why don't they make the connection?

Keep in mind that your skin is the largest organ of your body and what you put on your skin gets absorbed into your body. Then ... well... then it has to be filtered by your organs which are already working real hard.

BIG NO-NO's ---- I would SERIOUSLY recommend removing all of the below from your living / working area.

No Bounce or dryer sheets - these are VERY toxic
No Febreeze - your pets will even thank you for this
No Glade Plug-ins - VERY toxic
No Scented candles
No Scented Dish Detergents
No Fragranced Products on Body, Hair or Clothing
No Smoke
No Newspapers and Magazines - The ink is a huge irritant.
No Dander
No Sprays
No Sharpies (marker pens)
New Cartpeting, mattresses, paint, contain toxins that can trigger severe respiratory disorders as well as headaches and Asthma flare-ups.
And remember, it is NOT the smell it is the Chemicals that make up the smell. So, even if something is "Fragrance Free" these products often mask the smell with another chemical ! There are plenty of safe healthy products out there that work well and do not have added chemical fragrances.

More and more workplaces & schools are implementing Fragrance Free policies and creating "Fragrance Free Zones"… why do you think this is? Make the connection, your lungs , immune system and your general health will thank you.  (+ info)

How much schooling do you need to become a Cardio Vascular Surgeon?

I'm thinking about either becoming a Physician Assistant or a Cardio Vascular surgeon, but I'm unsure on how much schooling you need to become a surgeon. I know you have to go to Pre Med School, then Medical school but is there anymore schooling after that?

You'll need a bachelors degree (college, 2-4 years). Then medical school (4 years), then residency. You'll have a 1 year internship in general surgery, then 4-5 more years in CT (cardiothoracic) surgery, depending on how specialized you want. The part after med school is residency, and you do get paid for it.

Physician's assistant is a lot less school, but CT surgeons make 5-7 times the amount of money.

Best of luck.  (+ info)

Will Cardio vascular exercise help out with my weight lifting gains?

I am light and am trying to gain weight. So I have not ran in awhile. However I think that I will see strength gains in the weight room by running. What do you think? Will better cardio vascular conditioning make me stronger in the weight room? Can I still gain weight if I run?

I just spend 10 minutes answering this question you asked a few minutes ago..please go read that answer, and be patient, people will get to your question..  (+ info)

How come some people are more vascular then other?

BTW vascular is when you have veins popping out of your skin. Why do some people have more visible veins the other? Is this good or bad?

thinner more transparent skin, genetically larger veins...I don't think it is bad, just the way some people are built.  (+ info)

What are the main differences between Vascular Dementia and Alzheimer's Disease?

A member of my family has been diagnosed with Vascular Dementia so the more detail someone can give me, the better. Many thanks.

Vascular dementia is caused by narrowing arteries cutting off oxygen supply to the brain cells - proper medication can really help/even improve mental function IF brain cells haven't been impaired by a stroke. No one yet knows what causes Alzheimer's, but there are connections to the brain not being able to rid itself of waste materials the same way "normal" brains do and that's what many of the meds work on. An Alzheimer's diagnosis is more discouraging because the medications are still all pretty new/experimental and only slow down the progress of the disease, at best. Chances are, with Vascular Dementia, if your family member is able to exercise a little, gets really good nutrition and treatments that clear out arteries, there's a chance for a better quality of life than with Alzheimer's. Good for you for caring enough to search out answers!  (+ info)

Which eye drops contain a vascular constrictor in them?

I've done a little research and heard that you can make the whites in your eyes whiter by using eye drops with a vascular constrictor in them. The only problem is, i don't know which eye drops contain a vascular constrictor. Can i please get some products and stores where i can purchase them? That'd be great!

The active ingredient in Visine eye drops is Tetrahydrozoline HCl which is a vascular constrictor. You can buy Visine at any drug store such as CVS or Walgreens.  (+ info)

What does it mean when something may be vascular?

I have been having bad headaches on the right side, starting in my eye and in my temples, I have a dull pain daily (usually when im working out or in high stress situations) and also flares up around dinner time. Sometimes I do feel a bit dizzy, but nothing that last long or is horrible. My chiropractor told me to see my primary physican and get a blood test to test if it is vascular? What does that mean?

Vascular has to do with blood or the network of blood vessels, veins, arteries, etc. Some headaches can be of vascular origin and I think your chiropractor wants to rule out anything such as high blood pressure, malformations of the blood vessels in the brain (which could rupture, such as an aneurysm or bulging of vessel) or things of that nature. This is beyond the scope of practice of a chiropractor, so that is why you should see your primary physician. I'm not sure what exactly he means by "blood test", because simple lab work is not going to reveal any vascular problems. But you might need a cat scan or MRI and you just need to be evaluated by your physician before the chiro can proceed.

Edit: I just read Douglas B's answer and I disagree with him saying "all headaches begin with the neck muscle". That is an incorrect statement. Yes, MANY headaches began in the muscles and that is a MUSCULAR headache. However, the more serious headaches can be vascular or caused by aneurysm or tumors. That must be ruled out.  (+ info)

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