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What do you mean by uterine rupture when you took cytotec?

I read that cytotec can cause abortion one of the danger of taking it is uterine rupture. Any doctors or anyone who can explain it in lay mans term. What does it mean? Is there anything to do with gall bladder damaging it?

Uterine rupture means the uterine (womb) wall actually tears open. Cytotec for abortion or labor induction is only given under controlled circumstances in a hospital...The uterus can contract uncontrollably and the muscle rips causing immediate hemorrhage and possibly death...  (+ info)

If my spleen were to rupture what are my chances of living?

I was diagnosed with Mono and have had symptoms for a week. I know the biggest risk is of the spleen rupturing, which only happens .1 to .2% of the time. Just out of curiosity what are my chances if it were to rupture?

You would most likely die of shock due to blood loss. The spleen is a solid organ with lots of blood flow. Good thing this probably won't happen to you!  (+ info)

What is the greatest danger of a splenic rupture?

What is the greatest danger of a splenic rupture?

  (+ info)

How hard is it to rupture a guys testical?

i might have rupture my boyfriends because he put on a ski mask and scared me so i kicked him, i felt really bad. and it wont get better, is this a rupture?

he needs to go and get checked by a doctor before it gets worse.  (+ info)

How long does it take to recover from Uterus rupture?

I wanted to know how long it took for anyone unfortunate enough to face the trauma of a uterus and bladder rupture during labor, to re recover from the operation. And what are the long term effects,

It varies from person to person.

Physically, I'm 10 months out from my rupture and I still have some tenderness and it is difficult to exercise for too long, especially stomach exercises. I did not have a bladder rupture, only a uterine rupture. The immediate effects of the surgery, it took about 4 months to recover.

Emotionally is a different story. I lost my daughter due to the rupture. While time has helped ease the pain, she is still on my mind every day.  (+ info)

My best just had an aneurysm rupture, how long does she have? Will she be able to recover?

My best friend suffered a ruptured brain aneurysm and is currently in the hospital hooked up to a ventilator. The doctors say they can't go in and operate because the rupture is so severe and she's completely unresponsive. Does anyone know anything about aneurysms, can she recover from something like this? How long does she have to live?

She lives in London and I am completely heartbroken because I can't get to her. I feel totally helpless. Any information would be so appreciated.

Sorry about your friend. She had a hemorrhagic (bleed) stroke. It is impossible to know if or how she might recover. Much depends on how quickly she was treated, how much of the brain was damaged, her age, and general health. Some people have recovered from severe strokes so it is possible. Best wishes to you and your friend.

I would write her a long letter. She will enjoy reading it when she is able. In any event, you might feel better having sent it.  (+ info)

How much food would you need to eat in a bulimic binge for your stomach to rupture?

I have stomach problems due to my severe bulimia, I was wondering how much food would someone need to intake for it to rupture/split/tear?
I'm not asking so it happens. I'm asking so I'm careful.

Normal stomach capacity is 1.5L so...maybe 2 or 2.5?
I dunno, please be careful..Email me if you ever need to, I too suffer an ED  (+ info)

How do I treat an abcess on my wrist that has swollen my entire arm and will not rupture?

It started as a pimple on my right wrist that ruptured into this huge, open abcess. It is now open the size of a dime and is black in the very center. This past spring, I had a similar event, on my right leg. I ended up going to the hospital due to the pain and swelling. It was a staff infection, and after they ruptured it antibiotics took care of it. It is extremely painful and my arm is swollen in various locations.How can I make it rupture? It needs to bad.

You need to go to the dr. It may be a staph infection..BUT it also sounds like it could be a brown recluse spider bite. Either way you need to be seen and get it taken care of.  (+ info)

Can a pregnancy cause a ovarian cyst to rupture?

We are tying to get pregnant with our second child. I have had ovarian cysts for the past two years off and on. I know the pain and I am certain that is what it is. Its sharp pain on my ovary so I feel like its rupturing or growing more. Could me getting pregnant cause it to rupture?

I friend of mine almost died because she got pregnant while having an ovarian cyst. The cyst obstructed the passage to the ovary and the fetus got stuck there. When the fetus grew the cyst ruptured and she had to go under surgery to save her life.
BTW, she didn't know that she was pregnant when this whole thing happened.  (+ info)

Can you play basketball if you have ventricular hypertrophy?

okayy so im 17 and the doctors are trying to diagnose me with ventricular hypertrophy. Can i still play basketball b/c i've been playing since 1rst grade and im now a junior and i play ball year round.
so can you actually keep playing sports?

It depends on what type of Ventricular hypertrophy you are talking about.

Bottom line....this isn't the kind of place you should be looking for answers! You need a cardiologist...or two!

That said, my guess is that as long as you are not experiencing chest pain, dizziness or abnormal heartbeats...you are probably good to go.

Athletes hearts have "ventricular hypertrophy" so it might not be bad...or even abnormal.

Like I said...depends on what type you have and....see a cardiologist! Don't fool around with Yahoo answers...you need someone who knows FOR SURE!  (+ info)

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