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Can a dental fistula remain untreted?

I had had an aponevrosis on atooth several years ago. Last year a fistula was created on the gum below it. There is no pain at all. Do I have to remove the existing aponevrosis and create anew one?

it depends. ask your doctor.  (+ info)

I have Type 2 Diabetes and have developed an abcess and fistula?

I am supposed to go tomorrow to have this surgically removed, I don't know if they are going to give me general anesthesia, I imagine they are, but they do not know that I am a diabetic. What, if any, are the complications for this type of surgery?

Diabetics sometimes have a problem with the healing of wounds and your surgeon should definitely know about your diabetes before the surgery.  (+ info)

What is Fistula and what is its treatment?

I think this is the advance stage of piles.

A fistula is....

1) an abnormal connection between two parts of the body (such as between the bladder or rectum)

2) an abnormal connection of two different spots of the same part of the body (such as the small intestine)

3) inflammation that works it's way to the outside of your body to where it shows up on the skin (such as from the colon to the outside of your butt).

Treatment for these could require surgery, but if caught early, they can be treated with some anti-biotics.  (+ info)

What is the best medicines avilable for anal fistula instead of surgery?

What the medicines most useful for anal fistula

anal fistula:

I'm so sorry to say but I think that surgery may be your only option.

Let me think this through. For reason/s unknown you developed a fistula (passage-way) that could be really any size in length and width. This fistula is continuing to get larger and is full of waste product that has no way out. Now, if you do nothing, the fistula can eventually reach the surface of your body. This is not good. You then have bodily excrement flowing out of another hole and this hole does not have a sphincter. In other words, no sphincter, no way to make it stop and go on demand. Seems to me, the longer in time that this fistula continues, the more infection it builds up. Well, you can take antibiotics but that only kills the infection while you're on the antibiotic.

If you elect to NOT have surgery:
a. this will adversely effect your socialization (your sex life)
b. this may cause you to think you have an odor (not good)
c. you may really have an odor
d. you will have to take an antibiotic until you die and this causes other problems, i.e., stomach upset, nausea, possible weight loss from the upset/nausea, some antibiotics can quickly cause diarrhea
e. your primary fistula left untreated may sprout other little fistulas. no one knows why these things do this or why they appear in some people and not in others.
f. your life will be nearly consumed with wondering if your bandage over the hole needs changed or is leaking.

If you elect to HAVE the surgery:
a. perhaps your doctor can give you a diet that will reduce the possibility of getting another fistula
b. you'll probably miss a few days of work
c. you will probably have to take an antibiotic while the wound is healing
d. you can go back to having a healthy sex-life!

Hope this helped.  (+ info)

Is anal fistula curable permanently with unani medicine ?

I have developed anal fistula and once a 2 months time i get pain for one day and then it vanishes. I went to doctor and he told me that it is fistula and can be cured only by surgery. He didn't gave any medicine and just interested in his Rs 500/- fee to see my anas.

So i am bit confused, so please guide me whether it is curable with antibiotic medicine or i have to go for real surgery.

WHATDA...HUH? Anal-whatzit? DUDE....I don't know, but I'd see about that as quickly as I could.....somebody stick a fist up your butt...?  (+ info)

What will i do for a persistent fistula and pus adjacent to the tooth that I have been doing root canal?

I already had had 10 visits for irrigating the canal.It is asymptomatic but only the gumboil is not regressing, it also sometimes seeps pus...I did formosresol, camphor, but to no avail!...Should I extract the tooth? or I s there possible way to cure it??/

OK, to begin with I'm totally surprised that in your discourse about the condition you describe you make no mention of being on or having been through a regimen of antibiotics. Given what you describe it's obvious you have an on going sever abscess infection. Allowing such a condition to go on for as long as you describe boggles my mind. Surely your Dentist has told you that such conditions slowly erodes away the bone structure, and that can reach a point where there is no other choice than extraction. Add the fact that such an ongoing condition puts your overall health at risk. After your stated "10" visits to your current dentist, it would appear to me that a hasty retreat form his practice would be required and you see another dentist who can and will provide the correct treatment "Immediately"..Do it ASAP. Good luck and I wish you well.  (+ info)

How does a fistula develop and what will heal it?

I'm hoping it's something other than surgery.

serialmom - As you probably know, a fistula is an abnormal passage that leads from an abscess or hollow organ or part to the body surface or from one hollow organ or part to another and that may be surgically created to permit passage of fluids or secretions I wish I could give you the answer you would want, but if it's an anal fistula you mean, then surgery is necessary to cure an anal fistula. Although fistula surgery is usually relatively straightforward, the potential for complication still exists and should be performed by a specialist in colon and rectal surgery. It may be performed at the same time as the abscess surgery, although fistulae often develop four to six weeks after an abscess is drained sometimes even months or years later. Fistula surgery usually involves cutting a small portion of the anal sphincter muscle to open the tunnel, joining the external and internal opening and converting the tunnel into a groove that will then heal from within. Most of the time, fistula surgery can be performed on an outpatient basis - or with a short hospital stay.  (+ info)

How common is it to aquire a femoral av fistula from a cardiac cath?

A few weeks after a cardiac cath I had swelling at the cath site and reported it to my dr. An ultrasound indicated a femoral av fistula. I was told this was an unfortunate complication and it would be checked on over the next couple of months. One month later...still swollen...still sore. Does anyone have information related to this "unfortunate" complication?

I don't have statistics for you, but this is a known complication.

Speaking very, very roughly, I'd guess that in the facility where I work, it occurs to fewer than one person out of a hundred. I realize that's no consolation when it happens to you.

In my experience, it usually doesn't require surgical repair. The monitoring you describe sounds more typical.

For what little it's worth, I'm sorry this happened to you.  (+ info)

I have a fistula contected to my belly button?

I was told that i have a fistula in my belly button, i am on medication right now for it. If that does not help i will have to have it removed, anyone ever had or seen anything like this before. It all started with puss and blood seeping out of my belly button....

Fistulas are more common in the anal area. They are harmless provided they do no infect. If you cannot control the infection you will have to have it removed surgically.  (+ info)

How do you know if you have fistula? What are the symptoms? Serious Answers Only?

What are some of the symptoms if you have a fistula? Is it possibly it is not a fistula when there is not pain when you pass feaces, and no blood yet you have clear sweet smelling discharge coming out?
If your female how can you know the signs if you have a fistula? Is it via discharge from the anus and vagina?

Serious Answers ONLY

There are a number of signs for that one. The ones I experienced was a sore spot in my gut right at my ileocecal valve, I was tired all the time, I didn't want to eat anything. Pretty much typical symptoms of Crohn's.

I'd know if it came from the female side because I'd have....execretions down there that I couldn't control. The sweet smelling discharge sounds like some kinda vaginal infection, something girly acting up. I could be wrong, though!  (+ info)

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