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What kind of vitamin deficiency can make you pass out?

I recently went back to vegetarianism. Today I crouched down for a few minutes then stood up. I got a huge head rush and almost blacked out. Then everything cleared and was back to normal. I've been eating really good so I don't understand why this happened. I think maybe I'm missing some important vitamin or something. Can anyone offer any advice?

"Acetyl-L-carnitine (ALC) is the powerful but lesser known cousin of L-carnitine (LC), a natural cellular amino acid synthesized by the body. LC is required for the conversion of fat, one of three types of cellular fuel, to chemical energy. LC functions as a vehicle to transport subunits of fat, fatty acids, into the specialized cellular structures, the mitochondria, for conversion to a chemical form of energy. A deficiency in LC, common in vegetarians (vegans), aging, and those who use certain prescribed drugs, results in a tired physical and mental state. The two systems of the body requiring the most energy are the muscular and nervous systems. It has been estimated that for normal function and health, the brain requires every day the amount of energy present in a quarter pound of sugar. A lack of energy in brain and muscle tissues will be exhibited as impaired physical and mental activity. If the deficiency persists for a sufficient period of time, it can lead to disease."  (+ info)

I use sunscreen every day- could i develop a vitamin D deficiency?

I was just wondering, because i rarely go outside with out sunscreen usually SPF 32.

So if i use it all the time could i develop a vitamin D deficiency, from the lack of sun exposure?

Yes you could, easily. Vitamin D deficiency is on the rise following the sucess of skin cancer campaigns and it's the kind of thing you may not know you have until much later in life when you develop bone problems (or for women if you have a baby with rickets).

If you are concerned that you may be short of Vitamin D see your doctor. They can refer you for a simple blood test to check your levels.

I recently found out - to my surprise - that I have a Vitamin D deficiency. I only discovered it through routine early pregnancy screening tests as I had no reason to think there was any problem. I am fair skinned and live in the Australia and was under the impression that with my skin in this climate a few minutes of sunshine here and there was all that was needed. As I burn easily, I always put on sunscreen if I am going out for more than a few minutes. It looks like I was too good at covering up!

I am now trying to make sure I get 20 minutes of direct sunshine to my arms, legs and face (no sunscreen) at least every other day while the weather is still warm enough - although still using sunscreen in the peak UV hours of 10am-3pm each day. Avoiding those hours isn't be necessary over winter, and more hours of sunlight are needed then, but I may not be quite so willing to bare my skin outside! People with darker skin need more sunlight to ensure they get enough Vitamin D, as do older people. Your body loses the ability to create it as efficiently as you get older. Some foods contain Vitamin D, and Vitamin D tablets are available - I am taking those as well depending on the weather. Sunlight is the safest most efficient way to get Vitamin D as there is no danger of overdosing because your body stops making it when you have enough.

More information on Vitamin D deficiency is here:
http://www.betterhealth.vic.gov.au/bhcv2/bhcarticles.nsf/pages/Vitamin_D  (+ info)

Everytime I feel bad at all my cat insists it is a vitamin deficiency?

Is there any merit to what he says or is he full of hot air?
He says it for anything, like if I have gas it must be a vitamin deficiency, that's what he said last night
I take a general and a super b complex supplement daily

Sounds like your cat is a hippie and is into naturopathic medicine or whatever. I've gotta tell you, he sounds like a liberal, and a socialist. Could be dangerous. I'd find another one that's anti-gun control and pro-America. This will adjust the balance of cat power in your household.  (+ info)

What are the issues if a person is diagnosed with Vitamin D deficiency and is 29 yrs old ?

OK, I know about sunshine and also Vit D for good strong bones, but a 29 yr old friend was diagnosed and put on a rather expensive prescription for Vitamin D. What are the "problems" associated with low vitamin D beside the sun and bone issue ? THanks

Your immune system is compromised and your more prone to cancer and heart disease are just a couple i'm aware of.  (+ info)

Does the skin split below finger nails - vitamin deficiency?

I observed my skin below the finger nail splits. I feel its little dry and the area is pain ful. This happens frequently....observed when I have more coffee and cigarattes. Does also vitamin deficiency play a role in the split cause? Appreciate your answers and remedy if possible.

I think zinc deficiency as well as lacking some B-vitamins may cause the nails to become more brittle and may result in some cracks or marks on the nails(especially zinc deficiency). Zinc deficiency also causes the hair to become weak and to fall out. Make sure you are getting enough vitamin C and water too. Ask a doctor if this gets worse, maybe it is even stress related.  (+ info)

How do I know if have a vitamin D deficiency?

I eat healthy, but I'm lactose intolerant and can't drink milk or eat most dairy products. Also, I don't spend much time in the sun because my skin is extremely pale and I burn almost instantly. Do I need to take a vitamin D supplement? I'm sure that I don't get enough vitamin D, although I don't have symptoms right now.

Your doctor can run tests for vitamin D as well. When getting a supplement, do get a good quality one and look for a D3 gelcap or pill instead of a D2 formulation. There are brands out there that list D3 in the ingredients list. Good luck.  (+ info)

How long will it take for my vitamin D deficiency to get better?

I was diagnosed as having a severe deficiency (9.7) and started taking prescription supplements. I was wondering how long it took others to start feeling less fatigued and achy once they got treatment. (My doctor is out of town so I have to wait to ask her.)

your doctor will do more blood work to see what the new level is. Be sure that you are taking vitamin D3 which is natural like from sunlight and if you only take 10,000 - 15,000 IU or so on prescription then you can get the same from dietary supplements OTC and save some money. Just tell your doctor  (+ info)

Is a vitamin B 12 deficiency a major medical problem?

My doctor has reccomended Noscobel spray as I have a major deficiency in my b12 level. I have chronic Q fever and struggle with my health. What are the side effects of this medicine? Thanks for your help.

To answer your first question-- yes, a major B12 deficiency can be a major medical problem. From my perspective, its hugest problem is causing neurological problems from neuropathies to even deadly strokes. Now, with chronic Q fever you might have heart problems and heart valve problems from this. These heart valve problems could make you even MORE at risk for a stroke. And, with possible heart valve disease, your anemia could be made even worse!

So, rather than relying on a wikipedia entry on B12 deficiency, please do know that in your clinical context, this is DEFINITELY considered a major medical problem and B12 must be corrected.

Q fever is pretty rare! How on earth did you get this? What was your occupation and where are you from?  (+ info)

deficiency of which vitamin causes white hair in teenage?

is it because of stress or just deficiency of some vitamin or something else? is there something which can be done to prevent it ? like applying olive oil to hair ??

need some suggestions please !

premature graying of hair is genetically determined. It is not caused by any lack of vitamins and there is no definite cure for that. The only thing you can do is to dye your hair to match your original hair color. If you only see 1 or 2 white hair there, just remove them or ignore them. If too much white hair appears, just dye it  (+ info)

what is a disease that can be caused by a vitamin deficiency?

i need to write a 1 page paper on a disease caused by a vitamin deficiency but i don't know

I agree, Scurvy.
It is caused by Vitamin C deficiency  (+ info)

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