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What does endometrial echocomplex demonstrating a proliferative morphology mean?

I had to have a pelvic ultrasound done because I was getting some pain which my doctor thought may be due to an ovary cyst. Turns out I have a corpus lupus cyst. Also on the ultrasound it states as follows The endometrial echocomplex measures 1.5cm demonstrating a proliferative morphology. I have tried looking it up on several websites without success. Any helpful comments would be appreciated.

It's an abnormal, rapid cell growth on the endometrium or lining of the uterus. Proliferative morphology sounds like it means that this growth is still actively growing.

Basically, it sounds like a growth or possibly an unusually thick endometrial layer (the lining of the uterus that usually thickens at various points throughout the month.)  (+ info)

How pregnant could you be in the proliferative endometrial stage?

I had a Endo Bx without a pregnancy test done and am worried I may have been pregnant (had unprotected sex 2 times month prior). The results showed I was in the 'proliferative endometrial stage'. My tubes are tied and I'm 52 but I've understood it can still happen at that age.

It is hard to say I am no expert- but the "proliferative endometrial stage" of your cycle all that means is that your endometrium (the lining of your uterus) is proliferating (to grow or produce by multiplication of parts, as in budding or cell division) which means the lining of your uterus was in the process of building up & getting thicker. This happens in the first half of your menstrual cycle (follicular phase) just after your period, BEFORE ovulation. You can't get pregnant unless sperm meets egg, and they can't meet if you haven't released the egg yet! There is no way you could have been pregnant, it was too early in your cycle even if your tubes weren't tied.. take a deep breath and relax.  (+ info)

Can one be a month pregnant in the proliferative phase?

Had an endometrial biopsy done and it said I was in the proliferative phase. Also had breast pain for 3 weeks prior. Could I have been pregnant for that long in this phase?

yes it is possible to become pregnant in the proliferative, or secretory phase of menstruation. The breast pain could be pregnancy related or menstral related. I am curious are you pregnant?  (+ info)

How do we interprete "The proliferative activity (Mib-1/Ki-67) is 10-15%"?

We have been told that my brother has astrocytoma WHO grade 3 based on the biopsy results. Can anyone tell me the literal meaning of 'proliferative activity (Mib-1/Ki-67) is 10-15%'??? Does it tell the rate of tumor cell growth?

The Ki-67 reading is an indication of cell proliferation. <2% is a low grade (slow growing) tumor. 2% to 20% is intermediate grade and >20% is considered to be high grade. Different sites of the tumor can give different Ki-67 readings. Accuracy can vary with the skill of the pathologist counting the mitoses. Chemo is most effective with fast growing tumors. Good luck.  (+ info)

What is bi lateral proliferative retinopathy and is their a cure?

Retinopathy is a condition that is a result of prolonged exposure to high blood sugars.

Constantly having high glucose in the blood stream leads to the formation of compounds known as Advanced Glycation Enproducts (AGE's). What happens is that glucose undergoes a chem. reaction binding to certain proteins. To simplify, since there is more glucose in the blood there is a greater chance for AGE's(harmful products) to form. Over time the effects of high blood sugar leads to damaged blood vessels.

In Retinopathy, the damaged blood vessels are in the eye. Since the blood vessels are damaged, the tissues in the surrounding area do not receive as much oxygen as they should(condition called Hypoxia) and the vessels leak(hemorrhage). In an effort to correct this your body begins producing new vessels/capillaries in the area of damage (retina). However, these new vessels are very weak and are susceptible to rupture and when they do it begins to cause severe visual deficits.

Bi-lateral indicates that the condition affects both eyes.
As is mentioned above - maintainence of proper blood glucose levels is the best defense against this condition.

this site has some info on treatment http://www.stlukeseye.com/Conditions/DiabeticRetinopathy.asp  (+ info)

Which one of the following is NOT true of the proliferative state of the menstrual cycle?

a. endometrial blood supply is increased

b. the endometrium becomes thin and shiny in appearance

c. it is stimulated by rising estrogen levels

d. glands are formed in the endometrium

e. the basal layer of the endometrium regenerates

You can't go wrong with d- or b or c or sometimes e. But never pick a.  (+ info)

Which is not part of the proliferative phase of the female menstrual cycle?

Its either
A. Vesticular Follicle Growth
B. Corpus Lutheum

Dude, do your own homework....  (+ info)

What do u mean by "proliferative endometrium with lytic changes"?

this is was given in the diagnosis of endrometrium biopsy

This is not an abnormal finding merely a biopsy result description. Proliferative endometrium is produced every month, it is the build up of the lining of the womb designed to receive a fertilised egg. It is shed as your period if implantation does not occur.  (+ info)

i was diagnose with average size anteverted uterus w/ myoma nodules,proliferative phase endometrium?

shall i undergo minor surgery? we are trying to concieve a second child will this need to delay or its ok to leave the myoma untouched and continue concieving?

you should do what you gynecologist recommends. Proliferative phase endometrium can easily become cancerous you know.  (+ info)

what is low grade lympho proliferative disorder?

This means a condition in which the lymphoid tissue which forms your body's immune system,begins to malfunction and produces certain types of cells in excess of what is needed.
lt is commoner in children.
This in turn lowers the body's overall immunity and causes increased susceptibility to infections.
There are many types of Lymphoproliferative disorders (LPD's) and a low -grade type is the most easily treated.
Treatment options include medication,chemotherapy and occasionally surgical techniques depending on the symptoms and organ affected.  (+ info)

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