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Question about posterior vitreous detachment.?

When you have that, can your eyes feel different.

Common symptoms are floaters and flashes. But can your eye(s) also feel different, like heavy or irritated or just different?


no. unlikely. PVD doesnt "feel" like anything. no feeling of any kind.

same with retinal detachment.  (+ info)

how urgently should a surgery be planned in case of retina detachment occur from globe penetrating injection?

if during cataract surgery inadvertently globe is perforated while injecting anaesthesia resulting in vitreous haemorrhage and retina detachment how urgently a surgery must be done. Any time limitation?

I would say it is urgent that you have surgery. you have to go into surgery right away to repair the hemorrhage and the retinal detachment, if you don't it can cause blindness.  (+ info)

Question about vitreous detachment?

Ive had floaters and occasional flashes for 7 years now and Ive learned to live with it. But they have gotten much worse since about 3 weeks now, so I went to the eye doctor, had a dilated exam and was told everything was fine; I had no retinal tears.

I was also explained that the flashes of light I am seeing at night is the vitreous humor is pulling loose, and that this happens to everyone as they get older. My question is: does anyone know if there will be a point where the vitreouw humor will get COMPLETELY detached and cannot pull any longer and so never cause flashes anymore?

Yes, in some cases the vitreous will detach (posterior vitreous detachment), in which case the traction and the resulting flashes will no longer be present. You may, however, see a large floater which corresponds to the Weiss ring (the peripapillary (surrounds the optic nerve) glial tissue) which remains attached to the posterior vitreous cortex even after separation. The Weiss ring can float in and out of the visual axis.  (+ info)

Posterior Vitreous Detachment / Retinal Detachment?

Can someone who has it get on a plane? I mean a long flight for like 16 hours. I'm afraid the air pressure has something to do and makes it worse.

If you still have the gas bubble in your eye, it is unsafe to be on a plane due to the changes in air pressure. If not, it should be safe, of course it's best to ask your doctor, but really it should be ok then.  (+ info)


this is a gues, but sounds like when the womb-wall pulls away from whatever it's meant to be sat on...  (+ info)

any treatment for vitreous detachment?

eye problem

Well nothing really, as it stands it shouldn't cause any visual loss. But you do need to see a Doctor ASAP so they can look at the retina as there is a risk of retinal detachment (some people have retinal tears and holes). Even if you don't upon examination, there is still a chance you will develop them. The advantage of catching it in the early stages is that the hole can be repaired, preventing the vitreous liquid coming through the hole which would almost certainly lead to retinal detachment.

Posterior vitreous detachments shouldn't cause further harm to the retina and you will get used to the floaters. The risks are a vitreous hemorrhage and of course retinal detachment if as I explained above, the vitreous liquid seeps through a retinal break.  (+ info)

Posterior vitreous detachments and retinal detachments?

Retinal detachment requires immediate medical attention, as it can easily cause blindness. Both the appearance of flashes and the sudden onset of numerous small floaters warrant an ophthalmological investigation

what if i don't get medical attention? i'll go blind?

yes  (+ info)

What causes retina detachment and when you get surgery to fix it, how long does the recovery take?

I just visted my optometrist a few days ago. I found out that my retina is very weak and may lead to retina detachment. I'm 14 years old and it's rare for retinal detachment or have it weak at my age.

What causes retina detachment? Squinting too much? Rubbing my eyes too much? Contact lens?

When you get surgery to fix it, how long does the recovery take?

Any help is appreciated!

Here is info on retinal detachment. The cause may not be found however trauma, or an inflammatory disorder may cause this problem.

There are different types of procedures to fix the detachment so the recovery would depend on which procedure you have. Ask the doctor which procedure you will need and what the recovery is.

Good luck!

http://www.nlm.nih.gov/medlineplus/ency/article/001027.htm  (+ info)

My dad has a vitreous hemorrhage. What to do so he can regain his vision?

A vitreous hemorrhage is when a blood vessel ruptures in the retina. His vision has depleted tremendously and he can't judge where things are on top of that. If anyone can help, it would be very appreciated.

Is he also diabetic? Is it in one eye?
I am not an expert by any means but from I have come across regarding retinal conditions i have learned that the eye can clear up at least some of the blood floating in the vitreous but that takes at least a month. Again, I might be totally wrong.
What I am sure of is that if the vitreous does not clear up on its own or that vision is still very poor out of that eye after a few months, then a vitrectomy is an option.
Vitrectomies can lead to more eye problems but will usually restore vision.  (+ info)

What type of accidents can cause retinal detachment in both eyes?

I am writing a story, and I would like to know what accidents (preferably sporting injuries) can lead to sudden permanent blindness in both eyes. The character it happens to, if it makes a difference, is a teenage girl. I have looked into retinal detachment, but that seems to occur over time. This is my first question, so I don't know how this works, but I would love a good answer.

I've had my retina partially detacked and had lazer surgery to correct it. I use to play baseball and softball. Getting hit in the head with balls, bats, all sorts of stuff can cause it. Just really getting hit in the head really hard. It doesn't all tear at once. It takes a long time. I guess unless you get hit like super hard. Several of the times with the batting cage accidents were right on the side of my head and knocked me out cold.  (+ info)

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