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vitreous hemorrhage ?

please help! Can a person 15 yrs old regain her complete vision who had a vitreous hemorrhage and her vision is slightly affected without any treatment?

The only person that can answer this questionf ro you reliably and responsibly is your doctor who has actually seen you.  (+ info)

My dad has a vitreous hemorrhage. What to do so he can regain his vision?

A vitreous hemorrhage is when a blood vessel ruptures in the retina. His vision has depleted tremendously and he can't judge where things are on top of that. If anyone can help, it would be very appreciated.

Is he also diabetic? Is it in one eye?
I am not an expert by any means but from I have come across regarding retinal conditions i have learned that the eye can clear up at least some of the blood floating in the vitreous but that takes at least a month. Again, I might be totally wrong.
What I am sure of is that if the vitreous does not clear up on its own or that vision is still very poor out of that eye after a few months, then a vitrectomy is an option.
Vitrectomies can lead to more eye problems but will usually restore vision.  (+ info)

Vitreous Hemorrhage behind eye i need help with this!! please!!?

i was told i had a small micorscopic hemorrage behind my eye.. by a specialist.. i had a diabities test and im not diabetic.. and i have low blood prussure and im also not that old "30s" im fallowing up with a doctor tomorrow.. but the thing is .. i feel healthy. but this year when i was working i did some very heavy lifting.when i lifted, i strained so hard i seen specs and colors like i was going to faint.. .could that have caused this? its vary small and i dont have a ripped cornia ..thank u for your help

Your thought that the straining you experienced caused your hemorrhage is right on. My brother experienced the same condition and the ER doctor told him it was directly related to the improper lift he made.

*Blunt or perforating trauma(strain) can injure intact vessels directly and is the leading cause of vitreous hemorrhage in people younger than 40.
Vitreous hemorrhage associated with trauma(strain) may require vitrectomy.  (+ info)

In diabetic retionopathy, when vitreous haemorrhage occurs, should a vitrectomy always be carried out?

I have retinopathy and have had it for many years. When my blood vessels in my eyes hemorrhaged (which is what retinopathy is), I had laser and cryo (freezing) surgeries done--11 in one year between the two eyes. You do not have a 'vitrectomy'. This would remove something, and you do not need something removed. The bleeding of the blood vessels needs to be stopped. Get some information from an opthamalogist. They can tell you the options that are used for retinopathy.  (+ info)

Can a brain hemorrhage be detected through an ofthalmological exam?

Can a brain hemorrhage or the beginning of one be detected though a test by the ophthalmologist?

  (+ info)

How long after concussions do brain hemorrhage occur?

I had concussion about 5 days ago, My head has stopped hurting and I feel fine, the spot on my head is still a bit soft but almost back to normal, I did not go to the hospital. I just want to be safe, none of the hemorrhage symptoms, do you think I'll be fine?

At any point. That's just it there is no way of knowing. A clot could be formed and something like a hit to the head could jog it lose. Head aches are warning signs. Most likly though you'll be fine just you NEED TO GO TO THE DOCTOR concussions can KILL YOU!  (+ info)

I had a postpartum hemorrhage with my first child, what are the chances of it happening again?

I had a baby 4 months ago, and had a postpartum hemorrhage. It was really severe, and had to have 2 blood transfusions and 2 surgerys, I almost lost my life because of it. I really want to have another baby some day, what are my chances of this happening again?

If they used pitocin to augment your labor it could have caused the hemorrhage.

If it happened during a natural labor (no drugs whatsoever) then I would think you would be at risk.

Most hospital births cause more problems than they solve. Find out the cause of the problem and try to prevent it. Inform yourself and settle for nothing short of the best care for you next time.  (+ info)

What are the chances of having postpartum hemorrhage in future pregnancies?

After 4 weeks of delivery I got postpartum hemorrhage and now I am really afraid of getting pregnant again. Can anyone help me that what are the chances of getting postpartum hemorrhage in future pregnancies after having it once?

you may want to check a site like Cafe Mom where there are plenty of women to help you with this question. possibly someone who's had the same problem after delivery.  (+ info)

is this condition called vitreous floaters increased on exposure to waves? waves in watchin too much tv etc?

i have this thing called vitreous floaters in my eye.. which is due detachment of the vitreous humour from the retina or some other reason. if you've heard of this condition, you'll know what im talking about. does the spots increase on increased exposure to computer , tv , etc?

No. The floaters may increase in number as you age (as your vitreous fluid inside the eye liquifies) but do not occur as a direct result of watching a tv screen or computer. They are harmless shadows of clumps of vitreous cells and are nothing to worry about.

However - you may notice your floaters more often when you are watching a tv screen or computer due to the bright backlight and often blank backgrounds (such as a blank word document). Floaters are also more noticeable when looking at a cloudless blue sky or large white walls.

Remember, it is normal for floaters to increase with age gradually and you may notice new additions with time, but if you notice a SUDDEN appearance of a GREAT NUMBER floaters it is important to go to your eye doctor as soon as possible, as this is a sign of retinal detatchment (this can be corrected with immediate treatment).  (+ info)

Subconjunctival hemorrhage - How fast should your eye get red?

Three days ago I woke up with a small portion of the white of my eye bloodshot. I assume this is Subconjunctival hemorrhage, but I have never had it before this incident. My question is, how fast does your eye get red? Should it happen immediately? My redness has stayed the same during the day, but each day since when I wake up there is more of it, so it appears to be happening overnight (three days running now).

Is it bloodshot, meaning lots of big looking red vessels, or is there a patch of red, like a pool of blood? If it's a patch, it's a subconjunctival hemorrhage and it can spread over the eye and then eventually thin out and reabsorb. Generally it will run it's course within 7 to 10 days. If it's just bloodshot, it's something different. In either case, you should probably see your doctor for clarification and any necessary treatment.  (+ info)

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