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Which mental disorders lead to extreme hallucinations?

I'm talking about the human mind actually believing that there is a being or a voice existing in conscious life, when in actuality, there is nothing there. Is this schizophrenia? Do other disorders cause this? What causes them?

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What are disorders that involve voices in your head?

A friend of mine keeps hearing voices in his head.

It told him to kill himself..and it also told him he was a screw-up who didn't deserve to live.
It also made him almost drown...it told him it wanted to die, and he nearly drowned when our school was at a waterpark yesterday.

He knows it's a voice in his head, he doesn't know what it is.
And I don't think is Schizophrenia.
Well, it's not Schizophrenia, because he knows it's not another person.
And it's not /me/..I'm getting help for a friend, literally...
He's not any different than normal, other than the voice.
He's incredibly smart, got mostly A's in school, he's perfectly sane in every way despite the voice, and what the voice tell him to do...
Never done drugs.
Inside his head.
Never been on meds- he's barely trusted anybody with telling them about the voice.

It's you!!!

Sorry, I thought you were joking!!! If you're really sure it's not Schizophrenia, it may be dysthymia, which is a type of depression that effects adolescents. Most major mental illnesses don't begin to exhibit symptoms until the early twenties. Schizophrenia is NOT the only mental illness to cause auditory hallucinations. Ask your friend if anyone in his family has mental illness. It's sometimes genetic. Either way, you should encourage him to get some help. So many excellent antidepressant and antiphsychotic drugs are available now that there is no reason for your friend to live with this...

Good luck, and I'm sorry for being flippant earlier.

Laurie  (+ info)

What can you do when you have a inner voice telling you your a horrible person?

I have schizo effective disorder and it has been acting up really bad. I have this voice that went from saying my name to telling me to off myself because i'm a horrible person, Meds not helping. Please help i am fighting it but it's getting harder and harder.

are you diagnosed as 'schizophrenic with psychotic tendencies.' ?
if so, listen up. You can't just take the meds. You can't just stay up late to shut out the voice. Getting long term care, as frustrating as it seems, is what you need. Resisting an overwhelming impulse is hard work to do by yourself.  (+ info)

does ethmoid sinus cause voice disorders?

Ethmoid sinuses just behind the bridge of the nose and between the eyes

The ethmoid sinuses are near the tear ducts in the corner of your eyes. Therefore, inflammation of these cavities often causes swelling of the eyelids and tissues around your eyes, and pain between your eyes. Ethmoid inflammation also can cause tenderness when you touch the sides of your nose, a loss of smell, and a stuffy nose.  (+ info)

What the hell is wrong with my tonsils? And Why is my voice lower?

OK I suspect chronic tonsillitis, They're swollen red, with holes in them, and they produce tonsil stones, they've been this way for about 6 years now, and now they're separated from the sides of my throat as though they're dangling, and could fall of eventually. I've gotten them checked out by my family doctor, he strep tested me, then told me to take allergy meds, I'm not satisfied with that now, My voice is wraspy, and I can't sing the way I used to be able to. I remember when I was 18, and a freshman in college, I started to feel like I was out of reality, and this is also when my tonsil symptoms started to flare. I'm now diagnosed with mental disorders, I don't have hiv, I've been tested for that, and I'm whats wrong with my tonsils, and I'm also wondering if my mental state and tonsil health are connected somehow???

Have you been checked out for sleep apnea? Your tonsils may be constricting your airway.
You should see an ear, nose and throat doctor (ENT), also known as an otolaryngologist to determine what's happening with your tonsils and larynx (voice box). These specialists will know more about it than your family doctor.  (+ info)

How can I stop making my voice shake when I present?

I always get so nervous when i'm about to present to a class, my heart beats so fast and my voice totally screws up.. what can i do? how can i make myself relaxed cuz i know it's not the end of the world but i cant stop getting so nervous and is this a sign of social phobia or anxiety or whatever that disorder is called? share ur own experiences if u want... thanks
oh and ppl plzzzzzzz do not say think ppl in their underwear i've heard that a million times and it's silly cuz i dont think like that so therefore it doesnt work!

It could be a form of mild social phobia and/or anxiety. If it only happens while you are making a presentation, it can be called "performance anxiety". Talk to your doctor. Drugs called alpha-blockers and beta-blockers, designed for other conditions, actually are prescribed for this as well. They work quite well. There are also more potent drugs called benzodiazepenes that work well as well. They are highly addictive, so it would probably be prescribed for a very small prescription. I've used both with fantastic results. I used to sweat profusely and turn beet read if I even had a conversation with someone I was uncomfortable with. The great thing about these drugs is that they can be taken only if needed. Some people can overcome this without drugs, which is of course best. However, if you are like me, therapy didn't work. Some people become comfortable if they make enough presentations. Not me! I think it is just the way I am "wired". I have a hyperactive sympathetic nervous system!  (+ info)

how to get rid of eating disorder voice?

i can't take it anymore
i struggle with anorexia. even when i do eat it doesn't go away.

I'm sorry hun, but in order to get rid of it you're going to have to either see a therapist/psychiatrist regularly or go get treatment.

Try this site: www.something-fishy.org
It has tons of info and a fantastic forum! :)  (+ info)

Could hearing a commanding voice in your head be a symptom of OCD? If not, what?

The person in question reports a "god" (or "ghost" sometimes) telling them to do certain things, such as check various areas (a listed symptom of OCD) or only color something specific. These alone sound like the disorder, but the commanding voice doesn't fit with any symptoms lists I've read. The person also obsesses over sleeping, another symptom.

no i don't think hearing a voice is ocd. that sounds more psychotic. a little more serious than ocd. i would give them advice to talk to a dr. asap. hearing commands is not a good thing to ignore. good luck  (+ info)

Any other mental disorders where you hear voices?

Okay my best friend has always heard voices in her head (she even has an alter ego), but now I think its getting out of hand. When she was younger she often tried to kill other people, but has never wanted to kill herself. She also feels like no one understands and that she has died a couple of times (her mother had a miscarriage before she had her).

Any suggestions? cause when I suggest schizophrenia she says no and her family refuses to acknowledge it.

She needs some medication. Ask her to talk with someone who specializes in this kind of disorder before it's to late.  (+ info)

I lost my voice because of bronchitis! How do I relieve the pain and get my voice back? Any tips or advice?

I've had bronchitis for over 10 days and lost my voice. My throat is sore and I need tips and advice on how to soothe the soreness and help recuperate my voice. Thanks.

When my kids have a sore throat, I give them Throat Coat tea with honey. If U cant find that kind, U can use Celestial Seasons Tension Tamer. Aside from tea, U can gargle saltwater and try an herbal throat drop like Riccola. Good Luck!!  (+ info)

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