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I know voyeurism is unhealthy, but is watching porn also unhealthy? Also, does porn have a bad affect on teens

Because, I heard about how voyeurism can mess up the mind, I know thats bad. But is it the same as porn? Does it also have a bad affect on teenagers?

yes it is bad for you. it is BADDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD. because you start thinking that that's what real life is like and it's not. you want to experience things for yourself, not see other people do it on the internet. LIVE YOUR LIFE, DONT WATCH OTHERS LIVE IT!!!  (+ info)

Is voyeurism a hobby, career, or sickness?

I saw this and couldn't help but wonder:


I think it all depends on the perception of the person answering this question. One person might think it is a hobby or career. Someone else might think it is a sickness. Best Wishes.  (+ info)

Are male X-ray Techs who do not drape their female patients for Barium enema guilty of Voyeurism & sex assault

X-Ray Techs are trained to drape their patients to protect their Privacy, modesty & dignity. If they do not drape according to their training they are doing so because they are Voyeurs. This unfortunately happened to my wife & to it seems many other women.

I have had female xray techs see me naked. Are they guilty? What a moron you have to be to think like that. You are probably not worth looking at anyway.  (+ info)

Why do some women like watching men masturbate?

for those that like to watch, what is it they like most? female voyeurism is really interesting

Because its a turn on  (+ info)

i'm addicted to voyeurism..help?

i think the reason that im always lonely and alone...no friends who really care for me..my family is usually out..nobody to talk to..what can i do??

Below is the definition and possible cause and suggest you need to get some help. :You need to stick with it and not be afraid to get help. It is better than going to jail and being publicly anounced what you do and then also making others feel so small and degraded at invading their privacy. That is wrong. Please seek some psychotherapy as soon as possible. I also listed the website below. There are also websites that talk about it, but I suggest that you find your nearest psychotherapist through your work. They are confidential. Stick with it and make sure you throw out your equipment or give it away. Stay away from anything that has to do with it or that may tempt you. Don't forget to pray about it. Pray for strength.




Paraphilias and Sexual Disorders


There are different theories related to exhibitionistic behaviors, many stemming from the psychoanalytic camp. They suggest that childhood trauma (e.g., sexual abuse) or significant childhood experiences can manifest itself in exhibitionistic behavior.


This disorder is characterized by either intense sexually arousing fantasies, urges, or behaviors in which the individual observes an unsuspecting stranger who is naked, disrobing, or engaging in sexual activity. To be considered diagnosable, the fantasies, urges, or behaviors must cause significant distress in the individual or be disruptive to his or her everyday functioning.


Treatment typically involves psychotherapy aimed at uncovering and working through the underlying cause of the behavior.


Prognosis is good although often there are other issues which may surface once the behaviors are extinguished. If this is the case, these issues must be worked through as well.  (+ info)

Help? I may have a problem with voyeurism?

I think my problem may have started when I was in highschool when I would occasionally not wear a bra and give guys a glimpse of my chest a few times. I'm 25 now and I often bend over to pick things up (normally I"m wearing jeans) in front of guys, and I sometimes like getting cold on a day wearing a white bra and thin shirt and walking down the street. I was on vacation in Florida last week and did something that I hope was not too imorral. I was wearing a short skirt with no underwear and I saw a teen age boy about 16 years old sitting on a bench outside the tourist shops. No one was there and while I was browsing items outside the store I had my back facing him and bent over so that he could see everything. Noone else was there and I knew I was leaving right after so I didn't think it mattered. I didn"t get caught but now am worried that I have some phychological condition and that I need to get help. I fee very bad. Can I just stop doing this and save myself the embarrasment of telling someone what I did? Can someone help me?

It seems like you like a lot of male attention. I wouldn't consider it a problem until you get arrested for lewd conduct and become a registered sex offender. You might think about that when your tempted to let loose. Other than that you could become a stripper and enjoy your work there's nothing wrong with enjoying flashing guys or showing off your goods as long as its in the right context.  (+ info)

I cant get over being a victim of voyeurism?

when my ex boyf who i trusted was on an army training exercise, he encouraged me to send him explicit pics and vids, assuring me that he would delete them and make sure no one saw them. i discovered that his army mates were huddled against his phone watching me as i was sending them through! I also discovere that he was cheating on me with this girl from the army that was also aware of the tape and that he had his mates watching it.

I cannot get over the HUGE breach of trust. This guy was a 28 year old doctor, not some high school boy.

and must of all the humilation of being tricked into being a " porn star" for his mates amuzement!

to rub salt into the wounds, he started dating the girl that he was cheating on me with, and said that i was just his f'uck buddy and nothing more and that he never wanted to see me again. I had known him for 9 months, and I cant believe how cruel and sadistic he turned. I feel sick and humilated when thinking about it and i cant study!help
sophia grace, the question is, how can i best get over this? and your response please?

1) People are people. Some (sadly) are idiots. Your ex was one of these.

2) You can't undo the past. Forgive yourself. That is going to be the key. You could not have known what would happen. You feel stupid and you feel like you let yourself down. The fact is that we all do things that we later regret. When you can accept that you are only human and you can forgive yourself, then you will be able to move forward.

3) Not everyone is like your ex. You can return to a normal and healthy relationship - a bit wiser for the experience.

Good luck!  (+ info)

I think i have a psycho sexual disorder. I need advice.?

I believe I have an abnormal sexual behavior. I'm married to a beautiful wife but still I'm addicted to voyeurism since my teen years. I always find ways to voyeur. even to the extent of peeking a neighbors windows. sometimes I got caught. I want to stop but I just can't. Something tells me to stop but my urge is too strong. I know it will ruin my life in the future. Do I need treatment? please help me. thanks a lot guys

  (+ info)

Touching someone whilst they're asleep. whats it called?

Ok, so some people lilke to touch people when they are asleep e.g. my friend, i got told it was voyeurism but thats watching people have sex, i was wondering if anybody on here know what the name is for touching people sexually whilst they're asleep. thanks
see this was what i thought... could it be classed as rape or molesting? my firned was telling me last night it turns him on etc, but yeah its not rape lol

Sexual Assault

sexual as·sault definition
Pronunciation: /-ə-ˈsȯlt/
Function: n
: illegal sexual contact that usually involves force upon a person without consent or is inflicted upon a person who is incapable of giving consent (as because of age or physical or mental incapacity) or who places the assailant (as a family friend) in a position of trust or authority  (+ info)

Possible serial killer, help?

A friend confinded with me a dark secret. They show a vast interest in serial killers and here are the warning signs:She is very intelligent, does poorly in school, hastrouble holding down jobs, from a very unstable family, as a child, she was abandoned by her father,raised by her submissive and "Slow" mother, her family has a psychiatric and alcoholic history, she hates her father/mother, and wishes to kill one of them, she was abused by her father since childhood — psychologically and physically, has records of early psychiatric problems, is intensely interested in voyeurism, fetishism, and sado-masochisticm, and cant feel any pleasure without being beaten, choked, or psychologically fucked. She watches alot of show of killing, murder, rape and is fasinated. her life is based around her job of child psychology. She fears that she may become a killer one day, just snap and do something horrible. Can extreme therapy work? She fears being institutionalized for life for being crazy. hlp
she also has alot of mental problems like sever depression, bipolar disorder, partial schitophrenia, and derealization disorder, all untreated.
thanks everyone, i still want more info, but ya, i think going to group therapy with her would really help. i wonder if telling her parents willl kill the friendship though. (no pun intended)

Nobody confides that much in a friend, it could take years to reveal that amount of information to a trained therapist.
Suggest you seriously get some help for your fantasies.  (+ info)

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