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is it true that water can help with a chemical imbalance??

well i've heard that a chemical imbalance can cause acne sorta but can water help with that?

Well water not only helps in chemical imbalance but also regulates body heat.  (+ info)

what is the relationship between kidney stones and electrolyte imbalance?

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Why does my tonue & throat sting with glaeau smart water (electrolyte enhanced)?

allergic reaction? any problems breathing? Was the top on all the way or was it partially removed (tampered with)? I've drank it before with no ill effects. In fact I bought a case last w/end  (+ info)

how can electrolyte imbalance cause supraventricular tachycardia?

pathophysiology please.

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what is electrolyte imbalance?

i heard its a consequence of bulimia but what IS it exactly?

Electrolytes are the salts in your body. Potassium, sodium and chloride I think.  (+ info)

milky water in breast is that a hormonal imbalance?

ive had that for about a year now and i dont know whats wrong now im on birth control and i dont want that to mess with it will it?

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what are the circumstances that can cause electrolyte of fluid imbalance?

There are several types of electrolytes that you can loose, for different reasons.

The major ones are -

Sodium loss: perspiration, urine, burns

Chloride Loss: vomiting, dehydration, and some diuretic medications

Potassium Loss: vomiting, diarrhea, chronic laxative use, a high sodium intake, some medications, colonic polyps, and through kidney disease

Calcium Loss: poor nutrition, kidney damage, pancreatitis, low levels of magnesium and vitamin D, and disorders that interfere with calcium absorption

Phosphate Loss: impaired kidney function, hypothyroidism, use of some medications especially theophylline, diuretics, and aluminum-containing antacids, poor nutrition, severe alcohol intoxication, diabetic ketoacidosis, and severe burns

Follow the links for more details. If you can suffer through the advertising, there are some gems in there  (+ info)

why is dehydration and electrolyte imbalance a danger?

Dehydration in severe cases leads to electrolyte imbalances. In the severe cases, you can have very high sodium levels, or even very low potassium levels. All of these levels have the potential to be very dangerous. First of all, certain electrolyte levels cause problems in the electrical activity of the heart. Your heart can go into abnormal rhythms, and in severe cases can actually stop. The other complication that is dangerous is that very high or very low sodium levels can cause issues with swelling of the brain.  (+ info)

excessive gyming has caused electrolyte imbalance in my body.which doctor should i see ?

i have been affected by electrolyte imbalance which is refusing to stablise since 2 months.i have been bed ridden .i do feel better after taking IV but the symptoms come back after a day.some say i should visit a ENDOCRINOLOGIST .can anyone advise me on this ?

GO TO THE ER. who said an endocrinologist - if if was suggested by the doctor then go. I know when my son was in the hospital with his brain injury they were worried about his electrolytes and he wasn't allowed to drink very much as it would not help the swelling in his brain to go down - could make it worse. So I would guess too much liquids can be bad as well. I have read where some marathon runners drink too much and have problems with electrolytes so get to a Doctor ASAP  (+ info)

what is an electrolyte imbalance, how does one avoid it?

all I know is that it could lead to sudden death

An electrolyte imbalance is when your electrolytes: sodium, potassium, chloride, calcium, etc, get out of their normal range, whether it is too high or too low. This effects the conductivity of the heart, the movement of the muscles, etc. Electrolytes are responsible for helping our cells and organs function normally. A high or low potassium can cause a patients heart to stop, which inevitably will kill them, which is probably the most common out of electrolyte imbalances. Low sodium can effect the brain cells, etc and be fatal if too low. Keep in mind that minor changes won't make much difference usually. So if you don't have your daily salt/sodium intake, or you each less potassium in a day then normal, it won't cause you to die. It has to be a pretty drastic imbalance in order for death to occur.

Sometimes there are no ways to avoid it, your body just dysfunctions and can't retain the electrolytes, or it keeps too many of them and an imbalance occurs. When you're sick, you want to make sure to stay hydrated. That is when a lot of problems occur is from dehydration. Don't drink TOO much water, but this is a very hard thing to do unless you are constantly chugging quart after quart after quart of water.

Blood tests can tell your electrolyte levels, but if you are healthy they should be fine!  (+ info)

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