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Is there an opposite condition to Werner's Syndrome?

Werner's syndrome speeds up aging among other things. Is there a syndrome that stops aging or at leasts slows it down?

Werner's Syndrome, or Progeria as it was called is a severe condition, in some instances pats of the body or the entire body ages prematurely and rapidly. There is no record of a disease or illness that stops the aging process however sorry.  (+ info)

What are the differences between progeria and Werner syndrome?

Werner syndrome is just a type of progeria sundrome. But both mean premature aging.  (+ info)

Is progeria the same as Werner Syndrome?

If it's not, can you name a difference? Thanks.

Werner syndrome is otherwise known as adult progeria.  (+ info)

What is Werner Syndrome?

I'm doing a project on Werner Syndrome, and I just wanted to know the details of what it is and what it does.
None of this is gonna go in my project.

Werner syndrome is a premature aging disease that begins in adolescence or early adulthood and results in the appearance of old age by 30-40 years of age. Its physical characteristics may include short stature (common from childhood on) and other features usually developing during adulthood: wrinkled skin, baldness, cataracts, muscular atrophy and a tendency to diabetes mellitus, among others.

The disorder is inherited and transmitted as an autosomal recessive trait. Cells from WS patients have a shorter lifespan in culture than do normal cells. The gene for Werner disease (WRN) was mapped to chromosome 8 and cloned: by comparing its sequence to existing sequences in GenBank, it is a predicted helicase belonging to the RecQ family. However, it has yet to be shown to have real helicase activity (as a DNA unwinder important for DNA replication). The molecular role of WRN in Werner syndrome therefore remains to be proven, as does any role it might have in the aging process in general.

A yeast protein similar to the human WRN protein, called SGS1, has been found. Mutations in SGS1 cause yeast to have a shorter lifespan than yeast cells without the mutation, and shown other signs typical of aging in yeast, such as an enlarged and fragmented nucleolus. Using yeast as a model for human aging in general, may give insight into the mechanisms of Werner syndrome and related diseases  (+ info)

What are the risk factors of Werner syndrome??

Please help!! can't find much on the internet..if you can please help!

Werner syndrome, also known as progeria of the adult, is the most common of the premature aging disorders. Werner syndrome is inherited as an autosomal recessive disorder of chromosome 8, meaning that a defective gene is inherited from each parent. The syndrome is estimated to occur in 1 in 1 million individuals. Higher incidences of Werner syndrome have been reported in Japan and Sardinia. It affects both males and females.
Werner syndrome may begin in adolescence, but most often it begins in the mid-30s. Up until symptoms begin, the individual has healthy normal development. Once the disease process begins, the individual's body begins to age faster than normal. This produces symptoms such as:
Wrinkling and sagging of the face
Decreasing muscle mass
Thin skin and loss of fat under the skin
Graying hair and hair loss
A high-pitched voice
Along with the physical appearance of aging, body organs and systems also begin to age. This produces diseases such as:
Cataracts (cloudy spots on the lens of the eye)
Osteoporosis (weakened bones)
Diabetes (type 2)
Rare cancers such as thyroid cancer, lymphoma, and sarcoma
Heart and artery disease
Premature menopause in females.
Diagnosis and treatment
Diagnosis of Werner syndrome is based on physical examination. The most striking symptom is that the individual appears to be much older than he/she really is. There are no specific laboratory tests for Werner syndrome. However, since diabetes may occur, the blood sugar level should be checked, and since artery disease may develop, cholesterol levels should be monitored, and treated if necessary. There is no cure or specific treatment for Werner syndrome  (+ info)

what prenantal methods are used to detect Werner's syndrome?

They can do a test on the pregnant woman called Amniocentisis. This is when they use a needle to withdrawl some amniotic fluid. They can look at the fetus' DNA and compare ti to that of Werner's Syndrome DNA. This test is usually done around 20 weeks.  (+ info)

whats another name for the werner's syndrome?

http://www.hon.ch/HONselect/RareDiseases/C16.320.925.html  (+ info)

Werner's Syndrome genetics? "Ww" and "ww" and "WW"?

Ok, so which is which? lol

A fully infected person,
a carrier of the gene,
the offspring of a fully infected person,
and the offspring of a carrier.

I'm just so confused on the lettering! Dominant, recessive, ugh.....


WW is fully infected person Ww the offspring of fully infected person and also a carrier of a gene ww is offspring of carrier W IS dominant w is recessive  (+ info)

What is the name of the syndrome that the person may appear to have facial characteristics of down's syndrome?

I previously watched a documentary about sufferers of a syndrome whose facial features appeared to be down's syndrome but it wasn't down's syndrome. The grow to be quite large adults and have special needs. Does anyone know the name of this condition?

Klinefelter syndrome  (+ info)

Are there different types of Down syndrome and what areas of the body does Down syndrome affect? ?

Also, are there any significant statistics related to Down syndrome? Has Down syndrome received any recent attention from the media? Are there any famous people that have Down syndrome.
Answer as many of the above questions as possible.

There are three types of Down syndrome, garden variety Trisomy 21, mosaicism and translocation.

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Have fun with your research!
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