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What Kinds Of Accidents Besides MVA's Cause Whiplash and Muscle Spasm Type Injuries?

Ok, I was forced to drive off the road into a ditch yesterday after the truck in front of me lost it's load of 2x4's. I hit a highway marker but my vehicle only has some scratches. The Truck didn't have any plates and it sped away, there were some grungy looking guys in it and I didn't go after them. Anyway, today I'm in a lot of pain and my back is messed up. I need to go see a Dr, but my husband doesn't want to report the accident to insurance because then our rates will go up even if it's not our fault. That's how Oregon is. We have health insurance but if I say I was injured in an automobile accident they won't cover it! Suggestions? Help is much appreciated!

due to confidentiality laws(h.i.p.p.a. laws) i don't think a hospital can notify your insurance company in this case. if you were DUI police would be notified which would get back to insurance but this isn't the case here. ask the er admissions clerk that question directly. if they say yes(unlikely) then give them a different reason. be honest with the doc though because he/she will need honest info the give the most accurate treatment/diagnosis. if you still need to avoid the truth whiplash is caused by a body in motion being abruptly stopped but the head which is unrestrained whips forward or backward. the muscles are strained and usually in a lateral(side) view x-ray the natural curve of the cervical spine is straightened out (i'm an x-ray tech at a hospital). get this looked at and be honest with the doc. you don't want this to become a problem that requires surgery.  (+ info)

I was in a car accident and the other driver accepted full liability, i have whiplash and back injuries...?

I've seen a specialist and he says i will take 18 months to fully recover with help from a chiropractor, my lawyer is looking to now settle my claim but i'mnot sure what to expect as an offer, anyone know what my claim is likely to settle for?

There is no way to answer this...

Will you be out of work for all 18 months? How much is your salary? How badly were you injured? Did you suffer other losses? How much coverage does the other person's insurance have? Did the other person have insurance?

Assuming the other person had insurance, and enough to cover everything. First take how much it will cost to repair / replace your car. Then add up your medical bills. Then add up how much of your salary you will lose. Depending on how agressive your lawyer is, you may also add about 25% of that total on for "pain and suffering"... that should give you a ball park of how much to expect.  (+ info)

Can whiplash injuries cause pituitary damage?

Doubtful. The pituitary is buried pretty deeply in the interior of the brain.  (+ info)

What doctors treat whiplash injuries?

Neurologists or orthopedic specialists...both nervous and musculoskeletal tissues are affected.  (+ info)

Anyone have good ideas about how to relieve whiplash pain in the neck and back muscles?

I have had headache problems from the whiplash, due to a straight neck, from the wreck and muscle injuries around the neck area and it gives terrible headaches.

One of the best ways, obviously, is a neck brace.

Other than that take ibuprofen.

For more, lengthy information, check out this great article below in the linked section.

Good luck and feel better!  (+ info)

Do whiplash injuries ever heal?

I had a car accident about a year ago that gave me pretty severe whiplash. And I still occasionally suffer from the symptoms I innitally felt after the accident. Some days have very mild symptoms, other days prevent me form even getting out of bed. None of my doctors told me any long term side effects. I am not on medication for it. Is this common? Should I get it checked out?

What sometimes happens is that the muscles develop knots where the injury occurred, and the knots become hardened or partly calcified, which can pull the spine out of alignment. These knots usually do not go a way on their own. They require some effort to get rid of them through either regular therapeutic massage and stretching, or several treatments with ultrasound to soften the tissues. You might consider visiting either a chiropractor or massage therapist.

I recommend starting with a chiropractor. I know that many people are skeptical of chiropractors, but they are very good at treating this sort of thing. If you are unfamiliar with chiropractors, look for one that is associated with a hospital or other medical clinic, or one that is part of an insurance plan. It might also be helpful to get an MRI of you neck to help identify the proper treatment.  (+ info)

severe whiplash injuries?

Have had 2 whiplash injuries 20 years apart. 15 years of chiropractors, massages, osteopaths am now on pension in agony permanently. Have very little neck movement and pain always in left shoulder blade and arm down to fingers. Doctors keep telling me to take pain killers and muscle relaxants. Had enough no thanks. I am 45 and going around the twist. Anyone have any ideas. PLEASE

You sound like me. I finally saw a psysiatrist (sometimes listed under sports medicine or pain management) He had me use a Starr Traction device at his office that stretched my neck. Then he prescribed one for me to use at home. It actually worked. It pulls the vertebrae in the neck slightly and releases the trapped nerve that is causing the pain. I no longer have pain in my shoulder blade or arms either.  (+ info)

What is the best way to deal with chronic neck pain due to 3 old whiplash injuries?

I had a gymnastics accident when I was 12 and whiplashed myself - the docs at that time told me I had a hairline fracture of one of my vertebrae. My neck never felt right - at that time (30 + years ago), PT was never suggested. I saw a Chiropractor during my college years, which helped a lot. About 7 years ago, I was launched from a horse and strained my neck severely. Acupuncture helped. 3 years ago, I fell down a set of concrete steps and again, ended up with a whiplash injury. I am 44 years old. Over the past 3 years, the pain has gotten so severe that at times I lose complete sensation in my right arm, sometimes my left. Chiro and acupuncture right now do nothing - I have seen PT's and do neck exercises. I am seeing a pain doctor right now, and he has been giving me cortisone treatments, but they are not helping - in fact the last one I had actually hurt me more. I am now at a point where I am unable to drive and continue with my normal routine. I am a musician by trade, and I cannot play. Playing just exacerbates the problem. For 3 years, my GP has insisted there is no such thing as Chronic Whiplash Syndrome, which is what I think I have. I have an MRI that shows mild disc degeneration, osteophytes and mild stenosis (but no indication of an old fracture) All of which my pain doc tells me shouldn't hurt this much. HELP!!! Is there anyone out there? Any suggestions? I am not willing to give up!!! If one more doctor tells me to take antidepression meds, I think I will scream. I also would never put myself into the "wimp" category...

*Find a pain specialist doctor in a pain clinic and have it injected. My husband had his done and now he is pain free.  (+ info)

can i claim off my house hold insurance for a whiplash injury?

recently i had an accident in my car but unfortunately my car insurance does not let me claim for any injuries to myself can i claim for injuries sustained in the accident through my house hold insurance ?

unless you have extra coverage the answer is no......you can not claim something that happened in a automobile for your house insurance unless maybe you ran into your house with your car?? either way it would make your insurance go up whiplash is not even worth claiming to make it go up you MAY get 1500 out of whip lash so while its a extra 1500 in your pocket now it will go up that per year for a accident so be careful when making claims on insurance!  (+ info)

Can i go back to work after a whiplash injury, without hurting myself more?

I was in a car accident about a week ago, I suffered a neck sprain. My doctor allowed me back to work today. What I was wondering is Im still in a substantial amount of pain. I am a housekeeper which is pretty physical work. My question is am I going to hurt myself more by going back to work so soon?

Yes you will hurt yourself! I too am a housekeeper and have had 2 occasions of severe back injury, I have learnt from returning to work too soon you will cause more damage. get yourself as pain free and fit as possible before returning, see a good osteopath, once pain better do as much as you can in the day, laying around will make other muscles weak, an osteopath will tell you what exercises will help without causing more damage. I was off 3 and half months, then 3 months , 3 years later due to me lifting something badly, you have to keep in mind your injury at all times when working , I have learnt how to manage it, you will, give it more time, trust me, or you will end up back home and with more pain and damage.GOOD LUCK, YOU WILL GET BETTER.  (+ info)

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