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My 3 week old daughter ust came home from the NICU today on a heart monitor. She has Wolff-Parkinson-White which is a condition that makes her heart rate go extremely high (300+)..Has anyone ever heard of this or know people with this syndrome. Any info is greatly appreciated! thanks

Hi, my sympathies definitely go to you and your daughter. I am 21 and I have been diagnosed with a variation of this condition - my heart slows down as well as speeds up.

My biggest suggestion to you would be to find a good paediatrician or cardiologist for your daughter ASAP that you feel comfortable asking questions to. Even if someone has the reputation of being the best, they are no good to you if you don't feel comfortable. Once you have found one, ask any questions you have to them - they will have all the answers for you and will be able to base any information on your daughters case.

The next thing I would suggest is to avoid looking any information up on the internet - as tempting as it is, it will only make matters worse for you in what is bound to already be a stressful time. Reading anything on the internet will only make you think worse case scenario situations.

Although this is a horrible thing for you to discover during a time that is meant to be full of joy, remember that now you know about this you can prepare for it and help her to lead a healthy and long life. Many of the worst case scenarios are in situations where the sufferers aren't aware they have the condition. There is a very straight forward operation available that can completely eliminate the extra electrical pathway that causes this condition.

I have had one operation (unfortunately they were unable to locate the extra pathway - but my cardiologist believes that my body will either correct it naturally, or the pathway will get bigger and therefore make it possible to operate on.) and am very in tune with my body and know when I need to take it easy.

I hope all goes well with you and your daughter - and remember this shouldn't pose too much, if any, burden on your daughters life - I am very healthy and now expecting my very own beautiful child :-)  (+ info)

what medicines cant you take if you have wolff Parkinson's white syndrome such as if your sick or pain killers

im just not sure what meds. to take if im sick, or in pain, i get scared and have a panic attack if i take somthing and im not sure i can, if i can help me plez do.

My son-in-law has parkinson's and he can NOT take anything without his doctors permission, most of the time when he calls the doctor with a minor cold or such, the doctor will have samples for him to try.
Pain meds should be by and from your doctor ONLY not even an aspirin without permission and that might require a blood test first.
You have to be very careful of what you put in your mouth including any foods too.
Good luck & call your doctor.  (+ info)

My baby have Wolff Parkinson white (heart beat fast and can cause congestive heart failure if not noticed)?

Is it a good idea to let baby go to daycare or is there other options?


How serious is this? How old is she? How did you find out about this?

I ask because WPW can manifest in several different degrees. You do not say why she was tested or if the WPW was detected in the course of another test. If she has no symptoms (and some WPW people do not have any), then nothing needs to be done and you need have no worries.

It has been associated with conditions similar to congestive heart failure, but only very infrequently. It hardly ever happens, in other words. Does WPW cause it? Not necessarily.

For some of the milder forms of WPW, medication works well.

For some it does not, and something like a radio frequency ablation needs to be done on the heart to get it to beat regularly. It's a serious operation--anything that deals with the heart is serious--but it is done all the time and it is done successfully. If your baby needs it she will do fine.

Was she faint, dizzy, or passing out? Is she fine? Does she play easily and happily? The answers to questions like these will determine if she can go to daycare. If she does not show dizziness, if she doesn't faint, she'll very likely be fine.

I have a sister with WPW, and unless she told you, you'd never know it. Her heart speeds up sometimes, but that's all.

So speak with her doctor. Does she have a cardiologist specializing in arrhythmias? Ask your primary care physician--your family doctor--for a referral to one, and talk to him. In the meantime, if your baby has been all right, chances are that she'll (she?) be all right.  (+ info)

Could Wolff Parkinson White be prevented?

I was sick a lot during my pregnacy. I had contraction at 5 months and the doc said it's fine. Could this be the reason for my baby to have WPW ?

Nobody knows what causes WPW, which is due to an abnormal electrical pathway in the heart. About 1 person in 1,000 has this, and sometimes it runs in families. Mostly, its occurrence seems spontaneous. WPW cannot be prevented, only treated.  (+ info)

Reoccurence of wolff-parkinson-white 1 year after second ablation.?

A family member(16!) has just learned that his Wolff-Parkinson-white has returned after 2 ablations, the second believed to be succesful. Has anyone else had wpw with ablations and reoccurence and if so what has happened since? Any insight/advice is appreciated. thanks.

To be frank, I can talk about patients, it recurs sooner or later or in episodes. Highly sensitive topic need to discuss with a cardiologist in person.  (+ info)

Wolff Parkinson Syndrome in a 5 week old baby?

Has anyone on here known of a baby of this age suffer a prolonged arrest due to the effects of Wolff Parkinson Syndrome. My godson arrested on Tuesday and has been made stable but is by no means out of the woods yet as they are keeping him in an induced coma due to swelling on the brain.

Does anyone have any information or know what his realistic chances are of a full/part recovery? Thanks x

Wow, I have never heard of WPW in a child that young. There are treatments for the condition. I don't see why the age would matter. I am assuming that the swelling is due to the arrest, not the actual syndrome itself. I hope he does well.

This from the American Heart Association on kids with WPW:

Wolff-Parkinson-White syndrome
If an abnormal conduction pathway runs between the atria and ventricles, the electrical signal may arrive at the ventricles sooner than normal. This condition is called Wolff-Parkinson-White syndrome (WPW syndrome). It's named after the three people who first described it. WPW syndrome is recognized by certain changes on the ECG. Many people with WPW syndrome don't have symptoms or episodes of tachycardia.

Often medication can improve this condition. Sometimes, though, such treatment doesn't work. Then your child will need more tests. Eliminating the abnormal pathway by passing energy through a catheter may be needed. Surgery is another option.  (+ info)

Wolff-Parkinson-White Questions? Any Doctor's In the House?

My brief background. I'm going to be 19, and I had pneumonia when I was 4. I remember feeling very short of breath after running around, I coughed and wheezed and made a wheezing sound when I laughed. The heat made it feel very difficult to breathe and the cold was worse. I sometimes get anxiety attacks because I feel like I can't breathe (also common when you have a panic attack, but I'm saying the shortness of breath provoked me to have a mini-panic). I went to the doctor to get tested for asthma to see if I had it all along, or maybe developed it (the doctor's said sometimes you can develop it). I had to blow into this tube and have a little ball hit a line. I JUST made it to the line, I was lightheaded and wheezing but they said I was fine. They said it was probably allergies, pet dander, this that the other thing, etc. Then I remember going on a long walk in the cold winter, so naturally you're breathing harder (and obviously in the winter you don't have allergies). I started coughing so hard because the cold was stinging my lungs, like an actual deep sting where my chest felt pressure like it was being squeezed. I coughed so hard that I pulled a muscle in my sternum. The doctor said I had actually "sprained my ribcage." She could feel the muscle was swollen so I had to ice it.

So clearly, I've had some chest issues anyway. But I'll be honest, I've smoked cigarettes among other things once or twice *ahem.* But these "breathing problems" started WAY before I ever touched a cigarette. I haven't smoked in months either, but I still have such problems when I go out in the cold or run around. I cough so hard that my heart speeds up, pounding so fast, and I feel like my chest is being squashed, it's tense, and I'm lightheaded. Sometimes I feel like I'm going to fall over. Could this be Wolff-Parkinson-White? Or would the doctor's have caught it?
Thanks everyone! Yeah, it's more than just speeding up and pounding, they're palpitations. It's like a stutter in my heart and I'm aware of the heartbeat.

Wolff-Parkinson-White usually presents as palpitation (tachycardia) where you become aware of your own heart beat. Even though you stated that your heart speeds up, pounding so fast, but it is preceded by your violent cough. So, like the first answerer wrote, i think before considering wpw, you should consult a doctor to check your lung first. and, if your lung is the culprit, i suggest you to stop smoking once and forever. for your own good. :)  (+ info)

how do you find out if you have WPW? (wolff parkinson white)?

My mam discovered when she was about 20ish that she had WPW. She says that i may have it aswell, as it may be family related and my heart sometimes goes into palpatations. how do you discover if you have WPW. do you need your blood taken or anything along those lines - because i am terrified of needles - and are there any other symtoms apart from the palpatations?

There is a simple and non-invasive way to diagnose W-P-W. Explain your concerns to your Primary Care Physician. They can administer an Electrocardiogram, which will provide a definitive diagnosis without a single injection.  (+ info)

what's the difference between an SVT, Wolf-Parkinson-White Syndrome, and an Atrial Fibrilations?

i know, i'm a nerd, but i really want to know. i have SVT, but WPW and an A Fib don't sound that different. HELP!!

SVT CAN mean any form of atrial tachycardia (including AF), but usually refers to a re-entry tachycardia.

A re-entry tachycardia is due to an abnormal electrical pathway between between the atria and ventricles which is intermittently activated, causing the heart to go too fast. WPW is one form of this, but not the only one (depends on where the pathway is).

Atrial fibrillation (AF, A Fib) is disorganised electrical activity of the atrium which bombards the ventricle with impulses, making the ventricle beat too fast. The atria don't beat properly at all in this condition.  (+ info)

I have WPW(wolff-parkinson-white) and was wondering...?

what should I avoid as far as medications(cold, flu and pain)? I had the ablation done but still want to be careful...I had palpitations last night for the first time in over a year and was wondering if the aleve I took for back pain could be related. Thank you for your time =)

Psudoephedrin. It can cause you to become tachycardic. Anything that can raise your heart rate is probably not a good idea.

I doubt the Aleve had anything to do with it. It might have been the fact that you had pain. (You can become slighty tachycardic when your in pain.) In someone with your condition it may be amplified.

If you want to know for sure, ask a doctor or a pharmacist next time you are worried about what a drug may do.  (+ info)

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