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With a 9 mm gunshot wound to the head what would the entry and exit wounds look like?

the entry will be about 1/2 inch round but the exit won't be pretty at all  (+ info)

What is the best method to treat Gunshot wounds ?

knife the bullet out or get it out some other way and then apply pressure 2 the wound,tie a cloth around it tightly,and that should stop thew bleeding until u can get proper help,im only 12 so i might be rong  (+ info)

are gunshot wounds to the head leathal cos i acadently shot my mum?

Troll.  (+ info)

how long does the liver restore its self after gunshot wounds?

The same amount of time that it takes for a vampire to heal after you give it a bath in Garlic Sauce.  (+ info)

gunshot wounds: I am doing a research paper on gunshot wounds. it is for nursing school I am 1 pg done.?

I need to know what age is prone, where it is located, how to correct/cure it, etc.

  (+ info)

Do people who commit suicide by means of self-inflicted gunshot wounds, feel any pain?

Is it just a split secong of pain or no feeling at all?

Considering they die, it would be difficult to ask them, right?

Not everyone shoots themselves in the same location, which would make a difference. Some have lived by shooting themselves in the head, thinking that would be the best and fastest way to die, but it wasn't for them. Others die instantly.

No matter, the idea that they commit suicide is disturbing. I recently posted statistics regarding suicide in a question. We all need to do more to prevent suicides from happening because the sad fact is many people become depressed and can be helped, yet don't get the help they need.

When someone commits suicide, they leave behind family and friends that will suffer needlessly. The person that dies solves nothing and the person that bungles their attempt may live with life-long problems.  (+ info)

how can you cure gunshot wounds?

me and my friend were out hunting and he accidently shot me with his rifle, he dragged me back home because the woods are close by and he thinks he can fix me, is it possible to cure gunshot wounds?

But you feel well enough to post a question on YA? Puhleeese! Go see a doctor.  (+ info)

how do you cure gunshot wounds?

i accidently shot myself in the knee cap today with a desert eagle today and need to know how do you cure this? also i need to know how to stop the bleeding?

knock yourself out, take some vicodin (a lot) and have your friend saw your leg off  (+ info)

what is the after effect of gunshot wounds to the heart?

Death  (+ info)

whats more painful gunshot wounds or broken arm/feet etc?

Broken bones hurt for a variety of reasons including:
The nerve endings that surround bones contain pain fibres and and these fibres become irritated when the bone is broken or bruised.
Broken bones bleed, and the blood and associated swelling (oedema) causes pain.
Muscles that surround the injured area may go into spasm when they try to hold the broken bone fragments in place, and these spasms cause further pain.

What people have said about their gunshot wounds...
"Make a large deep gash in your skin, then fill it with Tabasco, that would be close. And if the bullet stays in you can enjoy lead poisoning.
The pain is so sever most people lose consciousness."

"I had kidney stones a few years back and I would guess that the pain from a gunshot wound might be comparable to that."

There are harrowing descriptions of both (especially of gunshot wounds) . I couldn't choose and I hope never to experience either.  (+ info)

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