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I have painful wounds on both calves, cellulitis and lymphedema. Any answers for relief?

I've been to several w/c centers and doctors all with mixed advice. Wounds are like 3 yrs of battle and pain ........I've had enough any help greatly appreciated.

hello im julie manager of lymphland and co owner of lymphland web site and online support group for lymphedema .u need to be on antibiotics for the infection .u also need to get therapy for the lymphedema .come join our support group we can help u get the help u need or point u in the right direction


hope to see u in the group if u dont want to join the group you can get information at
www.lymphland.com   (+ info)

My sister has these wounds on her legs plus scars from previous surgeries she will be going on a cruise?

She is very upset because she wont be able to enjoy swimming and the beach. I want to get her a present for her birthday and was thinking maybe something that can cover her wounds from water and maybe some make up for the scars. Please help if you know of any products that can help. Thanks

if she has wounds that aren't healed she can't go in the water. if they are healed you should get her dermablend. to help her get rid of the scars you should get her mederma. she would have to apply it 3 times a day. so it would be betteer for her to use it after the vacation.  (+ info)

What makes self injury wounds heal faster?

Last night I totally screwed up and cut, I want the wounds to heal as fast as possible so my friends don't see them as they will be very upset!
Before last night it has been five months since I last cut! I am trying to quit, it's just not as easy as some people may think

There's nothing you can do, other than clean and bandage them. Once you do it, it's done. And it will take however long it wants to heal.

Quitting self-injury is not an over-night thing. I would know. I did it on-and-off for 5 years.

When I finally decided to quit, I still slipped up now and then. It happens. Don't beat yourself up over it, and don't let your friends beat you up over it either. Recovery is a process. You don't just decide to quit and BAM, you're over it.

There will be set-backs. No one is perfect. Accept that, and start again after every set-back.  (+ info)

Should you use peroxide on a dog bite with deep puncture wounds? If not what do you use?

I got bit badly by a Chow last Saturday and two of the wounds are very deep into the muscle. They told me to keet it wrapped up and clean it when it bleeds through (about 4 times a day). I was kind of in shock so I do not remember if I am supposed to use peroxide or what on it or how I tell if it is infected. I am on 2 different kinds of antibiotics.

Swelling, redness and warmth are signs of infection. Esp. if you get a red streak up your arm.

Soap and water should be ok. Peroxide probably wouldn't hurt. Call the ER and ask them. They should have given you an after care sheet for what to do at home if you went to the ER. Or call the doc you went to.  (+ info)

My friend having a contusion all over his body, He have wounds too in his lower lips, What would it be?

He have contusion in his arms, neck also in his face, and now he have wounds in his lower lips, what would it be? what kind of disease it is? it is a serious disease?
contusion like a circle spots colored violet, yes its similar to bruises, He have it all over his body, i wanna know if what kind of diseases it may be, and if its serious.

  (+ info)

Should I continue to apply pimple gel if I got my pimple wounds after I squeezed it out?

After I squeezed out my pimple, blood still coming out from it and later on i just wipe it clean. Should I continue to apply pimple gel on my face if I just got those fresh wounds from those pimples?

you should wash your face with soap and wait for it to stop bleeding before applying pimple gel on your face.  (+ info)

How does skin react to wounds?

Do skin on every part of the body react the same including intimate areas?
I know cells in the body take charge of the healing process, so what do i do if i want wounds to heal faster?

Depends on how far you punctured the skin at times, if it's just barely past the epidermis than it's going to be a quick heal, if it's down towards the maybe the hypodermis or muscle, it may take a little while longer...Because you would most likely need stitching and after having sutures put in, it can take anywhere from 2-5 weeks maybe for them to fully heal and pull the muscle and skin back together.

But everyone's skin is different, some people heal quicker some don't...Some people have extremely sensitive skin and a very vulnerable to scarring and some don't.

Best thing to possibly do to help a wound heal quicker, is to just keep it clean, dry and uncovered so you don't get it infected...Air will heal the wound probably the quickest way.

Try using some Vitamin E or Neosporin as well on the wound.  (+ info)

Is it true that you can use Cyanoacrylate aka SuperGlue to close wounds?

Ive heard that you can use superGlue to close wounds once they open up, is it true.

If possible, provide a source and list some of the dangers related to the usage of it.

During the Vietnam War, emergency medics began using the all-purpose glue to seal battle wounds in troops headed for surgery. The glue was so good at stemming bleeding that it was credited with saving many lives.
2-octyl-cyanoacrylate, which is marketed as Dermabond is approved for use.  (+ info)

Is ibuprofen used to keep wounds from swelling?

Wounds like piercings. I believe I read somewhere that taking certain amount of ibuprofen every couple hours will keep new piercing swelling down, is this true?
If not, what does?

Ibuprofen is a drug that is used to prevent inflammation and swelling, yes.

It can cause intestinal irritation (lower intestines). Have some food with it or drink some milk.

Other drugs like tylenol and aspirin help with pain. Aspirin is hard on the stomach. Tylenol is hard on the liver. Ibuprofen has special qualities that make it the most suitable drug for swelling and inflammation.

Advil is a brand name for ibuprofen. Read the instructions. I think 300mg is okay.  (+ info)

How do I disinfect bite/scratch wounds myself?

I can't get to a doctor for the next few months, but I have quite a few bite/scratch wounds from my ex-girlfriend and I'm wondering how I can stop them getting infected - or clean them up if they already are. Any tips? thanks.

Miss know it all has it right but omitted two things. Are your tetanus shots up to date. Is there any chance that the animals have rabies. Oops, I just saw it was from your girl friend, so chances are you can forget about rabies. Possible assault charges?  (+ info)

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