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How long will my wounds take to heal?

I had my wisdom teeth removed four days ago, and the bleeding stopped on the second day. How long should the wounds take to heal?
I also started eating hard foods on the second day.

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For diabetics: Can you get infections or diseases through your finger wounds?

Just wondering if it is possible to get things like STD's or AIDS from things entering the pricks and marks on your fingers. Are they deep enough to feed foreign substances into the bloodstream? Are they open wounds? Thanks.

Technically, possible.

But they are so tiny and close up so quick, t he chances are virtually nill, unless you come into contact with someone else's blood actually into your very recently pricked finger.

Which is why you don't re-use or share the pricking devices.

Technicaly, not open wounds for anything more than 5 mins.  (+ info)

What do scars from bullet wounds look like?

This is for my writing; one of my characters has several scars that she's informed me were a result of bullet wounds. I have no idea what they would look like beyond the stereotypical costume makeup version, and said costume makeup version was all I could find searching for reference pics. Either a detailed description or actual pictures would be nice, thanks.

Bullet wounds look like bullet wounds. I know that sounds like an a*shole answer, but work with for a minute.

Bullets come in different sizes & make different sized holes, small bullets for lower caliber guns, larger for high caliber etc. And how close-up or far away the gun was from you when you got shot will count as well. Even a small caliber gun can make a large hole if you get shot at close range. What happens when the bullet enters the body will be a huge determining factor in the scar that's left too. If the bullet brakes apart & the docs have to dig it out of you (maybe leaving some pieces behind), then stitch you back up - that's gonna be a much uglier scar than if the bullet stays whole & can be plucked out easy. Also, people scar differently. Some get drawn in dimples or the scar can puff out a bit, some get bad discolorations or keloids (especially if they're black or dark skinned) & some people's scars heal so well you can barely tell they're there. Some bullet wounds look a lot like the costume make-up version.

So, depending on how your character got shot, what kind of damage the bullet did & a bunch more factors - that's what her bullet wounds would look like. That's all the help I can give you with the information you've given me.

Hope my 2 cents helped a bit :)  (+ info)

how do i get rid of dark spots on my body after wounds?

everytime i get wounds on mybody & face, it heals & leaves a mark. especially when i accidently pop pimples. and i have these dark spots on my face, legs and arms.

how can i get rid of it ?

hi, i have exactly the same problem, i dont think there is anything you can really do, the only thing ive heard is that when it happens use vitamin E, take capsules or you can even split the capsules open and rub that itself or coconut oil to help in the healing process.  (+ info)

Is it okay to exercise when there are wounds on your face?

I fell down and have a several abrasions on my face. Is it okay if I sweat it out in a gym three days after I got these wounds?

you'll be fine
they r just abrasions
if they were deep than u would want to go to a doctor and ask
but abrasions are just the first few layers of skin so u should be fine  (+ info)

What is a good product for healing inside-the-mouth wounds?

I got braces and I play a lot of physical sports like jui-jitsu, muay thai kickboxing, basketball, football, and things like that. I get hit in the face a lot and then i start having wounds inside my mouth. Does anyone know any time of paste or anything that well reduce the pain or let it heal quicker?

Some people will use Listerine, this is what I have been told, sounds like it would burn though, others have used tea leaves--sounds yuky though! Tried to get on the net and find better information for you ! But didn't find anything concrete, sorry!!  (+ info)

Is there a hands on job in the medical field that doesn't involve looking at wounds?

I really wanted to get into the nursing program, but it is really hard for me to look at open wounds and such, I can handle blood just not looking at those certain things. I do want to work with people and not sit down all day, I am still really unsure of what I am going to major in. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you.

you'll have to deal with open wounds if you go through nursing school. Its part of your rounds. you'll have to work everywhere from the ER to labor and delivery to hospice care. My MIL is a nurse. she says you become desensitised to all that as your go through school.
have you considered becoming a physical therapist. its very hands on and while you would have to help people recovering from surgery or serious injury the wound care is up to someone else.  (+ info)

How do wounds know how to close?

Whether deep or wide, wounds seem to know how to close no matter what sha[e they are in. How do wounds determine how to close?

the body has what chiropractors call, "innate intelligence". it is far, far smarter than anyone's educated mind, as well as more capable, and it is what controls all bodily functions that occur at the subconscious level. this is what makes genuine chiropractic different from all else. it recognizes that most health problems arise due to interference of the expression of this intelligence which is conducted via the nervous system. unlike medicine in all it's forms, genuine chiropractic simply seeks to remove interference to this intelligence by correcting vertebral misalignment in the upper neck which causes it, thus allowing the body to restore itself naturally as much as possible with time.  (+ info)

Are there any vitamins or anything that will help heal open wounds faster?

I got this gash on my leg, and I'm hoping it will heal in time for my hockey tournament in a week and a half. I was just wondering what, if any, vitamins help heal wounds more quickly.

put neosporin or aloe vera on the gash.
take some Vitamin E.

good luck on your hockey game!
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What foods have vitamins that help heal wounds?

What vitamins should one eat to help aid the healing process of surface wounds and what foods are good sources of such vitamins?

I'm a fan of wheatgrass. Taken like a shot (with an orange to bite afterwards), it's like a few pounds of vegetables in one single swallow. I've heard it's got amazing antioxidents and vitamins and nutrients.  (+ info)

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